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Everyday Awakening: A Deep Dive With The Conscious Consultant, Sam Liebowitz

By November 19, 2020Podcast
TGV 26 | The Conscious Consultant

TGV 26 | The Conscious Consultant


In times like these, we all need something to power us up to start every day with intention and positive vibes. Thankfully, the universe has conspired to have The Conscious Consultant, Sam Liebowitz come up with his first book that will give us just that – Everyday Awakening: You Have More Power than You Know. Sam is a mentor, coach, speaker, healer and serial entrepreneur who has a big heart for empowering people. In this episode, he and Corin Grillo pull some contemplations from the book and take a deep dive into each of them. Join in for an enlightening and uplifting hour of amazing information that will make your day.

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Everyday Awakening: A Deep Dive With The Conscious Consultant, Sam Liebowitz

We are here with my friend, Sam Liebowitz. Sam has some incredible information. Sam, how long have I known you?

Since 2017 or 2018.

Sam is badass. Whenever we are at the same events, we chill together. I hang out with some of my other friends but what I love about you, Sam, is that you have real authenticity and a real big open heart. Even though you’ve accomplished some incredible things, you’re always down to earth. I appreciate that about you. I was excited to hear about your first book. I’m happy to support you. I’m going to go ahead and give you a more formal introduction.

Sam Liebowitz is known as The Conscious Consultant, a mentor, coach, speaker, healer, serial entrepreneur, and author of the upcoming book Everyday Awakening. He has been in business since 1993 and has owned several successful businesses. His ventures include talking alternative, broadcasting and double diamond wellness. He’s in Manhattan. Sam has lectured in several venues in New York City including being a featured speaker at TEDx Upper West Side in 2016. What a bunch of accomplishments there for you, Sam.

Thank you, Corin. Thank you for having me on your show. I appreciate it. You hold the distinction by being the only person to get me to get up and do karaoke in front of a whole bunch of people.

I do what I can, Sam. That was fun. Do you remember what song you sung?

I don’t.

I remember it was Reunited, old school. I remember we were doing some bumping and grinding and you’re taking it into Peaches & Herb. I’m like, “Why wouldn’t we take it to Peaches & Herb?” I don’t know what everybody else is thinking, but you did it. That was fun. That was the first weekend we knew each other.

I don’t think it was the first one because that was at the Annual and we met at a CMT weekend once before that. That was in San Diego.

Sam, sometimes if I feel inspired, I like to pull a little oracle card. They’re simple explanations. I don’t do a lot of the interpreting but what I like to do is read it and see how it moves through you and how it applies to what’s happening in your life. How’s that go?

Sounds great.

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I know you’re a fan of the Indigenous Practices so this is a bird deck. It’s like a feather deck so you appreciate that.

By the way, I want to say thank you to all the people. We’re getting a lot of love from your group.

If you’re finding us, Sam has written an amazing book to help power you up especially during times like these. We’re going to be talking about his book but I wanted to pull a little oracle card so we can get drawn into Sam’s world a little bit more before we get started with his awesomeness. It’s crazy because I have pulled this card or something like it, the last three guests that I have pulled a card for, it must be this collective churning and it’s a vulture. Here’s the picture here. The vulture says, “Accept the inevitable, let go of the past, and welcome a rebirth to begin.”

Personally, it’s apropos because we’re both working on an event that’s all about radical non-attachment.

It is about radical non-attachment. Do we want to give it a little plug so people can check it out?

Everyone should know that the way I met Corin is through this amazing organization that a huge part of my soul tribe called the Evolutionary Business Council. I believe it was Kerri Hummingbird who connected us because you and her had known each other already.

She brought me because she knows I have social anxiety when it comes to networking. Strangely, I don’t like talking about my business only because I never would know what to say. I need more training in that. I prefer to talk about relationships and things like that. She knew I had all of this anxiety but I felt called to come and I was happy with the community there because it’s all soul-centered entrepreneurs that are not trying to game the system. They’re trying to make an impact and influence the world. That’s how we met and now we get to work on this project. Can you talk about the project and what we’re planning to do?

