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DK Brainard: The Fear Of COVID-19 And Death

By May 7, 2020Podcast
TGV 4 | Fear Of Death

TGV 4 | Fear Of Death


A pre-conditioned fear of death created by hysteria in the mass media is a challenge to overcome, but it must be done. Constantly living in fear of death, becoming ultimately beholden to death, limits the way you live your life, and that’s not good for anyone. Corin Grillo is joined by DK Brainard, a noted astrologer and the Co-Founder of cosmicfire.org. Together, Corin and DK unpack this widespread fear of death and turn conceptions of death around. It’s time to shift mindsets and live your life to the fullest.

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DK Brainard: The Fear Of COVID-19 And Death

I get to introduce you to a good friend of mine. He’s an amazing astrologer. His name is DK Brainard. He grew up in a Fundamentalist Christian cult where listening to or performing rock music was a sin and astrology was the work of the devil. A few years later, he became a noted astrologer with clients on six continents. He’s a singer, a songwriter with several albums of original music to his credit. He’s informed by more than a decade of coaching work with his clients. DK developed a simple and powerfully effective method of working with the inner child to release emotional baggage and live life more abundantly. He is the Cofounder of CosmicFire.org, a spiritual community dedicated to transforming the world through creativity and authentic connection. This guy is a total handful. He’s like a spiritual brother to me. I am excited to introduce you to him and some fantastic things that have happened. He predicted what’s happening. He predicted in his astrology report that 2020 was going to be an insane year. I can’t wait for you to meet him. Please welcome, DK Brainard.

DK, it is so nice to have you here. It’s always fun.

Thank you.

For those of you who don’t know DK, I’ve known him for a while. He’s been coming around to my community sharing his astrology magic and all of that stuff for a couple of years. We’ve gotten to know each other well. We’re like brother and sister and all that stuff, spiritual bro, spiritual sis.

That’s real too.

I have him come to the Inner Sanctum, my member site, where people come. We do a bunch of cool stuff there. Every so often I have DK come and talk to my peeps. I was texting him saying, “DK, do you want to come again? It’s the beginning of 2020 and we’d love to hear the as astrology surf report. I’m curious, what are the themes for this year?” I have the text out. He said, “Some themes this year. Number one, rapid destruction of the systems/status quo. Old forms as in family, corporate, government, religious are crumbling. We are building an alternative new society through enlightened community and intention. The need to withdraw energy from old security and fear-based agreements and commit to living your best life. Jobs, relationships, etc. that promise security but are out of alignment with your highest good will quickly reveal themselves to be toxic. Going forward, the only security is in aligning with our highest sales and purpose and connecting to a like-minded community. The twenty-year great conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Aquarius at the end of the year is the start of the next world age. Thus, it will be a year of testing. Six eclipses in 2020 but also a year with tremendous power for those who are focused and committed to the path of their highest good.” DK, I’m going to have to say you nailed it. We’re sitting in the middle of quarantine seeing almost every bullet of this point happening. What are your thoughts? When I reflected back to you and I reminded you of what you said, I think you were shocked.

I was. I hadn’t looked at it since I sent it to you.

I had a feeling. I was like, “DK, check this out.”

I was like, “Wow.” First of all, I said that. The second of all, “Wow.” Astrologically, the old society has to break down. We’re in these big cycles of time. Can I redo a refresher? I can tell you to hearing myself saying this, but I forget that a lot of people don’t know any of this astrological stuff. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in 1770s. It was The American Revolution. The previous time was the first fifteen years of the 1500s. Martin Luther, Protestant Reformation, those are two events from those previous cycles. There’s a consistent theme here. It’s like society has become really oppressive. In the colonies, it was the taxes and being under the rulership of mad King George. In the 1500s, the Catholic Church had a stranglehold on everything.

