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Are Angels Aliens? Part 2 With TruthSeekah

By August 22, 2020Podcast



Speaking of conspiracy theories, here’s a particularly popular one: are angels aliens? All kinds of theories have come up to answer this question, but what is the truth? Corin Grillo returns to the interview with Christian mystic, TruthSeekah for a special conversation on angels, aliens and whether the two are the same thing or not. TruthSeekah’s perspective on this is just awesome. His unique experiences gave him a profound understanding that is infinitely beyond what run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorists usually rant about. Don’t miss the part where they make sense of Corin’s own experience with what she believes was an alien abduction. If the question of aliens and angels isn’t mind-boggling enough for you, there is so much more to this conversation than that, so make sure to stick until the end!

Listen to the podcast here:

Are Angels Aliens? Part 2 With TruthSeekah

This is part two of my interview with TruthSeekah. I decided to cut the interview in half because what we started talking about was a hard shift into angels and alien land, so it deserved its own segment. In this episode, you’re going to read TruthSeekah talks about his unique and awesome perspective of what angels are. He’s also going to share his experiences with aliens and UFOs. Also, I’m going to disclose an experience, which I believe was virtually an alien abduction experience that I rarely talk about, but I figured, “Why not? It’s TruthSeekah.” We let it all hang out because there’s this heightened interest in things like aliens and angels. The question to ask yourself is, “What if they are one and the same thing? We crack that topic open, nice and juicy for you. Here comes TruthSeekah.

There’s one question that I get asked a lot when I’m doing interviews and certain people tend to ask me, “What’s your feeling on angels? Are there aliens? Do they exist? I have my own little experiences and theories on that, but I wanted to talk to you about that as I’m loving up on some Bible. I know you’re into some of the same things I’m into. Tell me what your perspective is on the angels and aliens saga.  

Understanding angels, you’ve got to understand that they’re messengers. Every day is evolving in my understanding of angels and the different roles and the different ones that exist to carry out stuff that is here to work with you, to assist you, to minister to you. Everything is a messenger. The demons are messengers in a sense because they’re here to carry messages, which means the demons are angels because that word means messenger. Understanding that opens up a huge can of worms of what an angel is. They could be elemental and essentially it could be angels because they carry messages. When it comes to what we will call aliens and angels as well, I do believe that they are the angels of the Bible that traveled back and forth to meet with different prophets and seers to give messages about humanity and the future to show up and say, “Fear not, don’t be scared.” On top of that, they travel back and forth from a place that is outside of our solar system. There are aliens here as well, what we will call extraterrestrials or whatever in the Earth as well in portals and dimensions and all that.  

As far as when it comes to the gazing at the stars and other planets, I believe that those are the angels out there. There is a code of conduct that there’s a level of ascension that humanity is a little bit behind that we’re working our way up to be able to number ourselves amongst the stars and we have to step into this level of peace and integrity. We’re not that, but they are, meaning that they’re all good saying that. The evil aliens and demons, I believe in those things, but they’re here, the fallen angels fell. Understanding what heaven is from a biblical perspective, heaven is the sky. When you gaze into heaven, it’s the same word as looking up into the sky. The fallen angels were kicked out of the cosmos. They were kicked out of the space past the stars. They were kicked out of it, they can’t go back up there. They left their first habitation and they fell, so they’re down here with us.  

When we’re talking about the elite, we’re talking about some of these ancient gods who are being worshiped and deified. There’s a lot of stuff with these fallen angels that come into play that demands sacrifice, blood, the virgin has to be sacrificed. There are crazy packs with Satan and lower-level entities that have fallen from their first estate and they’re here on the Earth. They’re not out there. That’s a huge thing we’re stepping into knowing who the angels are that are traveling in your night sky or your day sky. For me, I’ve made contact with them through biblical studies and different things that they’ve led me to research. It was a thing in the Bible for me. 

You’re talking about angels/aliens that are, from your perspective, space ships traveling the sky thing?  

They don’t call themselves aliens, “We are the aliens.” We call them aliens, but some of them do travel in cylinder ships that you can see. The majority I would say of what we’ve seen as well are living entities, which would be the cherubim. There are these vehicles that are alive. Some people would call them plasma ships, lightships that made out of the fire of God and they can travel back and forth. Some of the cabalistic understanding says they can fly around the Earth seven times in one second, these different angels and they watch over humanity and they can show up and you can interact with them. You can see them. I’ve had them show up. I’ve had them come out of star systems and fleets of what we would call UFOs. They look different. I’ve seen them show up on command.  

