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Are you looking for a stronger, higher and more purposeful connection to your allies and ancestors? Join Corin for a 4-Day In Person Pilgrimage in Mount Shasta, CA! Our next public retreat is July 25-28, 2024.  

The Corin Grillo Show

Tune in to the brand new podcast for raw and unfiltered takes from Corin on juicy spiritual inspiration, personal growth, and spiritual leadership, plus provocative rants about religious colonization and the impact it has on spiritual, psychedelic, and religious spaces. She also shares short excerpts and angel teachings from her year-round member’s site, The Inner Sanctum. If you need some real-talk advice on your life, career, relationships or anything else, leave a voice memo HERE for the podcast segment, “Ask Corin Anything.”

Angel Wealth Magic

Angel Wealth Magic speaks to anyone looking for creative solutions to grow their bank account, business, entrepreneurial dream, or the home and family life they crave.

Whether you’re working a nine-to-five job, are an entrepreneur, or are just taking the first steps to becoming more independently wealthy, you’ll discover how to tap into the divine spiritual power inside you and hire angels and spirit allies to unlock your next level of wealth.

The Angel Experiment

In This 21-Day Adventure, You Will Learn:

  • A powerful way to talk to angels so they can hear you and help you ​
  • How to hear, see, and feel the angels in your life ​
  • Which specific archangels to call upon for your unique needs ​21 daily angel invocations to help you manifest miracles ​
  • 21 healing meditations to detox your heart, mind, body, and soul

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Want an Angel Reading?

Grab your reading from one of my amazing Angel Alchemy Academy graduates at a discounted rate! These sessions are loving yet POTENT. Break through your blocks, heal, and get your burning questions answered with the help of your angels.

FREE WEBINAR! From Silence to Guidance: Clearing Pathways for Angelic Communication

It’s time to reclaim your authentic relationship with the divine and unlock your prophetic gifts. You ready?

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The 7-Day Miracle Challenge

In this free course, I will teach you 7 simple, yet powerful, practices that will put you in direct contact with the awesomeness, love, and beauty that is the angelic realm.

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The Mission of the Inner Sanctum is to to provide a pathway for transformation, healing, inspiration, and divine support for earth-angels, lightworkers, sensitives, and modern mystics all over the world.

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The Angel Alchemy Academy

This is an intuitive healing modality that promotes the radical art and science of invoking Source and Angel Energy to produce MIRACLES in the lives of the people and communities that we serve.

Who is Corin Grillo?

I am a licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker, healer, teacher, and founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy. A mind-blowing miracle from the angels saved her life, cured her of life-long depression, and awakened her spiritual gifts. I now teach others all over the world how to awaken their spiritual gifts, heal their lives, and discover their true purpose by working with angels and the Divine. I teach by bridging others with direct mystical experiences, excessive amounts of laughter, down to earth spiritual wisdom, ritual, and powerful energy medicine that awakens the heart, mind, and soul.

Miracles are real. You are not alone. There is no such thing as coincidence.

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