Boom! Ready to get more traction in your business and know that you need more personalized mentoring?

For a limited time, I’m offering 3 super discounted business packages to suit your needs.

Choose the level you’re most ready for:

Biz Advice - One 45-Minute Laser Session
$250 ($375 Value)

ADVICE AND CLARITY ON TAP: Receive quick soul-level clarity on your new offer, your message, your title, your new biz direction, your next steps, or whatever else you need clarity on.

If you're ready for it, I'll even offer advice on marketing tactics and strategies that can support your soul-biz and your goals to uplevel your current business or get the engine running on your new business concept.

I move quickly in these sessions with your guides, so you can ask me anything and we will laser-target your needs to make sure you have an outline of the action steps you can take based on the clarity that you receive during our time together.

Payment Plan Available!
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Biz Ally - Four 45-Minute Biweekly Sessions
$800 ($1500 Value)

ADVICE + CLARITY + BLUEPRINTS + DEMON BUSTING:  What do you need help with, what do you need to do about it,  and what's stopping you?

In 4 separate biweekly sessions, we'll go WAY beyond advice and clarity, and I'll work in tandem WITH you to help you create a solid blueprint and strategy for your new offer.

Together we can go as deep or as broad as you like, from outlining or developing a new course, book or high-end coaching package, to creating a marketing/social media calendar to help you keep a launch on track, including juicy topics that can help you stand out in a sea of white noise.

Whatever you need, I've done it maybe even hundreds of times, so I will be your ally in helping you find your true NORTH, and give you a road map to help you get there.

Depending on your focus, I can also help you create blueprint for your marketing/social media strategy calendar and help you map out webinar dates, emails, and social media timelines.  I can also help you figure out the topics and subjects of your social media blasts, emails, videos, etc.

I'll also sniff out your business demons with surgical precision, and give you clear, honest, and direct feedback and coaching around what's really blocking your success. If I smell the demons influencing your ability to take decisive, powerful, and swift action, we gonna tackle it head on.

The valuable assets offered in this package can offer your business a real compass and direction on what the best actions are for you to take to uplevel your business, and offer you real actionable items PLUS some accountability to make the good shit happen.

*Note this package includes guidance and support for generating creative ideas and strategies, but does not include copywriting.

Payment Plan Available!
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Biz Auntie - Twelve 45-Minute Sessions Over 6 Months + Ongoing Support
$2600 ($5000 Value)

ALL OF THE ABOVE + AUTHORITY + ACCOUNTABILITY + AUTHORING: Receive 12 private sessions over 6 months + ongoing coaching in between sessions as needed.

This is the Biz-Balls-to-the-Wall package!  If you are ready to commit to your idea, then so am I. I get to become your cool, new business Auntie, to not just ally with you, but help you WRITE your content compellingly, and implement your idea.  Because, let's face it - sometimes we need a little more handholding than we want to admit.  

This is for you if:

  • You are sick and tired of being stuck in the same place and are ready to invest in moving forward so that you can get shit done a lot faster.
  • You ready to invest long-term into a mentor that will ignite you along your creative, entrepreneurial journey.
  • You could use help with writing and creating your course, website content, sales page, freebie offer, email sequences, etc.
  • You want help with your messaging to help  stand out in a crowd, and BE THE AUTHORITY, and discover your unique voice.
  • You know that you need someone to help you remain accountable so that you follow through with your sacred actions.
  • You are working on something juicy and will need longer-term advice +allyship + action+accountability.
  • You want consistent communication with a mentor, coach, ally and AUNTIE on VOXER in between meetings.

I'll become your Business Auntie, to help you take actions and help you develop real action steps in between meetings to push your project forward.

I'll help you develop and write anything from website copy to email sequences, and we'll map out social media posts for your business, workshops, classes, etc. I'll also offer you my launch and sales expertise to help you improve your messaging and attract the right clients.

In this level, I'll work closely with you to identify your business demons and help you move through the big initiation of unleveling your soul-love business.

At the Biz Auntie level you will have access to me between meetings via Voxer if you need extra clarity, support, and strength to slay the demons and turn your vision into reality. We can also collaborate on your writing tasks and projects in between your sessions.

Payment Plan Available!
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