It’s an organization of transformational thought leaders and these are people who are the ones who are holding space for hundreds or thousands of people to do work. We do these things and we call them Deep Dives which are opportunities for these transformational leaders to get together and do their own work that they can feel safe and they’re with other transformational leaders so they can relate to each other. We get together and do all this stuff live but like everything else, we’ve had to shift and go virtual with it. We did our first virtual Deep Dive in August 2020, in which I was on the leadership team in a support role. It was originally going to be on Bowen Island.

I remember in Vancouver, I was looking forward to going to Bowen Island because of the retreat center where it was named Rivendell. I was like, “I get to go to Rivendell.” That ended up being virtual and then Theresa, the woman who founded the organization, approached me in September 2020 and said, “Our December Deep Dive got put off until next April 2021, there’s an opportunity. Would you like to lead a Deep Dive in November 2020? I know it’s a short time.” I’m like, “I love this organization. It’ll be an opportunity to get towards the end of some of my training with the organization.” I then said yes. I looked and I realized this was going to end up being right before my book launch.

I pulled together a team so there’s myself and then Laurie Seymour is co-leading the group. Corin and Rodolfo will be there as our support staff. It’s a little bit more than a day-long because we have a pre-call the night before, there’s a full day on Saturday, and then a post-call on Wednesday. I’m trying to figure out what to do and all because I wanted to find a topic that would be relevant and help people in the organization. We went from one thing to another to another and then the idea came to me when I was in a shamanic ceremony about how not being attached to things is one of the best ways to move forward because we’ve all had to learn to let go of our attachments to the way things used to be.

This pandemic has forced us to think differently. I talked to Laurie and Theresa, they loved the idea. The original idea was more about hot seat coaching and then it got turned into this program where not only are we organizing it but we’re being the facilitators which usually the Deep Dive. You’re bringing in somebody else from the organization to facilitate it. You’re more the organizers, but Laurie and I are facilitating it with you and Rodolfo. It’s a day long. There’ll be energy work, meditations processes that are all around giving people the experience of what is it like to not be attached to anything so that you can now come from a place of pure possibilities. What can you dream up? How can you transform your vision, business, and life by coming from this place of infinite possibilities?

TGV 26 | The Conscious Consultant

Everyday Awakening: You Are More Powerful than You Know

I love that you’re saying infinite possibilities with that flower of life sitting behind you. As we all have been through 2020, many of us understand what you’re talking about as far as having to let go of the attachment of what you think is going to happen in the future or let go of how you’ve done everything in the past. I know my business has gone through a lot of transformation, so I love this topic for the community.

I put it into Facebook Live. The main page is EBCouncil.com. You go under events, Deep Dives, it’s the only Deep Dive listed there, you click on that link, and it’ll take you right to the landing page for the actual event. These events are for members but this is one of the few events that we’re opening up to people outside who are not members, but who feel called to be with transformational thought leaders. If you don’t consider yourself one yet, that’s where you’re going. That’s what you’re pursuing and that’s the direction you’re moving in.

A lot of people in our communities have big dreams and we needed a little different support along the way. That’s wonderful. The vulture, except for the inevitable, let go of the past and welcome a rebirth to begin. That also means that you are going through a rebirth, Sam, on some level.

It’s interesting because I’ve been working on two businesses. I’ve had an Internet Radio Station, TalkRadio.NYC and I had our wellness center, DoubleDiamondWellness.com. I had my brand of The Conscious Consultant where I do my coaching and my transformational work with people but I didn’t do much with it. I did my own weekly show on the network, The Conscious Consultant Hour. I talk to people about it. I do energy work, healing work, mentoring, and coaching work but I hadn’t put a lot of emphasis on it.