You weren’t allowed to read the Bible for yourself. You weren’t allowed to pray to God for yourself. You weren’t allowed to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That would’ve been unthinkable heresy back then. You had these oppressive conditions and then this inspiration or this idea that comes through and it catches fire. If you think about either of those, Martin Luther was putting himself in a huge risk by nailing his thesis to the church door. The colonists, the founding fathers or whatever you want to call them, if they had lost the war for independence here in the US, the penalties were horrible. It’s not just for them, but for their families. Public torture, humiliation, everybody in their family would be tortured and killed, kids and wives.

They believed in these ideas. These ideas started spreading like wildfire. Within a short period of time, we’re living in a whole new world. I always point out the obvious. The founders of this country didn’t have people of color in mind as far as the freedom that everyone deserves. They didn’t have women in mind. For the time when that happened, those ideas were still so revolutionary and they eventually led to the spread of democracy around most of the world, and a lot of freedom for a lot of the world’s population. The same thing is happening now at the next level of the spiral. It had to happen but it’s shocking how fast it happened.

It’s like you read about it in books and I’m sure as an astrologer you’re like, “Wait for it. It’s got to be coming soon.” I wonder what that’s like, knowing that on some level coming and watching, it finally starts coming down? What are your thoughts about the way in which the revolution is beginning?

It needs to become a revolution. My first thought is this is just the beginning. This is going to happen again and again until what needs to happen in society happens. It’s not necessarily Coronavirus. This is a surprise. We’ve all known this was possible. There’s something fishy about the whole thing to me and I think to a lot of people too. On one level it’s just an exercise in massive population mind control. It’s the number of media mentions of Coronavirus. Within the first two weeks in the US, they doubled from 1 billion to 2 billion, which 1 billion was already the combined media mentions of all of the other modern pandemics combined, SARS, MERS, HIV and H1N1.

This is probably going to continue to be the case. Saturn and Pluto conjunctions, which we’ve been under, and then Saturn is going to come back in the second half of 2020 and conjunct Pluto again. Those are typically cycles of contraction and repression, where governments and whoever has the power of the military are cracking down on people. I feel like on one level you’ve got the bad people that are going to try to do and they’re going to try to use this to do bad things. On the other hand, it’s up to us the good people, to try to do good things with us with it. It’s been remarkably mild to have this level of effect on the world’s population. The amount of people who have died from this is incredibly small considering the forecast we are getting in the beginning. Ninety-eight percent of people recover completely and most people don’t even get that sick. There’s this weird mixture of grace.

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The whole situation is unfortunate on many levels because of the terror that people are in and the fear. When we have some kind of Martial Law going on, it’s not easy. It is provocative as it is. We are watching the news and there are a lot of deaths. There are a lot of deaths with the regular flu and all of that. With the projections, at least we see a lessening of those, which is great. You can look at it from the framework of all this mind control thing but that’s nothing new. We have always been under the influence of whatever it is that we ingest. People, in general, have not been vigilant about being aware of the information they’re ingesting or how frequently they’re ingesting.

We are much more porous than most of us understand. I like that you’re bringing that up on the one hand. I feel like there’s this counter-movement. It’s not just the dark stuff but this counter-movement of people getting activated in a different way. I don’t know if there were at the revolution stage but in my communities, people are getting activated and wanting to step into leadership and to lead a movement of support, love, collaboration and cooperation. That could be the beginning stage of the revolution as we see it or shifting the economies. I’m thinking about Bernie and the whole democratic socialism thing. Now, it’s making sense to everybody.

Not everybody, but yes.

Most people are probably going to cash their checks if they get it.

I feel like the huge problem with modern society is that we see ourselves as separate from nature. That’s what’s led to pollution. That’s what’s led to the abuse of animals. Supposedly that’s where the Coronavirus and these Novel viruses are coming from. Humans are interacting with animals in ways that shouldn’t happen. Some World Health Organization epidemiologists said, “We’ve been expanding fast and we keep going into these frontier areas to build more houses, more cities and more factories where people and these animals have historically never interacted.” For example, some of the bats in these areas are only in whatever area of China or South America. He said, “In the past, that migration of humans would have been slow and it would have had relatively low impact.” There’s this balance that gets worked out but we’ve been, bigger, sell more, buy more or make more to the extent that it’s introducing these crisis-level diseases.

