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Alchemize the Past with Archangel Uriel

Alchemy is the ancient science of transforming base metals like lead into precious metals like silver or gold. This half-experimental, half- magical process involves raising the vibration and energy of the metal so intensely that it actually changes. Pretty cool, right?

These days, there’s a beautiful correlation between this science and the alchemy of our souls. We all have the ability within us to alchemize our painful experiences, using them as medicine to transform our struggles into spiritual gold.

This week, Archangel Uriel has been talking to me about your past and how it may be influencing a decision you’re either making or choosing not to make based on things that went wrong in the past.

You might not realize this, but angels – in particular the archangels – are so amazing at personal alchemy, or the process of helping us turn our crappy thoughts or old patterns into growth and power. I have this saying that I just love to use:

Behind your pain is your power. Behind your power is your gift to the world.

Your spirit might be calling to you for change, but told traumas and limiting beliefs might be holding you back from opening up and discovering your potential. So, wherever in your life that you feel stuck right now, Archangel Uriel wants you to feel into an old memory that represents the first time you ever felt this kind of stuckness. Where does it come from? Once you have that memory, you can do the simple exercise below to alchemize your pain into personal freedom and power.

Connecting with Archangel Uriel

First, sit quietly and focus on your breath. Next, get a sense of where this old memory lives in your body – you may feel a lot of tension or tightness. It doesn’t have to be perfect and there’s no wrong or right answer here. Just ask your body to show you where this memory lives and call upon Archangel Uriel for help. You can do this by saying his name out loud three times.

Ask him to alchemize this memory into clarity, freedom and personal power. Sit and breathe for a bit, and imagine his light golden sun entering into the top of your head and filling your body with high vibrations of clarity, love, and personal freedom.

Once you body is full of this beautiful golden light, thank Archangel Uriel and open your eyes.

Feel free to do this a few times this week, and make the choice to move past your stuckness with fierce and decisive action towards joy!

The process and methodology of ancient alchemy is so potent and can truly help you transform into the person that you came here to be. You are only limited by your ability to learn how to harness the power of your mind and, instead of having it work against you, learn how to have it work for you and your greatest dreams.

I’ve been working with the principles of hermeticism and alchemy for many years, and they have been life-changing for me! They’ve helped me convert my own past pain and trauma into my greatest strength, so I love that Archangel Uriel is coming forward today to help you transform some of your past into freedom and potential.

Soon, I will be doing a 4-week deep dive course into the 8 operations of ancient alchemy with my amazing, genius friend and fellow psychotherapist Mandi Stevenson. Keep your eyes peeled for this new and exclusive offering all about how to use alchemy as a method of deep and personal transformation.