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Detox your relationship now. Here’s how in Part 3.

By December 27, 2013Uncategorized

In order to create something new in your relationships, you need to first make room for it.  A question to ask yourself is, “What do I need to let go of in order to get the relationship that I want?  One the most toxic things that stop us from fully opening to our power to create an awesome relationship is a little something called RESENTMENT. Resentment is one of the major toxins that stops us from attracting our desired outcomes in our relationships. Resentment unconsciously keeps us in a “victim” state and stifles our personal power. Our hearts are like magnets and emotions like resentment will attract negative situations in our relationships and in our lives that make us feel powerless and trapped.  Most folk don’t realize that resentment builds up over our lifetime and it deadens us and our capacity to live and love in exciting, juicy, and creative ways. If you find yourself not wanting to touch, kiss, or get sexified with your partner, even when you didn’t get into a beef that day, then there is a high probability that you have a build up of yuck emotions stored inside the tissues of your body.  You may think that you have let go of some resentments against your partner, but the body doesn’t lie.

The bad news is that we ALL have stored up an arsenal of resentment over our lifetime. The completely awesome news is that we have the ability to clear this resentment out of the body and replace it with all the most good juju so that you can begin attracting awesomeness in your relationships almost effortlessly, as opposed to, attracting the effortless shit sandwich. The following energy healing tool is another easy to do at home technique that I use in my own life as well as with my clients. It’s called vacuuming.

The Vacuum

I recommend laying down for this one.  Take some breathes and slow down the mind chatter.  Set your intentions that you would like to release resentment in your body and replace it with the energy of love and forgiveness. You can even write down these resentments before hand so that it’s real clear what you would like to let go of.  Setting your intention before any healing work is ALWAYS a good idea. Next, in your minds eye imagine that a brilliant, bright, luminous tube comes all the way down from the sun and connects with the top of your head.   Let the tube go into your liver (where massive amounts of unprocessed anger usually lies) as well as, other major organs like your heart, lungs, etc. Imagine that as this tube touches these organs, it begins to suck a bunch of gunk out of your your body sending it all the way to the sun.  With every exhale watch more of this gunk leave your body.  When you feel like it’s all done, then imagine a brilliant light coming from the sun, down through the tube and filling your liver and other organs with this sparkly, white brilliant light/toothpaste. Then Imagine your whole body getting full of this this sparkly goodness.  You can vacuum any part of your body that you think needs extra attention.  When you feel like this work is done, you can send the vaccum back into the sound, and voila. You just got yourself emotionally vacuumed.  Notice how you feel afterwards.  Most folk feel a hell of a lot lighter and more clear.  Try it for 7 days and see what changes.

More sorcery to come,