A 7-week program to connect with your angels, boost your intuition and unlock your magical life.

Your life can be a beautiful, magical playground. And, there are angels all around you who are here to help.

I see you.

You’re a light-seeker, a purpose-follower, a highly sensitive soul.

You’ve been around the block and have been taught some serious lessons by life.

For some people, that’d be enough to make them zip up and close off, but you…

You have a feeling there’s another way.

You might not know what the path looks like, but you knew enough to get this far. And now you’re at a turning point. You’ve outgrown the old ways and you’re ready to step into a whole new way of doing, having, and being.

But before we get to the new way, tell me; do any of these sound like you?

Up until now, you have been:

  • Feeling a spiritual connection but couldn’t find your place in a world that pushes organized religion #nothanks
  • On a roller coaster ride, feeling the deep pain and great joys of life
  • Different. You’ve never quite felt like you truly fit in and have a unique way of seeing things

You’ve been looking for something that you weren’t sure even existed. You’ve felt lost, alone, and trapped. But maybe what you didn’t realize is that you were being guided to this moment on this page.

The truth is, the world needs you ALIVE, FREE, and FULL of MAGIC.

The world needs YOU to:

  • Feel a deeply supportive, spiritual connection with yourself and the angels so you can align with the miraculous world around you
  • Evolve your heart, mind, and soul to its highest vibration so you can feel strong, confident, and receive divine guidance for your unique soul mission
  • Stop suffering and detox from your painful past once and for all so you can open up to miraculous flow and live your magic NOW
  • Rock your spiritual power and awaken your powerful intuitive gifts so you can access the guidance you to create the life of your dreams.

And you’re here because YOU’RE READY.

Here is what people are saying about this program…

“My relationship with my mom was healed in 3 days after doing one of the modules in Live Miraculously. Not 3 months, Not 3 years. 3 days! It’s incredible! Yes, you have to do this program!”

Mirna Gonzales, New York

“I did this course last year after lots of thinking about the money involved. I don’t regret it. This was the best support and opening of my eyes I have ever had in my life. Things in my life got better overall, and I have learned how to rely on and work with the Angels on my own. You really should do it. I got way more than I expected. I got so many tools, and my spirit, heart, and my hopes are now opened to any possibility. With this course, you will gain self-confidence, trust, and wake up every morning waiting for the magic to happen. love you Corin and all my friends I met through this course.”

Pascale Dequen, Florida

“Stop doubting! This is huge. I mean the changes that have happened for me in the last few weeks are huge. You’ve given us a complete toolbox, and it is like I’m living in a whole new world. I can’t thank you enough Corin and the angels.”

Summer Ratner, Florida


A 7-week program to connect with your angels, boost your intuition and unlock your magical life.



Over the 7 weeks of Live Miraculously, you’ll learn:

Week 1: Archangels

There are 7 Archangels each with a specialty that is here to help you heal an area of your life. This week you’ll be introduced to each of them and create a customized intention and invocation so you can start calling on the Archangels to support you.

Week 2: Awakening

This week you’ll continue to open up, awaken, and start using your unique spiritual gifts. You’ll learn about the 4 main intuitive abilities (Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, or Claircognizance), and which of them is your strongest. We’ll also do a deep healing and clearing on your 4 Clairs to boost your intuitive mastery and heal unconscious blocks.

Week 3: Guardian Angels

Now that you’re prepared, you’ll meet and create deeply personal relationships with your personal guardian angels. You’ll learn how to receive and channel specific guidance and action steps from your personal guardian angels and ask them for evidence so you know they’re really there.

Week 4: Detox

You have old emotions that are trapped in your body and unconsciously blocking you from higher levels of feeling big love with yourself, other people, and spirit. This week, we’re going to detox you from these attachments so you feel lighter, brighter, and more magical.

Week 5: Healing + Clearing

This week you will discover the unconscious beliefs that block your emotional, spiritual, and material wealth. You will discover what unconscious fears are keeping you away from the life of your dreams and you will learn how to CLEAR them with the help of the Archangels.

Week 6: Your Energy Body

This week you will learn all about your energy body and how it can either ruin you or give you WINGS TO FLY! You will learn about the true cause of DIS-ease, and learn powerful techniques you can use to defeat this secret enemy.

Week 7: Making Miracles

This week you will discover the profound, yet simple way, to take your life to a higher octave and invite in POWERFUL MIRACLE-MAKING AND HEALING ENERGIES INTO YOUR LIFE. You will bask in the glow of angel energy, and feel deeply supported by Source, Soul, and the Angels in taking your next steps in your new Miraculous Life.

In addition to a WEEKLY training on each of the topics above, when you say YES to Miraculous Living, you’ll also get:

7 Weekly Training Audios and Healing Meditations so you can listen and learn at my convenience ($700 value)

7 Weekly PDF Workbooks, complete with templates, examples and weekly homework assignments so you can go even further into this work. ($350 value)

Interactive Facebook Group where Corin will answer my questions and where I can make deep and profound connections with others that are on the same journey! (Priceless)

The value of Living Miraculously is over $1700.
For a limited time, your price is only $333


Hey there, I’m Corin Grillo, psychotherapist and creator of Live Miraculously and I need to say something:

This Shit is Real

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist turned international Intuitive Angel Healer and Teacher, Author, Workshop Leader, and Modern Mystic. I came out of the “Spiritual Closet” in my psychotherapy practice and in my life seven years ago after witnessing a Miracle that was sooooo MIND BENDING AND EXTRAORDINARY, that it changed my life forever.

This intense spiritual awakening led to my discovery of profound intuitive and healing abilities that, at the time, I had NO IDEA were inside of me.

Since that day, I have combined my intuitive healing gifts and my years of education in traditional psychology to provide a safe, yet immediate, pathway for thousands of others to experience miracles, the truth of Divine support, and the profound power of their own Magical and Miraculous Minds.

In Live Miraculously, I will walk you through the powerful steps that I have taken of folks from all over the world through. I will introduce you to a new world that is that is available to you that is nothing short of miraculous.

Trust me when I say that like so many people out there, life wasn’t easy for me.

Growing up my life was full of loss, abuse, pain, poverty, depression, and addiction and I understand that you have “real world” problems too.

This work transformed my life and the lives of my clients and I’m beyond excited to share it with YOU.

You don’t have to suffer anymore.

You get to create a magical life that you love and feel connected to.

The angels and I are here to help.

This is your invitation

Life is meant to be magical. If you’re ready to step into the magic, the angels are here to help you do so.

Save and join Living Miraculously now for $333…


And step into YOUR magical life.