It was there, drift along, I work with some clients here and there. A couple of years ago, I put all my attention into these other things. I got to work on my personal brand. I worked with a marketing coach first. I met this guy, Gerry Foster, and I started working with him to rebrand. We’re coming up with a whole brand strategy for The Conscious Consultants. This 2020 was the year I was going to launch it but the pandemic hit. What happened was I got many phone calls and connections, everyone is interested in my podcasting network and I wasn’t getting much at all interest in The Conscious Consultants. I thought, “This is the time I had been planning to do a book and the roundabout way.” The book that I’m coming out now is my first book. It was originally going to be my second book but something happened with the first book.

I flipped it around. The only thing that I’ve been doing for it is working on this book and now I’m launching the book. This is the thing that establishes The Conscious Consultant. This is the first solid thing that documents my body of work in a way. I’ve been getting such a positive response from it that I’ll end up creating programs from it, doing mastermind groups around it because I’m overwhelmed at how much support and what positive things that people are saying about it, including people who have been in this transformational thought leadership role for decades. They said like, “This was wonderful. I couldn’t stop reading it.” I’m thrilled about it and this is my transformation. It’s my opportunity to say, “I’m putting the stake on it and I go, ‘I am The Conscious Consultant and this is what I’m all about.’”

I taught a class. I started a nine-week Magic Deep Dive with people from all over the world. One of the things that I talked about was a bid for power and making a bid for power. It feels like you’ve had to make a big bid for power. Part of that bid for power seems like you have to let go of whatever your old idea is and step into the power of this moment. When vulture comes around, it’s also an indicator of a big uplevel if you choose a big uplevel because there’s death in that. The carcass is getting eaten one way or the other. You’re going to butt hurt about it or you’re going to allow yourself to experience that moment so congratulations on that.

On top of that, the other thing that happened which I don’t talk about a lot publicly, I only talk about it privately is I’ve been studying a specific shamanic tradition since 2013. I’ve been in training to be a facilitator. It was funny. I went to my mentor because we started doing stuff virtually. I felt like with the pandemic and we’re doing stuff virtually, I’m never going to graduate until long after this so I may as well let it go.

I said to him, “What I loved about this work was doing stuff in person, being with people, in their space, with them. Even if I was already a facilitator, I don’t think I’d be doing stuff virtually. I would want to do it in person carefully. Everyone gets tested or whatever. I don’t want to continue with the Zoom stuff.” He was like, “Okay.” He was a little gruff. It felt like he was angry at me. Two weeks later at a team meeting, he’s like, “To add to your abundance, all the good stuff going on with you, when we had that phone call, I had been meaning to tell you for the past month that I was going to graduate you but never had the opportunity. I got that phone call from you. It’s a little surprised at the timing so I had to sit with it.”

I was like, “You mean I’m a graduate?” This is something that this work calls to me and I wanted to be a facilitator of this work for so long that now it’s finally here. We were renovating the apartment. We’re doing a few things here and there. I’ve been busy with the book launch and everything so I haven’t even started but I’m all prepared and ready to go. A couple more weeks then I’m going to start working with people on a one-on-one, one-on-two basis but that’s brand new. I haven’t even started that yet. The vulture can also be related to that.

A big old cleanup going on. The carcass is getting transformed for you. That is awesome. Big uplevel. This book that you wrote, I think it’s sweet, supportive, and it gives people different contemplations. That’s what I love about The Conscious Consultant, your radio show, you contemplate something with them. You give people a contemplation. To me, this book was a lot of those moments to help elevate us.

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This is what my original first book going to be. I took thirteen episodes of my show that we’re in an episode I was interviewing people that it was me riffing on a certain topic. I was working with this woman who was going to get me a ghostwriter and we’re going to get those shows transcribed. I had a bunch of phone calls with the ghostwriter and she was going to put it all together for me, organize it, and put it into a book format. This was 2019 that we’d started doing this and then I didn’t hear anything. I contacted my friend who brought this woman on.

