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The Roadmap to Manifest Max Love, Max Health & Max Abundance

By July 18, 2018Miracle Making

Are you wanting to receive the roadmap to manifest max love, max health, and max abundance so that you could rock the life of your dreams?

Well the angels are here to help you with just that!If you’re not getting the results you want in your life… maybe you haven’t quite learned how to hear them yet.

Angels can be very subtle and you need to train yourself to LISTEN.


You’ll have to open and activate your spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

THIS is the key to building a deep connection with the divine.

This Friday at 10:30 am Pacific / 1:30 pm Eastern / 18:30 in London…I am offering you a free live angel class.  

Sign up HERE.

In this session, the Archangels and I will activate and heal your spiritual gifts.

We will also teach you how to feel the subtle presence of angels, and show you how to get clear guidance from them.

You are pure magic, and the faster you discover that, the better your life becomes.

The Angels saved my life and they can save yours to, so let them.

Join us… Friday. 

Surviving these times!Here’s a message from your angels!!Missed the angel channeling party yesterday? No worries. Catch up with the party here. 

In under 25 minutes, you’ll hear the key messages the angels have for you right now, and near the end, I share with you exactly what I’ve been doing EVERYDAY to keep shifting from negativity and judgement into love + gratitude. 

Light your fire with me, Miracle Maker! ????????

  Watch Here.

Feeling The Struggle Right Now?

Need Some More Angel Juju Lov’in?  


Here’s a message and 10 minute healing from AA Raphael.

It’s an Auspicious time here on this Planet Earth of ours…Volcanos erupting externally & internally…Try not to judge that pain you’ve been feeling or any of the ways you’ve been choosing to cope with it…There is a solution to this emotional debris coming up. We can open up our energy channels through this downloaded meditation I received & shared in my FB LIVE yesterday from Archangel Raphael.GET YOUR HEALING FROM AA RAPHAEL HERE.

Having trouble accessing this video? You need to request to join the 7 Day Miracle Challenge Group first, then you’ll be able to PLAY the video below. Request to join here.   

Can’t wait to see you on Friday at The  “Activate Your Spiritual Gifts. Webinar!

Angel juju coming at you!!


P.S. Most importantly, join us this Friday for “Activate Your Spiritual Gifts.”

I have never offered this class for FREE before, but I wanted to because the energy is thick right now – a lot of folks are feeling it –  and I really want to support you through what might be feeling like a “shitstorm.”

Sign up here for this much needed breath of fresh air.

You’re not alone.