I feel the separation of, we’re not part of nature, we are part of nature. It’s interesting to me with this Coronavirus, most of the pandemic viruses target children, malaria, measles, influenza, things like that. Historically children are the ones who suffer the most and who die at the highest rate. This one is targeting people that are unhealthy. I’m not saying that’s their fault, that they’re unhealthy. If you grow up in an unhealthy society, without a lot of luck and a lot of grace, by the time you’re in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s you’re going to be unhealthy. The whole system is set up to funnel people into that state of constant disease, at least in the US. I feel like one of the things, the opportunities here is, there’s this massive awakening of, “We’re not separate from the Earth. We’re part of the Earth and we’re not warring against the animals in nature.” Even going back to the King James Bible, we’re supposed to be taking care of them.

That’s stewarding. It’s interesting you’re saying that. I hope it’s happening but I also think that people who need to remember that they are part of the earth. It may fall on deaf ears. I do see many people coming forward with that kind of level of information. I did a big channeling and ritual for people. I’m telling you usually I’m working with angels. This time it was all Earth spirits, animals were coming forward. A condor came forward. A lot of themes of the dark goddess and it was cool. I was like, “I don’t know how to break the news to my angel peeps,” but it’s the Earth who’s speaking now.

The support also that’s coming from the Earth. It’s the love and the holding of us. It didn’t feel like, “Here’s a great punishment.” It’s like, “This is balance,” and this is how to come back into balance and to remember what you’re saying. “You are part of Earth.” We’re connected with Earth. You don’t just have a heavenly father. You also have an earthly, spiritual mother here. That is the work that I’m working on now. It’s looking at these two polarities. My vision is that they become married. They merge better in our own heart, mind and bodies.

That’s how we do it. Somebody sent me this thing and it was a YouTube video. There’s no comment. Somebody texted me, “After the pandemic, the new Dark Ages.” I’m like, “I’m not watching that. There’s enough fear out there already.” There’s a part of us or it’s the parasitic infestation, where it’s like, “The Dark Ages. That’s exciting.” Through historical examples, fairly from Eastern Europe at least peaceful revolutions happen. Granted at the end of a lot of suffering, there’s Estonia where all the people came together and sang. Millions of people came to the state Capitol and for decades they’ve been forced to sing praises of the Soviet Union songs. Somebody started singing the band national song and they all started seeing it. Within like a few months, the Soviets were withdrawing.

They can’t handle the song.

To be fair, that was while Gorbachev was in charge. It was Glasnost. He comes out and said, “We’re going to let people have more freedom.” He really couldn’t back down. There’s the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. The Velvet Revolution was the artists, playwrights, composers and then the general people started joining in and making art. You and I have talked about this a lot on our various calls and things. I feel like one of the things that I see with the quarantine lockdown is people talking about doing things like making art. Baking bread apparently is a huge thing.

The bread baking revolution.

That’s how we change it. If enough individuals develop this consciousness of, “We don’t have to live in this soul-killing grind. There’s a better way of doing this. Let’s make art, let’s connect. We don’t need to buy all the extra gadgets or whatever.” That’s a real tip of the iceberg as far as the change that wants to happen. I see us as a species evolving beyond the idea that we can own parts of the Earth. I don’t think this is going to happen in three years, probably.

I’m holding a vision for that as well and so as my eight-year-old daughter. She goes on rampages about the fact that you have to buy land, she doesn’t understand it. She’s convinced money needs to be eradicated.

TGV 4 | Fear Of Death

Fear Of Death: Part of the huge problem with modern society is that people see themselves as separate from nature.


