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Chronic Pain Cured – A badass healer was born

Another badass healer was born! And another medical miracle.

Shelley thought she was just a flight attendant, but after joining the Angel Alchemy Academy, she quickly learned that she was much more than that.

She was actually a gifted clairvoyant, empath, and healer and had no idea.

The doctors told her there was no cure for her chronic disease. THEY WERE WRONG.

By the end of the Angel Alchemy Academy program she was 100% pain-free. 

Not only that, but she had a total heart, mind, health, and life transformation and now miraculously is able to heal her clients pain and disease.

I want you to really think about it, what would it mean for your life and for your family if you invested in unlocking your full healing power and intuitive magic? 

What if you think you are “just a ________”, when really you are a master healer that’s just aching to come to full power, like Shelley.

Watch the video of Shelley’s amazing journey in the video below.


The Angel Alchemy Academy is now open for enrolment for the 2019/2020  session. If you are fascinated with Angels, feel called to learn more, and want to become a seriously mind-blowing Intuitive Healer, we welcome you to fill out an Application!

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You are capable of miracles.  You are powerful beyond your wildest imagination.

And all it takes to know more is to fill out an application.

Give yourself this gift.




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