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A Free 7 Week Course to Awaken Your Divine Mind and Ignite Your Miraculous Life with the Archangels.

Welcome Miracle-Maker!

The angels and I are so excited that you have been guided here. I know you have traveled a LONG way to find yourself here so congratulations!

You see, not too many years ago I was lost, I felt alone, I felt trapped, and in my darkest hour the angels brought a miracle into my life that was so breathtaking, that it changed my life forever.

Since that day, I have worked closely with the angels and they have brought miracle upon miracle into my life and into the lives of the other beautiful women that I am so fortunate to support.

The angels and I created this powerful transformational 7 week journey for seekers like you. For heart-centered women that are ready to discover their own magic, their own spiritual gifts, deepen their connection with the divine, and women that are truly ready to let go of the blocks and the struggles that are keeping them trapped.

The world needs you ALIVE, FREE, AND FULL OF MAGIC. I am so happy and grateful that you are here. Your miraculous life is waiting for you and it is an honor that the angels have brought you here. Let’s do this together!!


Feel a deeply supportive, spiritual connection with yourself, the Angels, and align with the miraculous world around you.

Evolve your heart, mind, and soul to its highest vibration so that you can feel strong, confident, and divinely guided in your unique soul mission.

Stop suffering and detox from your painful past, so that you can open up the miraculous flow and start LIVING YOUR MAGIC NOW.

Rock your spiritual power and awaken your intuitive gifts, so that you can hear your angels guidance more clearly and take the necessary steps to LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS.

Your Miraculous Life is Waiting.

Sign up Now.

This is for you if you are absolutely ready to ……

Angel Learn how to enlist the help of the Archangels to heal ANY area of your life.

AngelMeet your personal guardian angels and learn to work with them directly to bring miracles into your life.

AngelDiscover, open, and learn how to use your intuitive gifts to receive clear guidance and direction from your angels and the Archangels.

AngelDiscover your biggest unconscious mental and emotional blocks to living miraculously and CLEAR THEM.

AngelDetox from past pain and suffering so you can manifest your miraculous future.

AngelHave the support of a licensed Psychotherapist, and professional Intuitive Healer to help guide you, heal you, and give you clarity along your 7 week journey.

AngelGet connected with a powerful network of invisible helpers and a global community that are RIGHT there with you to help support and birth you into your new miraculous life.

You deserve a Life filled with Miracles & Magic.

Here is what you get when you join Live Miraculously:

Week 1: Meet the Archangels and give them permission to Miraculously Heal Your Life

This week you will learn about the 7 main Archangels and their specialties that will help you heal area in your life.

You will begin to build a personal relationship with each Archangel. You will also create a customized intention and Archangel invocation so that you can begin calling in your unique recipe of Archangel support to bring miraculous healing in the areas of your life that YOU NEED IT MOST!

Week 2: Open, Awaken, and Start Using Your Unique Spiritual Gifts

This week, you will discover which of the 4 main intuitive abilities are your strongest: Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, or Claircognizance.

We will do deep healing and clearing on your 4 Clairs to boost your intuitive mastery, and heal unconscious beliefs that block your intuitive power.

Learn how to intuitively interact with, feel, see, and hear the specific Archangels that are working with you to heal you and guide you to your miraculous life.

Week 3: Meet Your Personal Guardian Angels and Work with Them at a Deeper Level.

Now you are prepared to meet and create a deeply personal relationship with your personal guardian angels. You will deepen your connection with them, and learn to literally FEEL their presence with you.

This week you will learn how to receive and channel specific guidance and action steps from your personal guardians angels and watch them create more manifestations in your life so that you know that they are there.

Week 4: Detox from Past Hurts, Open Your Heart, and Feel Profound Love in ALL Relationships

This week Corin and the Archangels will help detox from the old emotions that are trapped in your body and unconsciously blocking you from higher levels of feeling BIG LOVE with spirit, people, yourself,and of course, the Angels.

After this week you will feel lighter, brighter, more hopeful, purified, more magical, and more willing and able to take the necessary action steps to LIVING MIRACULOUSLY and fulfilling your mission.

Week 5: Heal and Clear Unconscious Personal, Cultural, and Ancestral Beliefs that Block Abundance & Miracles

This week you will discover the unconscious beliefs that block your emotional, spiritual, and material wealth. You will discover what unconscious fears are keeping you away from the life of your dreams and you will learn how to CLEAR them with the help of the Archangels.

Week 6: Your Energy Body and the “Hidden Enemy” that is Stopping You Right Now From Living in Your Spiritual Power

This week you will learn all about your energy body and how it can either ruin you or give you WINGS TO FLY!

You will learn about the true cause of DIS-ease, and learn powerful techniques to defeat this secret enemy.

You will learn how to clear and heal your energy body from negative energy, psychic attack, and the energy of others so that you can shine your light into the world, feel strong, and truly start LIVING YOUR MAGIC.