My nine-year-old son is all about that.

Thank goodness because I think they’re the ones that are going to make the changes. We’re laying the foundation for that because right now, it’s challenging to see a world where that can happen. However, when you see the United States government that’s opposed to anything socialism or a certain part of the government. They opposed socialism. A few weeks later, they’re giving everybody checks. It’s all in there somewhere. We need the right stimulus for everyone to dig deep. I was actually pretty impressed with the bipartisanship, at least in the United States, which has not happened. They actually worked together and got something done. What was that, a week? That’s crazy.

I feel like this episode is one of those tests that I semi-consciously predicted. That’s spirits. Honestly, I have to give all the credit to the great spirit because I opened the channel. I’ve done my work to learn and study the language of astrology. That prediction, I feel like there are going to be more tests. It’s remarkable what you’re describing and talking to people. How people’s consciousness is changing and they’re like, “I’m unhappy about this or I’m afraid.” I’m also helping these people that I know need help. There’s so much helping going on during this as well.

Maybe it only takes 2 or 3 episodes of this sort over the next years, and enough people can get on the same wave of like, “Let’s make this better.” Free energy is a big one. Free energy has been around for almost 100 years now. The US dark government or whatever has confiscated 5,000-plus patents over the last 60 years on free energy devices. Some of the inventors of those disappeared when they wouldn’t be quiet. What if we stopped spending trillions of dollars on guns and killing people, poisoning people, and trying to enslave people in other countries. We wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing. We could keep a distance in comfort and wealth.

You make it sound easy. It’s so straight forward, DK. It’s amazing that we do half of the things we’re doing. Secretly, I have been watching politics and looking at certain presidents and going, “That generation needs to go away. Stop it.” My vision is like these eight-year-olds.

Let’s go on the record and say that there are some great Baby Boomers.

There are kickass Gen-Xers for sure.

You’re saying you’re looking at politicians and some of these people.

I feel like there’s a great opportunity for all of us, our politics, us personally and how we choose to believe. It’s an opportunity to break down at least some of this polarity, in a way because I feel like something like a virus is a great equalizer. No one’s better than the other person. It’s going to come. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you believe in. It’s like any virus, they’re neutral. They do their thing. Our consciousness has an opportunity to rise beyond polarity, beyond Democrat, beyond Republican, into being human. We’re human. We all have needs. How do we all get our basic needs met? Which not all of us have, our basic needs met. I’m not talking about right now, but poverty. There are still starving children in the world. There’s plenty of food to feed them all, tenfold. That kind of crap I’m hoping people take a look at.

At least so far, as far as a wake-up call, you in some ways couldn’t get much better than this. I think it’s also waking people up internally to like, “Do I want to live in fear? Do I want to follow?” It’s like you said with the mass media, going back to the Bible again. Jesus said, “It’s not what comes into a person that makes the person sick, it’s what comes out of a person that makes them sick.” At the same time, if you’re ingesting this programming all the time, it’s impossible for what comes out of us to be healthy because of the programming. They’ve been refining it since World War II. The companies use sponsors in all of the news programs. It’s hypnosis.

TV is inherently a hypnotic medium because of the flicker rate, which synchronizes more or less to the resting pulse. We have to wake up and realize like, “I have a choice,” but that choice means, “If what the experts say is true and there’s going to be more and more of these global pandemics that people aren’t immune to, I need to strengthen my immune system. I can’t depend on getting the right medicine when I need it.” Ultimately, how do we strengthen that immune system by living so that our hearts are open and expansive and we’re experiencing joy? There’s meaning in what we do.