I said, “What’s going on? I haven’t heard anything for a while. I’m expecting to see the first draft or at least a bit of the first draft.” “I’ll get back to you.” A week or two goes by, I still don’t hear anything. She finally gets back to me. She was up visiting her family. She got into a bad car accident. This woman was no young woman, either. She’s in the hospital. She won’t be able to do any work on this. I’m like, “Can you at least get what she’s done already, and then we’ll find somebody else to pick it up?” She’s like, “Let me see what I can do.” It was 3 or 4 months of, “Let me see what I could do,” but they couldn’t get it.

This was a good 6 to 9 months after we started the whole process. My friend was gracious. She said, “I’ll give you your money back. Here are the transcripts. That’s all I have. I apologize.” That was November of 2019 then 2020 comes out and I’m like, “I want to come out with a book this year. It feels like the right thing to do.” What the universe was telling me with that first book is I need to be the one going through the transcripts. I needed to be the one writing it up and then give it to an editor because new information will come through.

I might have different perspectives on certain aspects of it. I’m like “That’s going to take time. I won’t be able to get that done too quickly.” I thought, “My second book was going to be a culmination of the best of the blog that I’ve been writing for the last five years. Let me work on that. That’ll be much quicker and able to get it done.” In March 2020, right after the pandemic, I was like, “We’re going to be inside a lot. Let me do it, make the commitment, I’m not going to be in fear like a lot of people are. Let me invest in myself and let me do it.”

What I did was I went to somebody else, Laura Rubinstein, who’s also in the EBC and she got me a professional editor who’s worked on spirituality and self-help kinds of books who also happens to be in New York City, which was amazing to me because Laura is in San Diego. She started working with me on my blog. I had hundreds of blog posts and we had to whittle it down to what are the good ones, how do we organize it, and she helped me to edit it, tighten it up, make it good, and this is the result. It’s almost 300 pages long yet each little essay is only 1 or 2 pages.

You can have a daily contemplation of awesomeness every day. The way you set up the book and these seven different parts with the different themes, can you talk a little bit more? The book is called Everyday Awakening: You Are More Powerful Than You Know and I thought my people need to hear about this book because we all need remembrance of that especially now.

It’s seven chapters because when I was trying to think of how to organize it, I went to my head, and I said, “Seven or twelve?” I know it’s got to be one of those two numbers. She said, “Seven is enough.” I’m like, “Okay, seven chakras. What are the seven energies of the chakras loosely?” I loosely organized it on the seven chakras. Part one is about our foundation, essence, presence, and wellbeing. The second part is about our growth, disruption, progress, and flow. The third part is our will, energy, integrity, and empowerment.

The fourth part is all about relationships. It’s the heart chakra is connection, love, and community which is important to me. Part five is our truth which is about our story, our words, and our vibration. The sixth part is our vision, awareness, discernment, and intention. The seventh chapters are world, inspiration, imagination, and contribution, our crown chakra, how we connect. The way this book is designed, it’s like your oracle decks. You flip open to a random page and it’s like, “What is that section say?” I open to, trusting ourselves is where all empowerment begins. It’s a little essay and it’ll take you five minutes to read it and then it gives you a different perspective around trust. That’s where empowerment comes from.

That’s an amazing starting point to talk about. Can you go a little deeper with that? It’s beautiful. For me, I learned to trust myself because I trusted spirit first. It was like, “I may not be good enough to do this. I may not know how to go bigger or make an impact in the world but I’m going to give it up to spirit.” It was through a trusting spirit that I learn to trust myself. That has made the biggest impact on me. That’s been a real game-changer.

This is something that was also hard because I made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime.

You’re such a good guy. Let’s talk about your mistakes. Inquiring minds want to know.

TGV 26 | The Conscious Consultant

The Conscious Consultant: Be supportive and loving. Let the person have their process, and trust that their spirit knows what they need to get through to move up to the next level.


One time, I got an astrology reading, and the person who gave me the reading said, “You’re the guy who’s here to make all the mistakes to point out to other people not to do the things you did.” I’m like, “Wonderful.”

Thanks for that. Fire that astrologer. That’s hilarious. Intuitives, astrologers, and human design people say a lot of shit and sometimes it’s bullshit. When she said that, did it resonate with you?

