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Are You Trying to Impress God?

By October 14, 2019Uncategorized

Are you working hard to be a better human? Spirit and I want to drop some truth down for ya today, so I do hope you will take this to heart.

The problem with deeply spiritual folk is that they are constantly striving to be better people.

But have you ever noticed that the more that you strive to be a better person, the more you find stuff that’s wrong with you? Have you been secretly shaming yourself for not being an ultra fit, rich, clean, sober, gluten-free, vegan, recycling yogini? Yeah, you’re not alone.

Here’s a quick news flash for ya…none of that shit really matters. Why? Because you are already perfect.

Modern spirituality has gotten a little inauthentic, cultish, uninclusive, and biased these days, so just because you don’t fit into the “spiritual box” doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. As a matter of fact, stay out of the spiritual box. ALL THE WAY OUT and just be your sweet little (sometimes naughty) amazing self.

Whoever created you knew what they were doing. And they created ALL OF YOU. Not just the part of you that sparkles. Embrace your quirks. All of them. Make peace with them. And quit striving for validation from others and even from God. Spirit already loves you so true validation can only come from you.

And trust me, the parts of you that you resist the most are usually a huge part of what makes you so beautiful.

Today, take the time to sit with your angels. Feel the love and acceptance that they already have for you, and ask them to help you truly embrace all parts of yourself. Even the tricky parts.

You are deeply loved and you are a blessing.