You’re right because it takes on a whole different meaning. You and I specifically have talked about, for years now, in front of communities about how important it is to be happy and for you to align your life to your joy. It didn’t even cross our minds that we were talking about boosting immune systems against the future. Back then it’s like, “That’s just the mandate. That’s what we’re seeing. That’s what we hear from spirit.” It’s like aligning your life at any cost, essentially towards joy, no matter what you got to let go of, you got your best start doing it. Now it’s like, what an incredible new mandate or an invitation for us all to follow our hearts and to do everything we can to not be in this toxic, stressed-out version of ourselves, which I definitely was guilty for sure, after I launched my book or during that whole thing.

It was stressful for me in 2019. I’ve had some soul searching with myself about, “We’re never going to go back to that.” We can’t. I like how you’re bringing it up. This is one pandemic. There could be others in the future. What are we going to do about it? Which takes me to a question for you that we talked about before getting on, which was, with all this is happening, how do we evolve past it? How do we respond? What’s being called of us as individuals now? What’s your perspective on that?

I wish I knew the answer to that. Intuitively, the way I’ve sensed it for years and it seems to be in a lot sharper focus is, on some level we are creating. Science now says, “Reality is a mass hallucination.” That’s documented neuroscience, where it’s hard to dispute. We’re all having this collective dream and we both have this Shamanic background of first studying Shamanic traditions and they say the same thing. The problem with this is how does that translate into the real world changing? Each of us changes our focus, our awareness and cultivate the awareness that the more that I find love, peace, joy, beauty within my own heart and create that within my own little sphere and then connect to other spheres that are creating that, somehow that changes everything, eventually.

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I feel like that’s the beauty of the Singing Revolution, which is the movie about Estonia and The Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. It was like these artists in Estonia were regular people deciding, “We love singing our song together.” They had done this since way back in the day and, “We need to sing our song.” Eventually, that need to sing the song with each other overrode the fear of the Gulag, being crushed by tanks or whatever. It’s the need to feel that joy was intense. I feel like this is what disasters and catastrophes do. They bring us face to face with, what do I want out of life, and am I living in a way that’s going to give that to me or make it possible for me to have that? I don’t know if that’s even a clear answer.

At least you’re pointing to a collective urge that it will rise up. Our task is to track our joy, which we’re not used to doing. Many of us have fallen so far out of joy because of responsibility and living out of alignment period. Living with the wrong people. There are lots of people in relationships that are in there still from duty and not in love. Their hearts are not connected, which I think is such a travesty. We’ve talked about that a lot.

I’m glad not to be quarantined with relationship partners.

It’s to learn how to track our joy and come into the notion that joy is valuable. We have worshiped the God of the dollar, the God of our careers. We have not put enough love into the God of joy and pleasure. I feel like there’s an opportunity or change of guards. Before what we worship was more disciplined, structured, and straightforward. Now, there’s a softer changing of the guards where it can be about joy and creativity. It’s not a religion but a spirituality like a true, joyous, communion with spirit and nature. Coming back to an authentic way to live. That’s sweet and simple, where we can just not try and it’s less hierarchical if you will. It’s more leveled out.

We need community and may be part of the lesson in this whole thing is teaching people. Some people are having a hard time not being around other people. Everybody’s doing these Zoom happy hours or whatever. Maybe that’s a way that people can start to let their armor down. It’s less intense if you’re close to somebody physically. I’m intrigued by all of the possibilities of this. What needs to happen, what is happening and trying to happen is that we are able to relate with one another in a way where we’re not instantly putting up defenses. Also, we’re trying to get one up or seeing that person as above us so we have to take them down as a competition.

It makes me think that the whole world one time should do MDMA and I feel like that would solve everything. It’s an intense and straight to the heart, “I don’t want to take one thing from anybody. I never want to harm anyone. I love myself. I love you.” What if everybody did it at once, including our governments?

Do you know Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary hatch this plot to put acid in the water of The White House or The Capitol building, to dose all these politicians?

A friend of mine was telling me that there’s an organization, it’s like a company in Silicon Valley that secretly is requiring their executives to go on some medicine journey, whether it’s ayahuasca or whatever. They require them to do heart medicine before they can step into power. I feel like that’s what it’s for. Bring it on.