It did because I’m getting better. I’m not making nearly as many mistakes as I used to. One other thing, in my book, one of the perspectives I give is not to view mistakes as bad. They’re our learning process.

I saw that one in the book.

When we’re little kids, we’re running around, and we fall down, we don’t look at that as a mistake. It’s like, “I shouldn’t run because I’ll fall down.” No, that’s how we learn to run, play, and walk. Let’s have fun with it.

Sam, are you saying that over time, you have learned to become a master of failure?

Yes. Let me put it this way. I’ve mastered not feeling bad and not being afraid to fail so that I will try things and I’ll be like, “I don’t know. We’ll find out like.” This Deep Dive we’re doing is a whole example. I’m going to be doing something I’ve never done before. I had little time to prep for and to put it all together because I’ve had many other things with the book launch and everything else going on, I’m showing up and trusting in life, in spirit, in yourselves. It’s also been a big learning for me in the shamanic work that I do in learning to trust the process.

Sometimes, when you’re facilitating somebody, they’re going through stuff. You’re not even quite sure what they’re going through but you need to be there and hold space for them. I have worked with people over the years. This happened with some energy modalities and workshops that I took, I’m holding space and I’m there to smile, be supportive and loving, let the person have their process, and trust that they know, not consciously, but their spirit, body, nervous system knows what they need to get through to experience and to move up to the next level.

I agree because having done healing work in a variety of capacities as well. The best healers are the ones that know how to step back from the process and let the person’s wisdom work through it and create a space for their individual wisdom and light to begin catalyzing, transforming, or alchemizing itself. It’s hard to allow someone to go through that process if you’re always trying to intervene or micromanage their crap. The ones that I loved that you listed in your book was we are not broken and we don’t need to be fixed. Can you share with us a little bit more about that?

The thing is I want to empower people. I don’t want people to feel like they’re dependent on some guru or some personal development dude, tell them what they need to do, feel better, and do better. We are perfect whole beings of light having a physical experience, as well as other experiences, not just physical, and we’re not broken. It does not mean everything feels good all the time but if we stop making not feeling good a bad thing and it’s a part of life then we don’t have to fix ourselves. It doesn’t mean we can’t grow. Look at life, the animals in the jungle, and trees. A tree loses a branch in the storm. The tree doesn’t think, “I’m broken. I lost my branch.” It keeps growing.

Why do we have to have this feeling that because we don’t feel good sometimes, we’re experiencing some pain, or something, somebody else doesn’t feel good that there’s something wrong with us. It’s all a story we tell ourselves. When we stop telling ourselves that story then we can empower ourselves that like, “I’m okay. I’m not broken. I can do better. I don’t have to stay the same. I don’t have to stay in this difficult place. I don’t need to be told what’s wrong with me.” It’s not that there’s anything wrong with me. We’re all human beings having a human experience and life is happening for us and not to us and it’s all perfect. I have the biggest shout out because I saw people on Facebook Live are saying hi as far away as Scotland.

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Thank you for letting us know where you’re from and saying hi to us. This is my first maiden voyage of doing Live here in this group. This is the group that I decided that we would focus on. Thanks for showing up and saying hi to my friend, Sam.

If you like this, tell Corin you want more of this. Let her know like, “This is good. Do more of this.” If you have any questions or any things you want us to talk about, put it in the comment. I’ll keep my eye on it. Let me know. I’ll interject it.

What’s funny is that Sam is supposed to be on my show. This is how amazing he is. He is taking care of this process, holding the masculine down. He’s a real superstar. He’s an ultra pro when it comes to radio shows and podcasting. He has his own freaking network. Thank you, Sam, for being here. I can see the wisdom behind wanting to do this Live with you because you’re showing me how it’s done.

We got somebody from Romania.

I had a hard time not highlighting every single one of these themes here. Another one that I was drawn to is we are both light and dark.

Having been in the spiritual community for a long time before I even got into the shamanic work and hearing people talk about, “We got to work on the shadow and the shadow is bad.” From the shamanic work I’ve done, it’s like, “It’s not bad. It’s here to serve us in certain ways by pushing against the dark and making it wrong and bad. We’re creating division within ourselves.”