When you were outside? 

Yes. I’ve called them and they showed up on command.  

Do you have pictures? I need to see it. 

No, but there’s a lot of footage that looks similar to things that I’ve experienced. One of the most profound experiences that I had was when I did it and I tried to get my phone. I’m leaving the experience to get my phone.  

I know it’s like, “Hold on. Let me take a quick snapshot.”  

I’m missing some of this stuff that is blowing my mind to try to get the phone. Even when I got my cell phone, you can’t film the stars and all that glory because they’re up there with the stars. I’ve seen a fleet of what we would call UFOs or angels. The Bible calls them the host of heaven. They all the armies of the Lord. They travel, they make sure that everything is angelic. They have things that they do and they’re not here to say hello to me. They have stuff that they’re doing. Essentially, they’re going out their way a little bit when they do materialize and come through and say hello, but they’re always there. We call them cloaked ships. Some people can see them and they’ll disappear and pop up all over the sky. These are the angels. There’s nothing to fear. They’re watching over us. They’ve been here when we were a primitive man. We have cave paintings of UFOs and art all throughout the early days, Renaissance art. Before we even had the technology, before we had airplanes, they’ve been in our art, our religious antiquity. They are the watchers. They’re watching over us as we evolve and as we ascend to take our place amongst the stars.  

You can contact them. You can say, “Hello.” They show up in meditation, they communicate telepathically. When you see those ships, quit talking and listen. They’re sending thoughts and ideas to you. They’re saying hello and in the midst of that, impartation is happening. Creativity is being released on wonders being restored to you to create, to bless people and all of that in the midst of a sighting. My music is out of articulating these experiences. It changed my life. I would go out every day, 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, as soon as I could and I would try to hurry up and get out there before the sun came up. I’ve seen things that changed my life in the morning sky. It started happening in the daytime, seeing these fleets of UFO, that’s what we call them. We call them IFOs because it’s Identified Flying Objects. They’re the chariots of God, the Bible calls them chariots and they’re there. You can see them if you want to or you have to look for them but they’re out there.  

TGV 19 | Angels And Aliens

Angels And Aliens: There are angels watching over us as we evolve as we ascend to take our place amongst the stars. We can contact them if we wish to.


I would have to agree with you. I’ve seen some cloak. With those, I didn’t have a download, but I did have one experience long ago and then I wonder. I had my big miracle experience with the bird that divided into three, that was in my mid-30s. I had this other experience when I was in my early twenties. I don’t speak about it much. Do you ever watch Saturday Night Live? Have you ever seen the segment called The Californians? All they do is talk about the freeway system and how to get places and whatever because that’s how California speak. I was driving down, I was taking the 405 North and I hopped on the 10 East and I kept going, this is in Los Angeles and I was a passenger in a car. It was daytime. Right around where I got to the 101, I still stayed on the 10 East going through San Gabriel Valley. It was right through there that something started happening to me. I saw an overlay of a symbol and I didn’t know what that was, and I was maybe 19 or 20. I started feeling this fire in my stomach and it felt like it was taking me over. The fear inside of me was like, “I’m about to die right now.” I fought it off for quite a while and I got tired. I couldn’t fight it. I tried to keep the fire down and the fire moved up my body up to my head. What happened to my head was it got ultra-tingly 

This was before I was doing a lot of spiritual stuff. I didn’t know what was happening. Then I felt this almost like a helmet be removed and all of this radiant energy behind my head and over my head. As that started happening, I started feeling a sensation of bliss, of profound love and then I started hearing, it was a voiceI didn’t have the language around anything that was going on and I refuse to talk about it even though I’m willing to talk about it. The angel miracle refuses to talk about this particular story because it’s a little too out there and weird, a little too alienish or something. I still don’t have words for it.  

This thing happens and I’m feeling this weird bliss, this love and I look up in the sky and I see symbols made out of clouds and they’re almost solidly perfect. It’s not when you look at clouds and you’re like, “I think I see a dragon.” It was symbols like a circle with a dot in it and lines and looked like a language. I was like, “That’s cool.” The person that’s driving, I looked at him and I see a shadow. What should be his shadow was not his shadow. It was something with a long neck with a big head. I looked at him and said, “Are you feeling okay?” He’s like, “Yes, I’m fine.” There was something about the experience where I couldn’t talk about what was happening to me.  