That’s like, “Maybe this will happen. I think we should hold the vision. Free MDMA for all citizens of the world, but you have to show up to the group meditation around the same time.” What does MDMA rate? It’s anti-eugenic, it’s taking you on a journey of spirit but it’s also taking on a journey of spirit where your body feels good. Your emotions feel good. It’s that sense of feeling good. David Hawkins, the Power vs. Force author, in his last book, which is called Letting Go. He said something along the lines of all totalitarian systems, whether they’re religious capitalists, royalty, they have all maintained power based on taking away pleasure from the masses. Restricting the masses’ ability to enjoy healthy pleasure, whether it’s like a sexual taboo.

The guilt and shame about any kind of pleasure that you want, whether it’s too much sugar or too much sex or whatever. We’re hard on ourselves about our desires.

We need to get that back.

We need to get our mojo back. One of my number one pet peeves, when you look at how our institutions are designed, it’s looking at, when did they take away recess? Recess was a good idea. Why did it stop? It’s because they’re trying to create factory workers from the 1950s still and this is not the 1950s. We’re still in the same even educational model. I’m holding hope that even that changes out of this, where it’s less, “Sit down little Billy and little Sue.” How helpful is that?

My daughter, my oldest child, she’s super academic. She loves using her brain. She’s verbal and was super precocious. For school, there are some downsides but she pretty much likes it. My son should not be in school. He needs to be in a school where you’re using your hands and touching a tree because it doesn’t work for him. I think school is a prison for kids.

It can be depending on the kid. Only a small percentage excel in that kind of environment. I’m holding hope. Even though the outlook is grim right now, people are in it or maybe even this 2020, we’re going to be recovering even financially for a long time already. It’s only been a few weeks so far. In the end, with any cataclysm that I’ve had in my life or in general, there’s this beautiful process of rebuilding. One of the ways that we recover through this is by holding the vision. Each person has to hold the vision for this new world, whatever it is. For me, the educational system, I’m holding a vision for that it can be more creative. Kids have more fluidity or more options inside of the academic field.

TGV 4 | Fear Of Death

Fear Of Death: Once we stop being afraid of death, everything’s going to be just fine.


On a note of hope, the last thing that I wrote in that list, right on the solstice, we’ve got Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius. We’ve had a lot of Capricorn. Pluto and Saturn and Capricorn for years. Pluto and Capricorn since 2009. Nothing wrong with the sign of Capricorn, but it’s the sign of structure, world systems and things like that. At the end of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in Aquarius, the next sign. Aquarius is the vision of utopia. It’s the vision of, we can make society fair for everybody. If we set it up according to universal principles, then everybody can have enough. Everybody can do what they want without hurting other people.

That Jupiter Saturn conjunction happens every twenty years and it’s called the Great Conjunction. It is a reliable indicator of what the next twenty years are going to be like. It establishes the values of that twenty-year cycle. That’s a big deal. It doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have more tests in 2020 or in the next 3 to 5 years, but there’s this dawn of hope that’s coming in. After all these years, I don’t know how or why astrology works like this but certain things click in. All these people that were not even close to getting it to start getting it. There’s hope there.

I think there is too. I’ve seen huge changes, look at the last many years. Even when I started doing angel work and intuitive work, that was many years ago. Many fewer people were talking about it. There’s so much hope. A lot of us want to be impatient and see the changes now but our job is to envision the changes and also, become an activist in the things that you want to happen as opposed to someone who’s just talking about them. I feel like that’s an important piece here when it comes to the opportunity for a revolution. All of us have to do our part, not imagining, hoping, and praying but also what specific piece are you doing to make that change? I feel like now more than ever, I’m going to start stressing that, “Let’s talk about it, but what are you doing about it?”

You’ve got to embody it.

Be it.