Light and dark could be a little too nebulous. Can you talk about a specific aspect that someone would think, “This is dark inside of me and I need to reject myself?” That is part of their power and it is part of their transformation or something that can be accepted.

I’ll give you a perfect example. A lot of people, especially those who get involved in spiritual and self-help stuff, have a real problem with anger. They feel like, “I shouldn’t be angry. I can’t get angry at somebody.” There is power in anger. This doesn’t mean that we act on other people with our anger but anger can motivate us to stand up for ourselves. It can motivate us to have better boundaries with people. Anger can tell us what’s acceptable to ourselves and what’s not acceptable.

We think we have to be all peace, love, light, joyful, and happy all the time. That’s not real. That’s not being a human being. Our moods go up and down all the time. Does this mean we don’t want to lean into feeling happy and gratitude more? Absolutely but somebody walks past you, steps on your foot, and breaks your toe, you’re going to be upset. It’s okay to be upset. You want to let that feeling out because that’s your body and your spirit expressing that this is not okay.

Thank you for saying that because it’s reminding me of this hot topic that’s floating around the spiritual ethers, a little thing called Spiritual Bypassing. If we don’t accept our “darker nature” even anger, we are human. I was rooming with someone and she was telling me that she’s been working hard on herself because someone cut her off and she honked at them. She was mad at herself for being triggered and having her shit. She was trying to do work on herself every day like abusing herself because she had an angry moment when someone was being bad on the road. That’s why some people take this whole, “I need to fix myself. I need to not be triggered. I need to not be this person because that’s not good.” It’s gone too far.

I wonder how things would have unfolded for her if instead of being triggered wrong that you love that side of herself. She accepted it and go, “That’s my little girl telling people they shouldn’t do bad things or they shouldn’t do nasty things.”

TGV 26 | The Conscious Consultant

The Conscious Consultant: We can use our pain as a breadcrumb to take us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and take us to deeper healing.


They shouldn’t be dumb asses. Let’s say it. They shouldn’t be assholes on the road. We can all die.

I’m not a parent but you’re a parent. If you have a child and they’re going to put their hand on a hot stove and burn themselves, what are you going to do? You’re going to yell at them. You’re going to say “No, don’t do that.” You’re doing that to protect them because the pain they may get from hearing you yell at them is nothing compared to the pain when they touch their hand on the hot stove. We can use our pain as a breadcrumb to take us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and take us to deeper healing.

If we do it from a place of, “I’m not broken, this is a behavior I have. Let me see where it comes from. Let me understand myself. Let me peel back the layers of the onion so I can accept myself and love myself more.” All transformation comes from deeper self-love and acceptance. That’s the key thing. The more we can accept ourselves, the more we don’t have to judge ourselves over little things. I’m not saying this for the narcissist psychopaths out there. There are people out there who have something intrinsically wrong in their brain because of some trauma or abuse and they will manipulate, energy vampires and stuff.

That’s not who I’m talking to. I’m talking to you people because if you’re working with Corin, you’re a light-worker, you’re one of these people who you’re too far in the other direction. Don’t take me extreme. I’m not saying you specifically, whoever is reading this. I’m making a broad generalization based on what I have observed and I’m not making you wrong for it. I’m trying to point out that you can accept the other sides of yourselves that are badass, bitching witches from the forest, taking no prisoners, and we’re going to unfolding consciousness. Burning the witches at the stake is not acceptable anymore.

We’re going to hashtag that. I’ll create a new hashtag for all the witches out there. I’m going to go through another one of these that I found. We’re not even through the first twenty of the contemplations in his book but this one was good. You can tell I lean towards the darker ones. It says, “Chaos allows us to go from evolutionary to revolutionary.” Sam, I was snapping on that. I felt it. Can you tell me more about that?

