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How To Distinguish Between Life Purpose & Deep Interests

By June 6, 2017Miracle Making

Today’s MIRACLE MAKING Q+A comes from one of my Inner Sanctum Members, Rita, and she writes:

“How do I distinguish between what I feel might be my Life’s Purpose or what might just be deep interest points for me?

I seem to have conflicting or seemingly unconnected advise going on inside of myself for a couple of different directions… at least I don’t see the connection between them yet…

How do I discern the information more clearly?”

In today’s Miracle Making Q&A video I answer Rita’s question and explain how you can discern your life purpose.

Get The Answer Here in under 4 minutes:

Angel juju coming at you!!


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  • Corin Cartagena Grillo says:

    Once you’re finished watching, tell me the AWESOME thing you are going to start/take action on! 🙂

    • Denise De Francesco says:

      I am already “stepping out of my Pjs, er, “comfort Zone.” I cannot discount the loss of my grandmother, and that the house is going on sale next week. (Grabs some kleenex.) Yet, I’ve felt/ dreamt about both her and my grandfather. I cherish both of them and am coping on a “happy to’ve known them, and they’re still around, #LoveNever dies note. What they taught me will help me move forward. It HAS helped me move forward. This happened 6 months ago (Christmas) My Nonna and other stuff re: my Nonno came back. It’s a part of NOW but it’s not the WHOLE part.

  • Denise De Francesco says:

    I’ve so far joined for a month (can barely afford it. yet barely afford not to) How to “sign in” re: this month? Thank you for your inspiration and wisdom. #PeaceFromCanada

  • Denise De Francesco says:

    The #Awesome thing I’m taking action for has started. I’ve taken a few #Leaps of faith” within people I know. All the points you mentioned re: Inner Sanctum, I’ve experienced. My goal is “stay in the now” and move forward. My goal #LiveBig #DreamOutLoud #BeMyAwesomeSelf. Have offered two places of interest for me to leverage my PR skills (yes I know all the jokes re: PR, No – don’t believe in #AlternativeFacts n) DO believe in me and making this year mine. All responses appreciated. #Peace

    • Corin Cartagena Grillo says:

      You’re well on your way, I feel, Denise!! Just keep consistently rock’in it. I’m here to support you, no matter what! <3

      • Denise De Francesco says:

        I’ve taken a couple of #LeapsOfFaith, with some high profile people (PR Background) and I’m at a point of starting over and Once in PR… (yes I know all the jokes, but you’re only as good as who’s in charge.) Starting as “volunteer” but… BUT a great update and I believe in myself that this is leading me to where I need to be and to fulltime employment. I asked two people with whom I’ve networked with on social media, and BOTH said yes. Here’s to success for everyone, #WeGotThis To quote my good “friend” (and future hubby, LOL) @Bono “Dream out loud” and I intend to #LiveOutLoud Both of these roles are meant to get attention, and that they already are, and are on the cusp of getting bigger. Whether with them, or those near them I see a creative and pofessional fit. Now, a Mantra!

  • Annie says:

    Well I have been very interested in Reiki and trying to find either someone around my town, or someone online that is affordable to attune and guide me. Some people say it’s ok to be attuned from a distance because it’s just as good as on person. Anyway I have a job I don’t like but it pays my bills and it is scary to jump into something else that’s not a sure thing so I’ve just been researching it instead… I need to get on it though it’s calling my name loudly…