Let’s bring the spirit energy into the Earth realm. Having it in our bodies and being in our bodies.

Being in your bodies in the first place, which I received intuitive guidance that a large part of the slowdown is to help humans come back into their body, to feel their emotions. There’s a lot of people crying a lot and soggy and some people don’t even know why they’re crying. It’s like, “You’re welcomed back to your body. Let your body do its grieving. Thank you. Let it cry. Cry its butt off if it needs to.” Our body as a separate being that if you’re not plugged into, it has a mind of its own. You’re right. We need to be more embodied from for this next phase and feel what your next step is going to be and without less strategy and more being in the moment.

This separated the spiritual people on Instagram, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs or whatever. The ones who are walking their talk, from the ones who are spouting stuff out there. It’s crazy. The level of fear that some of these people have been vomiting out.

Are you talking about spiritual or business leaders?


I’m trying to, in a sense, avoid media. I’m sitting with spirit. I haven’t seen much from other people. What’s going on out there?

There are people that are supposedly spiritual teachers that are like, “All you people from this place, don’t come to our place in the country.” This total fear of like, “You’re going to kill us.” What great master taught that?

That’s good. Even being a “spiritual teacher,” which some people have accused me of being a “spiritual teacher.”

I would never accuse you of that.

[bctt tweet=”Aquarius is the vision of utopia.” via=”no”]

You think you don’t accuse me of that? I hope and I’ve seen it in my communities, people are coming more deeply into their connection with spirit. We’re all being called to make an actual authentic connection. That means not just diverting your power to whoever’s the most attractive talking head, where you like what they’re saying. It’s great to get inspired by people, but keep it an inspiration. Do your own work. Get there on your own. Until we have our intuitive instincts dialed in, we’re all going to be really messy.

There are more fun ways to be messy.

DK, I want to thank you for coming and talking again. Your predictions were crazy. I wanted everyone to hear from you on that. Is there anything golden truth that you would like to leave our audience with?

Once we stop being afraid of death, everything’s going to be fine. Maybe that’s what I was hinting at or fumbling for. You and I know from our medicine work, the near-death experiences that we’ve had. Death is a transition. It’s like moving to another state. It’s easy to buy into the idea that death is tragic but it’s not it. It can be but the death that happens from people dying from an illness or whatever, it can be sad. It’s not a tragedy. People are moving on, they’re probably feeling better almost instantly, most of them. This is one of the things that is giving an opportunity to embody experience in our body. It is like, “If I let go of these programmed ideas that death is horrible and death is bad and I recognize that my death could come at any time. It can come crossing the street or whatever, then that really focuses us in the present moment.” That’s the point of power.

It’s interesting that you say that. I feel like that is definitely the message that’s been coming through as well. Thank you for validating that. We’re all making peace with our mortality and in a variety of different ways. No more running from our shadows people. It’s here. What are we going to do about it?

We’re going to have a great time.

We’re going to party. I’m here to party. DK, if people want to book a session with you or check out what you’re doing, where can they go?

If they want to book a session with me, they can go to DKBrainard.com. If they want to get involved in the cool thing that I’m into, CosmicFire.org, which my beloved and I have started a revolutionary movement of beauty, authentic connection and community. It’s fun. We’ve got all kinds of awesome calls, resources, meditations, art and deliciousness.

Check that out, DK, and his website. That’s DKBrainard.com. DK, it’s always fun chatting with you. We’ll have to have you back to talk about something and some other juicy stuff.

We were serious.

That’s true. Why is that?

I don’t know. I think everybody’s in it.

It is a little solemn. We’re going to yuck it up in our next one for sure.

I’ll have to add on our new podcast and then we can totally yuck it up.

TGV 4 | Fear Of Death

Fear Of Death: Death is a transition, like moving to another state. It’s easy to buy into the idea that death is tragic but it’s really not.


Let’s do that.

I love you, Corin.

I love you too. Take care. Bye, everybody.

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