When we’re working within some system and things are going along okay but there are little tweaks. There are certain aspects of it that we don’t like but they’re not awful that we’re willing to put up with it. We may take some evolutionary steps but we’re not going to create a big evolution to revolution. When we throw a bomb in the middle of it, when this is completely unsustainable, unworkable. Let’s blow it all up, let’s start from scratch, and let’s find a better way of doing something. That’s when truly revolutionary ideas come. One of the interesting facts is that in most scientific breakthroughs that happen within a field, the person is an expert in a different field and they’re applying their knowledge to a new field.

There have been tremendous revolutions made in the medical industry from physicists, chemists, and people who are not doctors. When we’re an expert within a field, we know all the rules, systems, and everything that’s within that field so it’s hard for us to have a different perspective on it. When we come from an outside perspective that we’re not tied to the way things work in there, then we can come in and totally take a different tract and think differently that the professionals in that field never could have thought of because they’re too ingrained in the way things are in that field.

As you’re talking about that, I think about my own personal revolution on how I did my business where I did a lot of one-on-one work. I was a cookie-cutter psychotherapist in the therapy office doing my thing. I was hanging out with therapists. That’s what I was doing. What happens when you hang out with a therapist is you do business like therapists. There’s no revolution in your business. My revolution started happening when I started hanging out with online entrepreneurs, talking to them, and then they’re gone, “Why don’t you hop on?” It’s like, “It’s not me. That’s not what I do.” Having to go through the breakdown but we need catalysts. As you’re saying, outside of my field that created my personal revolution in the world. It almost makes me feel that in all frontiers, we need each other, variety, and chemical reaction.

Some of the biggest inventions have happened through mistakes. Do you know the little sticky pads, the Post-it notes? It’s a total mistake.

I didn’t realize that. One of the grandchildren or great-grandchildren of that particular heir. Tell us about what was the mistake. What were they trying to do?

They were trying to glue something to create a new binding for a book. It was supposed to hold. It wasn’t supposed to be easy to tear off and then paste on something else. It was supposed to stick to stay permanently. They found, “This isn’t working. It’s coming off too easily.” One of the guys took it off and pasted it somewhere and then wrote some notes on it. Someone thought, “What a great idea. I can write a note down, peel it off the pad, stick it somewhere then I can remember it.”

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That’s perfect. It’s trial and error. Let’s go through one more of these. Hate is not about hatred. That’s a good one for these days.

Especially these days because we do see a lot of hate out there. Hate is not about hatred. It’s about pain. If somebody is hating somebody else or something else for some reason, it’s because inside, there is some deep, unexpressed, pain that they haven’t dealt with. It feels good to them because they get to express their anger, they feel more powerful so they project that pain onto somebody else and make someone else wrong when it’s they’re feeling wronged. When you see somebody who is hating something, the question I asked myself is, “I wonder what pain they’re feeling. What’s underneath that?” Sometimes, we get a little caught on the surface and the symptom of what’s going on but if we can dig down underneath to what’s the underlying cause, it’s pain caused by some trauma.

Sam, do you have a particular favorite that you want to talk about of the ones?

I got caught short, but then I realized, I looked and open the book. It’s the first one. We are perfectly imperfect because we have a tendency to think we have to be perfect at many things, this and that so we’re chasing this illusion of some false perfection instead of seeing the perfection that already exists. If we look at ourselves as already perfectly human in our most imperfect state and that is perfect. One of the things I like to say is that we’re all doing the best we can with what we have at the time. If we could do better, we would. Let’s be honest with each other. If any situation that we’ve shown up in the past, if we could have shown up better, we would have, wouldn’t we?

I feel that’s exactly the same even for narcissists. They don’t have the capacity. We have to honor that someone that doesn’t have that capacity and move on.

One day, they’re going to have a kick in the head that’s going to knock them down or maybe not this lifetime, another lifetime. They’ll have to deal with it in one facet or another and it’s not up to us to judge their soul’s path. The person I took over the wellness center and the radio station became a Theravada Buddhist monk. I remember I was listening to him train the acupuncturist who was taking over his practice. He talked about this thing called kamma-vipaka. He talked about as healers, we don’t know a person’s karma.