I could speak a regular conversation with him, but I couldn’t tell him what was happening. For some reason I couldn’t say, “This word shit is happening. I’m about to die. There’s fire in my body. I could not share what was happening. I told him, “Do you feel okay?” I’m like, “Fine.” I looked up and I looked at the car and I saw the shadow of my car. I’m telling you the shadow of my car looked like a saucer. What was weird is it was bubbly than the car I was riding, but it didn’t look like a flying saucer. It looked like a different shape. It still looked like I was moving on the freeway, but the wheels were made of animals. I only remember one, I know for sure there was a crab and then there was another animal but I could feel and I could hear the sound. It’s like a super high pitched. Even the person who was driving was like, “Do you hear that?” I was like, “Yes, but I couldn’t tell him that like, “We are rocking and there are creatures underneath us.” I could feel the energy elevating and I didn’t even know what energy was back then. I could feel we’re in a different place. A communication starts happening and they show me the illusion. They start showing me like, “This is an illusion. I start hearing stuff in my head and they take me into this great, beautiful, what it felt like heaven to me, this energy that was heaven.  

They sunk me down and they showed me the evil. They showed me the frequency of evil and I could feel my body collapsing. Right when they were showing me the evil, my friend looks at me and he said, “Don’t be afraid.” I looked at him and I said, “Thank you.” He looks at me and he’s like, “What are you talking about?” I said, “You said, don’t be afraid.” He said, “I didn’t say anything.” I was like, “Holy shit, but I can’t tell him anything. We start going in and I saw these horned beings, but I felt super ultra-protected. It was this lesson in frequency. Ultimately, it took hours for the communication to stop. It was a deep, powerful communication. They said at the end that, “It’s going to be my turn to get here on my own.” My sense was it was going to be a long road but to remember this love and protection. I’m telling you with the whole creatures, I was reading Ezekiel. 

You probably think it was Ezekiel’s wheel. 

The seraphim and there were creatures underneath it. I read and I was like, ” The whole creature thing underneath the thing is a real thing. I’m slowly putting some of the pictures together. What’s your take on that? Can you believe that?  

It sounds like an acid trip. It sounds cool, but then it got to the creature things, it was out of the box. 

I’m saying that you can’t make that shit up.  

It sounds like some type of Kundalini awakening or Holy Spirit awakening, baptism or initiation thing.  

I would say it was. 

It was an initiation into that and then there’s usually a falling away or a journey back to it. What it sounded like is some type of initiation, but it feels like taking some blinders off or some type of helmet that was making it so that you couldn’t receive itHave you felt that again? Do you feel that fire and that stuff again? Do you feel it when you go deep into meditation, prayer, or anything?  

What’s interesting is that there are times in my life where I feel like I felt that day, but I was polluted. I was not a happy person back then. I was full of fear and low-frequency energy. It was the time I had an opening. Now, I do. I feel my connection with spirit is good and solid but I still feel it. The one thing that I took my biggest takeaway was that they taught me about poverty. They said that “Most people that you see around you, no matter how much money they have, they will never feel this level of love. They will never feel this connection of spirit.” I was super poor. I grew up poor, brown woman, all the worst shit happened to me. It helped me. It was a balancing of the playground. The real wealth comes from this inner experience and the richest people will never have that. I remember that it’s not my life it was like, “Wonderful.” Afterwards, I still made a lot of mistakes. I was still fucked up but it did something to me on a fundamental level.  

Everything that we’re talking about with the power trip stuff, those people are looking for that. They’re looking for this peace and bliss, and they’re trying to find it in different things. Whether it’s the abuse of power or, “Power is going to fulfill me. This job promotion is going to fulfill me, which is money, title and I am somebody.” This is fake anyway. It’s some fake title somebody gave you. It’s that inner peace, the inner fulfillment that you got to experience. That’s our earthright, that’s what we’re all looking for to be fulfilled and to find our life’s purpose. The purpose is to walk in that piece and help others find that piece as well. Everybody’s purpose is to find that and get back to it and we try to fill it with other things. For you, it’s a map on how to get back because you’ve went there and you know what’s possible so nothing else can satisfy you. Most of the other people have never tasted that so they don’t even know it’s real. It’s up for us to talk about it or embody that piece in our art, music, podcasts, and books to say, “Here’s a piece of that experience. This is a piece of it and there’s more. There are ways to get back to it. Everything should operate out of that piece and that’s what people are looking for and most of them don’t even know it.  

