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The Mission of the Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum was created to provide a pathway for transformation, healing, inspiration, and divine support for earth-angels, lightworkers, sensitives, and modern mystics all over the world.

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Your soul is calling. Are you ready to answer?

Do you ever have that feeling that there’s more to you than meets the eye? That there’s something more that you should be doing with your life, but you just don’t know what?

There is a divine spark stirring inside of you that is trying to get your attention.

This stirring may just save your life, the same way that it saved mine.

Thousands are awakening all over the world to the call of the divine and it’s for a good reason.

It’s because the world needs beautiful lights like you to step into your power.

It’s because our children, the animals, and our planet need you to come out of hiding.

It’s time to remember who you are.
It’s time to reclaim your magic.
It’s time to gather your strength, heal, and start living your divine mission.

I am just having an amazing time with these audios; very, very emotional during these so I know a lot of stuff is going for me, so thank you!!  I have amazing conversations and messages from my Angels. These are hugely helpful to me, and  I love being able to go back and listen again. Thank you Corin, I love all the positive things coming in!!

Are you an earth-angel, lightworker, sensitive, or mystic?

Here are some signs:

You are drawn to angels, energy, crystals, and other alternative forms of healing and mysticism.

 Your intuition is growing and you have a strong sense that there is more to the world than meets the eye.

 You feel like you have a big mission to accomplish, but may not know what it is.

 You have had massive upheaval in your life over the last 18 months.

 You can no longer watch the news or harsh media because it affects you too deeply.

 You feel a calling to deepen your relationship with spirit, but traditional religions don’t quite fit you.

 You feel like a black sheep and perhaps have felt this way your whole life.

 You dream of a life and career that feeds your soul and that serves others.

If you said yes to many of these questions then
Welcome to the Inner Sanctum!
You are not alone. and I’m so glad you have found us!!

The Inner Sanctum is a safe, sacred online home for awakening light-workers and sensitives to gather together, connect to the divine, transform, heal, and awaken.

As a member, you will deepen your relationship with your angels, your intuition, and open up your heart and mind to your true gifts, divine purpose, and miracles.

When you join the Inner Sanctum here’s what you get as a founding member:

4 Sunday morning audios per month with channeled invocations, healings, rituals, and vibe-lifting energy transmissions to help you open your heart, mind, and life to the divine.

1 exclusive monthly live tele-sanctuary call and Q/A.

Receive a monthly group live angel healing invitation from Corin and the angels. Corin will send powerful angel healing transmissions AND will answer your questions on ANY topic each month.

Full Access To Corin’s Library of Healing Meditations & Angel Audios:

> Angel Banishing Meditation
> Space Clearing Guided Meditation
> Vacuuming with AA Michael and AA Raphael Guided Meditation
> Meet Your Guardian Angel Guided Meditation
> Faith & Heart Healing with Jesus
> A Gift of Love From Mother Mary
> Abundance Magic with AA Raziel
> Breakthrough Procrastination with AA Ariel
> Meet Your Power Animal
> Meet Your Creator
> Healing Rejection with AA Raphael and the Ancestors
> Fear of Success: Clearing with the Seraphim
> Youth & Vitality DNA Activation
> Ancestor Healing Guided Meditation
> Cord Cutting “El Chopiando” Guided Meditation
> Archangel Money Healing Guided Meditation

Corin is not just an intuitive angel channel. She’s also a trained Marriage and Family Therapist and she uses her broad expertise to provide you with unfiltered, grounded, practical information while also divining messages from your angels

Corin will mentor you on a variety of juicy spiritual/mystical topics including:
how to lead a soul-driven life.
how to deepen your connection to the divine and your angels,
how to discover your life purpose.
how to open up your life to more abundance,
how to attract a soul-mate relationship.
how to set boundaries and exit toxic relationships with loving grace.
how to own your power as a mystic/light-worker/earth angel.
how to detox from the negativity around you with energy techniques.

Join the Inner Sanctum and say YES to your truly divinely guided life (try your first month for just $1).

Here’s what else you will get as an Inner Sanctum member:

 VIP access to FREE private angel healings/channeling sessions from the graduates of Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy.

Corin works with and teaches powerful intuitives, mediums, and healers from all around the world. Several times a year we offer FREE or deeply discounted healings.

Inner Sanctum members will get FIRST access to these amazing, vibe-raising FREE healing sessions.

 Secret Facebook Group. Inner Sanctum members will get invited to free intuitive healing FB events exclusively hosted by Corin or Angel Alchemy Graduates in our secret Inner Sanctum FB group.

 Connect with like-minded souls about angels, miracles, spirituality, energetics, global issues & more.

15-25% discounts on new courses, downloadables, and workshops.

VERY Special Bonuses
When You Sign Up By
June 10, 2017:

1 Free 30 minute one on one Angel Healing and Energy Clearing session by a certified Angel Alchemist. (only the first 30 members will receive this amazing gift.)

Empath Survival Skills Training (Value $97)

“Live Miraculously” Experience: Your 7 Week Journey to More Magic and Miracles in your Life!
(Value $333)

Live Miraculously Also Includes (And So Much More!): 

 1 complimentary “Meet Your Guardian Angel” Meditation Audio.

 1 complimentary “Clear Your Money Blocks with the Angels” Healing Audio.

With Live Miraculously – 7 week Experience, You Will:

>Learn how to enlist the help of the Archangels to heal ANY area of your life.

> Meet your personal guardian angels and learn to work with them directly to bring miracles into your life.

> Discover, open, and learn how to use your intuitive gifts to receive clear guidance and direction from your angels and the Archangels.

> Meet your personal guardian angels and learn to work with them directly to bring miracles into your life

> Discover your biggest unconscious mental and emotional blocks to living miraculously and CLEAR THEM.

Connect with your gifts, your divine power, and your divine purpose.

The angels brought me out of my suffering, illuminated my life purpose, awakened my spiritual gifts, and led me to a life full of miracles.

And I want the same for you. I know the path isn’t easy and we all need support to truly fulfill our mission.

The world has never needed you more dear lightworker, earth angel, mystic, or sensitive.
And the world needs you awake, alive, and free.

Rise, rise, rise with us and become an Inner Sanctum member.

Your divine gifts, divine purpose, and divine support are waiting.

Join the Inner Sanctum, and set your spirit free.

Together we gather. Together we awaken. Together we heal the world.

It takes courage, strength, and lots of support when you are awakening and I’ve made it my mission the help as many awakening earth-angels as I can.

It’s not easy becoming conscious in a largely unconscious world.

It’s too easy to sink back into the old ways of being and forget about the angels, your invisible posse, and your higher purpose.

The Inner Sanctum is for you if you want to let go of suffering, and deepen your connection with the angels and your own divine nature.

It’s for you if you need support and extra juju, because you know your life can be more beautiful, more loving, and more miraculous.

The world has never needed you more dear lightworker, earth angel, mystic, or sensitive.

The world needs you awake, alive, and free.

Now more than ever, it’s time for you to RISE.
It’s time for you to remember who you are.
It’s time for you to awaken your power
It’s time for you to deepen your connection with spirit.
It’s time for you to heal from the past so that you can help our future.

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