We don’t cure people of anything because we can help them to release some pain around some issue or whatever. The next day they could go on and get hit by a bus because that was their karma. It struck me and it’s true on such a deep, spiritual level. We do not know another soul’s karmic path. We don’t know where they’ve been, where they’re going, and how all the different pieces in this universe fit together. If we can trust that everything is perfect in any given moment, no matter how awful or bad it seems.

There are some real atrocities and awful things that have happened in this world. Some of us have experienced those personally, if it happened, it happened for a reason. Who are we to micromanage the universe? Who are we to second-guess God? Who are we to say we know better than the infinite, all that is, I am a presence that is here in and around and within everything? I take a humbler approach because I’ve found that the universe has a much better imagination than I do.

There’s perfection everywhere. We don’t see it though at the moment. Wait a week, a month, a year, 10, 20, or 30 years. Slowly over time, the perfection will reveal itself if we’re looking for it. If we’re not looking for it, we’ll never see it. If we say, “There’s some perfection. I’m not seeing it.” We hold open the possibility and the space that the perfection is there, we’re not seeing it yet, but we will see it.

If we don’t, there are other things to look and focus on. Thank you for that, Sam. I’m inspired by your book and I know people are looking for support and inspiration. If people wanted to get their hands on your book, where would they go? The book is Everyday Awakening: You Have More Power Than You Know by Sam Liebowitz.

It launches on November 17th, 2020. There’s a Kindle version and a paperback version. It’s all over Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’ll be in all the major booksellers. If you go to my website, which is TheConsciousConsultant.com, right on the top menu at the homepage, you click on Sam’s Book. There’s a landing page there where if you purchase the book, come back to that page, and that page has links to all the booksellers and stuff, you put in your name, your email address, and the receipt number, you’ll get access to all of these free gifts and discounts on programs that you can download.

TGV 26 | The Conscious Consultant

The Conscious Consultant: Who are we to micromanage the universe? Who are we to second guess God? Who are we to say we know better than the infinite?


Meditations and stuff to support you that are worth close to $3,000. It’s a tremendous amount of gifts. Up until the day after launch day, I’m selling the Kindle version for only $0.99. If people are interested, please go on November 17th, 2020. I have a link that’ll go straight to the book, which is EverydayAwakeningBook.com. They’ll take you straight to that page on Amazon, get it for $0.99 and you get all these discounts and free programs. Join my mailing list then you’ll know about other things that are coming up. There’s also a paperback version which personally I like because then you can flip throughout to the page and pick that page.

If you have the Kindle version, you have to randomly pick a number and then go to that page on the Kindle book. I’m working on that bestseller campaign. I feel strongly that this book can support people and help people in this chaotic time that we live in. My goal is not about being a bestseller for the title of it. I want it so some more people will take it seriously but I want to get this book in as many hands as possible because I feel that there are many nuggets of gold in here that can support people, especially at this time that it’ll be my contribution to the world.

You’re doing it. Way to stay focused, Sam, and for making it happen. Many people have been distracted by the outer chaos and drama. It takes a lot to birth something this 2020. I want to honor you for that. It takes a lot of juice, a lot of energy at a time like this but your mission, you can tell that service comes first.

Thank you, Corin. Thank you for bringing me to your show. Thank you for exposing me to your audience. Thank you to everyone who’s reading.

You have to check out Conscious Consultant, his radio show. He streams even on Facebook too, if you use the Facebook platform. Check him out.

The show is called The Conscious Consultant Hour. We are Live every Thursday, 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM Eastern Time on TalkRadio.NYC and you’ll find it on Facebook. If you search for The Conscious Consultant, I have a web page there and there is another one, Inspired Thoughts With Sam, where I share all uplifting memes and quotes of the day for people. It’s hard to miss me. I’m all over the place.

Sam, thanks for coming on. It’s a great pleasure to share your awesomeness with our community here.

Thanks, Corin. I appreciate it.


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