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I was able to put that memory away because where I was in life was not good. That happened two years after my mom died. I still did a lot of stuff and took me years to get out of the lifestyle I was living. I do remember going into a depression after they brought me back to the frequency that I was living at because they dropped me off. I didn’t come back to an elevated state. They brought me back to the frequency that I started before the event. I went into it and I was crying and devastated. I’m getting emotional thinking about it. I knew that I was going to have my work cut out for me when I came back. It took me a little while. 

Even that though of bringing you back to what your default was or whatever, it’s just showing you what’s possible. There are things that you have to do to maintain thatto walk in, and things that you have to cut off. You didn’t know that and you got to vibrate at that lower level and maybe go even lower than you thought you were. In the end, get back to this higher vibrational state that’s possible, which is universal love, light, and to be able to feel it. We got to have that contrast. It’s key. Darkness provides it, the demons provide it. You can’t learn without the demons. You don’t know everything just love and light. No, you don’t know that until you’ve been through the darkness. I’m thankful that I have a contrast even my day, how my day’s going? I know how yesterday was so I know what I want tomorrow to be like. There’s a grid on how I can get there and how I can manifest it and work with the angels and God to bring that into manifestation in my life. Their vibrational states of frequency that I saw feelings and consciousness.  

There are higher and lower vibrations and I’ve been there. I’ve been taken there. I’ve had those experiences where for days I’m crying. I can feel itI’m close to God’s heart. I’m close to the love and light of Christ that if somebody mentions his name or says, “Jesus.” I start weeping because of how beautiful of an encounter I had. I can’t live there, but part of me is always there. Part of me is always in that darkness as well, remembering the younger version of myself. It’s that dance in between of where I want to be and what’s possible. The scary stuff is possible. I don’t want that, I want to choose now to bless others, to show respect, to walk in integrity and that’s how you maintain those higher levels.  

Another thing that I took away is that there are different frequencies that you can live on. I didn’t use the word frequency back then, but when they took me down, it was still in this overlay of the real world. When they took me beneath the frequency that I’m used to into a deeper state of fear and where the other entities were, one of the feelings that I got was like hell is happening right here right now based on where you’re holding your frequency, the line based on your experience. I like how you said that any time, you could go back to that dark place because it’s true. You have to stay in choice and do things that lift you up. It took me a long time to embrace the medicine that was there for me, which was working with angels, God, and stopping some of the other shit but it is a choice.  

Hell is real. I’ve been there and there are many people there. I’ve said it time and time again, I’m not concerned about people dying and going to hell. I don’t care about that. I’m concerned about the people who are in hell right now.  

Living and in hell. People don’t get it.  

That’s their normal, that’s their default because they’re not aware of what’s possible for the heavenly realms. I didn’t stay long to get rock bottom. Probably weeks, maybe a few months. My rock bottom, I had to get up out of there and I called out for help. There are people who’ve gotten comfortable at rock bottom. They’ve made a home there because they don’t know what’s possible. They don’t know a message of hope that those states of hell or states of consciousness that King David and the Bible talked about, “Lord deliver my soul out of this place of hell.” We think about it in a Christian sense of being a place of separation from God. We’re never separated. We feel like we are, we feel a million miles away from anything Holy, beautifuland righteous. A lot of us have been there. Even in there, you are tormented by the demons of your past, regret, and what might have been, “I can’t believe I said that to my mother. I can’t believe I did this. I can’t believe I stole from someone. I can’t believe I sold my body for drugs.” Whatever it is that you’ve done and we’re haunted by those mistakes. That’s a place of hell. Until light steps in, until you are delivered from hell, which is the story of Christ who steps down into hell. He goes to hell for you and pulls you out and takes away that death, that sting, and that power so that we can live every day in heaven.  