Week 7: Super Secret Sauce to Miracle Making

This week you will discover the profound, yet simple way, to take your life to a higher octave and invite in POWERFUL MIRACLE-MAKING AND HEALING ENERGIES INTO YOUR LIFE.

You will bask in the glow of angel energy, and feel deeply supported by Source, Soul, and the Angels in taking your next steps in your new Miraculous Life.

Welcome to the Miracle Makers Community!

Live Miraculously is more than just a course, it’s a Community dedicated to creating Global Miracle-Makers Movement.

When you join the Live Miraculously course, you will receive a Membership in the Miracle Makers Community! Your Membership comes with:

Unlimited Support from the community in the Private Facebook Group
Priceless Connections with Miracles Makers Worldwide

YES! Corin & Angels, I am ready to join Live Miraculously.

I know I will receive:

7 Weekly Training Audios and Healing Meditations so I can listen and learn at my convenience.

7 Weekly PDF Workbooks, complete with templates, examples and weekly homework assignments.

LIVE Interactive Facebook GROUP where Corin will answer ALL my questions DAILY and where I can make deep and profound connections with others that are on the same journey !

LIVE Q&A Calls with Corin so that I can receive the guidance I need to move past my blocks and open up to the miraculous flow and start truly LIVING MY MAGIC.

Join the Miracle Makers Movement and bring more Love & Miracles into my Life and the World.

This Course is for you if you’ve been…

Wanting a DEEP and profound connection to Source, the Angels, and to your own soul but you have been struggling to get their on your own.

Wishing that your life fit YOU the way it used to, but it just doesn’t anymore no matter how hard you try.

You believe in magic, miracles, and you know you are here for a reason, but your life doesn’t quite live up to the awesomeness just yet.

Feeling trapped, unhappy, stuck, and alone in your life and have a feeling there’s something more for you, but you’re not quite sure what it is.

Tired of working so hard just to feel good in your life and in your own skin and you are ready to make a BIG change.

You are feeling more and more sensitive to others and to the pain of the world and this makes you feel overwhelmed.

Your Miracles are Waiting for You!


Are you ready to join us? Here is your chance to be part of the miracle makers movement!

“I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since I was guided to work with Corin. It seems that each class I take, each lesson she shares with us, each process I learn and each experience touches me more and more deeply. I find myself feeling so connected to the Angels that are all around me. I have always believed in them and knew they would be with me when I asked for their assistance, but what I am now experiencing is a very real, personal relationship with them. I FEEL them around me and am starting to receive more messages without doubting that they are truly coming from my Angels. I feel myself healing at deep levels. Thank you so, so much for helping me connect to my Angels and for allowing those of us who are learning to do this with you to have faith in ourselves and to spread our own wings and fly!!!!”

– Debbie Coffin

“Corin, your gift, your wisdom and your unwavering faith have shifted, altered, shaken & HEALED so many pieces of me. Thank you for gifting me the faith in myself that I too, have to ability to be of service to not only the beautiful people of the world, but the creatures, the Earth & beyond.
Gratitude, inspiration, freedom, unconditional love and peace.”

– Kara Potts

The last two years have been like jumping onto a magic carpet ride. It has been extraordinary, awe inspiring, and most of all heart opening. I will always be grateful for my decision to sign up for that energy healing. I recommend working with Corin if you are ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and want to experience vitality and joy instead.”

– Demetria Manuselis

Are you ready to be surrounded by miracle makers worldwide?

About Corin:

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist turned Intuitive Energy Healer, Angelic Channel, Educator, Workshop Leader, and Modern Mystic.

I came out of the “Spiritual Closet” in my psychotherapy practice and in my life seven years ago after witnessing a Miracle that was sooooo MIND BENDING AND EXTRAORDINARY, that it changed my life forever.

This intense spiritual awakening led to my discovery of profound intuitive and healing abilities that, at the time, I had NO IDEA were inside of me.

Since that day, I have combined my intuitive healing gifts and my years of education in traditional psychology to provide a safe, yet immediate, pathway for hundreds of others to experience miracles, the truth of Divine support, and the profound power of their own Magical and Miraculous Minds.

I have witnessed many miracles since that day, both in my life and in the lives of SO MANY OTHERS!!

In LIVE MIRACULOUSLY, I will walk you through the powerful steps that I have taken hundreds of others through. I will introduce you to a new world that is that is available to you that is nothing short of miraculous.

In this world, your pain and your suffering can be healed INSTANTLY. In this world, you get to work with a team of ANGELS to create your NEW MAGICAL LIFE. In this world you can discover all of the magical abilities that you have secretly always wanted, but never believed that you had.

Trust me when I say that like so many people out there, life wasn’t easy for me. Growing up my life was full of loss, abuse, pain, poverty, depression, and addiction.

And then everything changed…for the better.

And it is ALL because of the work that I will walk you through in this 7 week program. You don’t have to suffer anymore. I have found a powerful way out, and I would love the chance to show it to you.

If you feel ready to join me and other awesome Miracle-Makers in learning how to live your magic and awaken your miraculous mind then..