He showed us what was possible and we don’t have to be beaten up by our mistakes. We don’t have to live in regret and all of these things. To know that’s possible, I want it. I want to stay in that. I love it. It’s beautiful. There are times that we have to go down and help deliver other people out of that bondage as well. Just like Jesus went into hell, there are times we have to step down and go find these people and said, “I’m one of you. I’m with you, but there’s a way out, follow me.” We have to be able to have that tether to come back and pull ourselves out and not stay there and Jesus did that. He was with the prostitutes, drunkards, tax collectors, and the base people of society that everybody had given up on and it took him going down and said, “God, doesn’t forgot about you. He’s with you and you don’t even know it. 

I don’t even know what to say.  

I want to cry. It’s my story.  

It’s my story too. It’s such a blessing and a gift to be in a sense. I don’t want to say the other side of it because that dark side is like you said, it’s right here right now and it’s happening.  

It’s like, “Welcome back. Come on bitch, I’m here for you.”  

It’s like, “I will dance with that devil every once in a while.” It’s like, “Hello, old friend.” One of the biggest blessings of the work that I’ve been able to do with spirit, angels, and stuff is getting the feedback and hearing from many people that they did step into a different world. It’s not the hell they were in. It is like, “I feel love. I didn’t know that.” I didn’t know that exists.  

I’m getting it from Christians who were supposedly already in this heavenly, blissful, light place. That’s the beautiful thing too. It’s like, “I’ve been able to own my stuff and not judge everything and open up a new reality that was possible that I didn’t know.” The beautiful thing is from Christians and people and there’s nothing more fulfilling than that. I love it and I live for it. I’m blessed to be able to do this for a living, to get up and wake up every day, to go to war, to create and to bless people. I get those comments too. There’s nothing like it. I live for that.  

TGV 19 | Angels And Aliens

Angels And Aliens: Our purpose is to walk in peace and help others find that peace as well.


There is not anything like it. It’s wonderful. 

We’ve got another retreat coming up. We’ll get to meet people that’s been affected by my work.  

Is it a mushroom retreat?  

Yes, but it’s not psilocybin. It’s the legal mushrooms. We’re going to be tapping in through Amanita. I told you a little bit about that. It’s different, but it’s going to be a little bit of that. We’re going to do some rapé but most of its going to be through Kundalini, yoga, breathwork, doing some hiking, connecting, maybe some star gazing. It’s a little bit of all of it versus showing up and doing mushrooms or whatever. We’re going to be facilitating. 

It’s all men?  

Yes. It’s all man. We’re just doing men retreats.  

Our men need authentic and soulful connections like this. I feel like our men are starving, floundering, and looking for that authentic community of men who are honest and vulnerable. God bless you for doing that.  

That’s the biggest feedback that I’ve been getting. We’ve been having fun. We had a beautiful mushroom trip or encounter and then stargazing. I took them out to see UFOs. They came and said hello. They’re playing tag with us in the night sky popping up and popping up, doing that. It’s awesome. It lights something within you. It’s cool. I love it. We have a beautiful experience doing Kundalini, yoga, breathwork, rapé, and doing this facilitating a spiritual experience. The biggest thing that both trips we’ve done are facilitating of like, “The fact that I’m not alone and I have other people out here in person.” We got people all over the internet and all over the worldbut when we come together and you can lock arms with someone, we’re having dinner, we’re having a margarita. We’re being dudes but we’re spiritual. We’re talking about these experiences and our hangups with religion and where we are now. We can’t do that. Everybody is separated, so to come together and having a men’s retreat like that, that’s the biggest thing they took away, this comradery that we had with these other men.  

It’s beautiful, especially I know with COVID and all that stuff, a lot of people have been separated and I feel like this round is going to pop off for you. It’s going to be even more deep and powerful. 

We’ve done two and they’ve both been different so I’m wanting to see what’s the difference this one’s going to bring. 

I feel like it’s going to be good. I’ve been chomping at bit to get back to doing some retreats and taking people in ceremony and things like that, but California, we’re getting hit hard. We‘re going to wait a little bit longer for that. My favorite place to go, I’ve been chomping at a bit to go back to Peru, but Peru’s lockdown too.  

That’s this whole COVID thing we’ve talked about. I’m in the South most people don’t even think that this thing is even real. There’s mush conspiracy stuff. As soon as the elections over, it’s going to go away. They’re doing this to sway the election and sway votes. There are even people who think the Democrats made this COVID stuff and are blowing it out of proportion because Trump’s like, “I don’t want to be here. This isn’t real. I don’t even know. I think it’s going to be gone tomorrow.” They are giving these people hope. A lot of people don’t even believe that it’s real. The religious people down here, they’re not taking it seriously. The thing is it’s going to be gone after the elections. I remember doing podcasts and I’m talking to people in Jamaica who are on lockdown. People in villages in India, they’re all in double lockdown. Do you think this is for an election? This is bigger than you. If anything is narcissistic and they think that it’s about you and about your vote, “They want my vote.” Get out of here with that. 

It’s bigger than this. It’s worldwide. That’s narrow-minded and narcissistic to think that it’s all about you and your vote. They try to win your vote with the COVID. 

Even Peru is on it. Peru is colluding with the American government. You have not been to Peru if you think that Peru is in on it. They are of the Earth of the land. They’re heartfocused and they don’t give a crap what’s going on. 

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Hold your peacethis too shall pass. We’re going to get through it.  

Unfortunately, a lot of the indigenous communities up there are getting rocked hard in Peru. We’ve been doing some support work with some of the groups out there. If you think it’s not real, then look at Peru and what’s happening in other countries.  

I’m in Alabama. They refuse to wear a mask even if it’s mandated and they’re like, “I’m not wearing it.” They’re going into stores filming themselves knowing that they’re about to get into a confrontation. 

I’m glad that they have you out there.  

I’m choosing my battles wisely.  

Bringing the balance.  

I’m trying not to run everybody off. I’m in the balance. If you’re not careful, you’ll run everybody off because you’re not choosing a side. You’re in the middle, that narrow path that you stay on. 

I’ve noticed it’s getting narrower and narrower.  

You can placate either side, but you got to stay in the middle.  

TruthSeekah, as usual, I love having you on. Thank you for sharing all of your amazing experiences with conspiracy theories and your relationship with us. It takes a strong human to break yourself out of that indoctrination, that cult mindset that you have. 

Some people don’t get out of it.  

TGV 19 | Angels And Aliens

Angels And Aliens: We don’t have to be beaten up by our mistakes and live in regret. We need to go down and help deliver other people out of that bond as well.


Some people don’t so good for you. Thanks for talking to me about aliens and all that good stuff. In general, I love having you on. We talked about your intuitive training that’s coming up. Is there anything else that you want to throw out there and how can people find out more about your training, books, music, and all the good stuff? 

All of my stuff is available at TruthSeekah.com. My book is here. For those of you who have not had a chance to pick up my book, Spirit Realm: Angels, Demon, Spirits, and the Sovereignty of Godforeword by Jordan Maxwell, sending prayers and blessings to him. You go to Amazon and get that you can go to my website. If you add it to your cart, you add a few more dollars to get free shipping. If you haven’t got a chance but if you’ve already got it, get you another one to give to a friend, make sure you get The Angel Experiment as well by my friend, Corin Grillo. Add both of those to your cart and you’ll get free shipping. Make sure you do yourself and someone a favor. All of my stuff at my website go check it out. 

Thanks, TruthSeekah. We’ll have you back on again.  

Everybody loves our talks. The last talk that we did together, everybody in my community was like, “She asked the right questions,” and all that cool stuff. It’s cool that we vibe well and bring the best out of each other. I love having you in mine and then turning the tables every few months.  

We don’t even have to have a huge agenda. It’s like, “Let’s talk about.” We have two words.  

Lets hang out and talk. It’s the best way to do it. 

I’m such a huge fan of your podcast. Everybody makes sure to subscribe to TruthSeekah Podcast. It’s awesome. You have such fascinating guests and check them out. 

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About TruthSeekah

TGV 18 | Conspiracy TheoriesTruthSeekah is a Christian mystic, Amazon best selling author, visionary artist and seer with a vision to release the Spirit of Awakening. Also a songwriter, TruthSeekah has released over 200 songs, each one relating to the subject of spirituality. His journey has brought him through research and experience with the occult, paranormal, Christianity and the spirit realm. This has led him into many mystical encounters with God, angels, spirits, and many other supernatural beings.

As the host of the TruthSeekah Podcast, he has interviewed hundreds of experts and leaders in their fields of supernatural, religious, philosophical, and paranormal studies. TruthSeekah has made it his life’s work to understand the spiritual realms and relate it back to people in a practical way. His desire is to help people embrace the reality of the spiritual world so they can walk in supernatural freedom in their lives.

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