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Meet Corin: An Introduction

By May 1, 2020Podcast
TGV 1 | Corin Grillo

TGV 1 | Corin Grillo


The host of The Golden Vine, Corin Grillo, is known for being a big “Angel lady,” as well as the author of The Angel Experiment, but that’s not all there is to her. While the angels have certainly helped her turn her life around when she was at her lowest point, Corin has plenty more knowledge and wisdom to share. The key is allowing yourself to broaden your horizons. With the scope of The Golden Vine, you’re sure to pick up something new each time – something that will ultimately serve you to your benefit. Get ready to enter this new world – the world cultivated by Corin Grillo.

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Meet Corin: An Introduction

Some of you may know me as a big old angel lady. I talk a lot about angels. I teach people how to connect with angels and how to love up on them, how to get the angels to love up on you and bring literal miracles into your life. There’s a little bit more behind the story, a little bit more about me. In this episode, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite things beyond angels and give you a little backstory about me and how I came to do what I do. It all started in Augsburg, Germany. That’s where I was born, even though I don’t look like it. I was born on a military base and I was an Army brat. My dad was in the Army. He did a couple of tours in Vietnam.

Interestingly enough, my dad and my mom met in the Army in Atlanta, Georgia. My mom was also an Army girl and ultra badass. She eventually had to leave when she got pregnant with my brother because back then, women weren’t allowed to be pregnant in the military. They just gave you the boot once you started popping them out. My mom mostly was a stay-at-home mom. We had an interesting upbringing because we moved around a lot being military and all. I got to see different places in the world and meet a lot of people. That part was fun. The less fun part was that my dad did two tours in Vietnam and when he came back, he had a heavy case of PTSD. This is before they were diagnosing things like that or even helping soldiers with mental health problems.

He brought his PTSD back in our house and it manifested in the form of violent outbursts and extreme alcoholism. We grew up a little bit on the edge, but my dad did his best considering he didn’t have the kind of support that he needed. I have a big bro and a big sis. They’re seven and eight years older than me, and I love them very much. They’re both very awkward, silly, smart, and all of the above. We all get along pretty well. My mom died when I was eighteen, and after that, I spun out of control. I did all kinds of risky behaviors. After the age of eighteen, I suffered from a lot of depression

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Back then my only prayer was wishing that I would die. Every morning, that was my only wish for years until I encountered the angels. By the time I encountered the angels, I had already been through so much. I was super into drugs in my early twenties and I did a lot of crazy things like crystal meth, heroin, crack and all of that stuff. Over time, I eventually landed in jail for three days. Those three days changed my mind about how I want to live a little bit. I got my act together and did my best to settle down a little bit. I got married, had a kid and got a great career as a psychotherapist, but I was still struggling. Depression doesn’t go away just because you’re doing the right things. I’m sure you can relate to that.

It was in my mid-30s that the angels spontaneously decided to come into my life and I witnessed a big miracle. That miracle set me on a journey of self-discovery and working more closely with spirit. Finally, after the miracle, I believed in the reality of angels and that we’re not alone. Since then, I’ve essentially made it my mission to help other people realize the same thing. That spirit’s real. You do not have to be religious to get there. It’s important to me that people discover their own mystical and unique connection with the Divine because that’s what saved my life. Essentially, the angel saved my life. If you want to hear more about the miracle, you can pick up my book, The Angel Experiment.

TGV 1 | Corin Grillo

The Angel Experiment: A 21-Day Magical Adventure to Heal Your Life

Did I mention I’m an author? Yes, I’m an author of the internationally best-selling book, The Angel Experiment. You can pick up a copy if you want to hear more about that miracle. Besides being an author, I’m also a teacher. I teach internationally. I teach people how to open up their hearts, minds, lives to spirit, but also activate their divine gifts, their spiritual gifts, whether it’s their healing gifts or clairvoyance. I love teaching people about their magic and watching them blossom and gaining mastery in their own ability to heal the lives, minds, and hearts of the people that come around them. Since my first miracle, I’ve witnessed miracles after miracles. The angels continue to be good to me, and that’s why I’m so passionate about them. I’ve seen thousands of people’s lives change all over the world because of the work that the angels bring to us, which is good medicine.

Besides the angels, everybody knows I love angels. That’s no secret, but there’s other stuff that I’m super into and that is what this show is about. It’s a way for me to explore other frontiers with me and with you. If you’re reading this, more than likely you’re super into spiritual topics, consciousness, and personal transformation. The show is going to be an avenue for us to explore these things together. Things like different mystical religions or the paranormal. I love plant medicine. We’ll be talking a lot about different kinds of plant medicine and the benefits. I also love aliens. I watch Ancient Aliens almost every night and I’m fascinated by ancient history, the old sacred texts and how it applies to who humans really are.

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We’ll be exploring a lot of that fun stuff. Also, because I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, I’m a huge believer in conscious relationships and nontraditional relationships. I’ll be bringing on guests that have some very interesting ways of moving and relationship and tips and tricks to keep your love alive. Another thing I’m super into is entrepreneurship, in particular, conscious and heart-centered entrepreneurship. This show will have sprinkles of inspiration to help heart-centered humans activate their mission and begin taking those beautiful steps that your heart is calling you to take to create the life and career of your dreams. Many people who follow me and who are in my communities are heart-centered humans that love to serve. That is a huge part of the mission of this show is to help inspire, support, and activate you in stepping up and standing out in your awesomeness and learning how to create wealth from your heart while you happen to be serving lots of people.

We’re going to be exploring all kinds of juicy topics. A lot of the experts that we’ll have on will be friends of mine or will be authors or other experts. I’m excited to sit down and party with these people to bring you amazing cutting-edge topics in consciousness, personal transformation, mysticism, religion and all of the other things that I talked about. On a personal note, I have two sweet little babies and they’re not tiny anymore. One is in high school and one is in 3rd grade. They are my heart. I love them so much. I see myself as a mother first and everything else second. These little girls are my muses. You will probably hear me talking about them throughout the show.

Whether or not you're struggling, depression doesn't just go away because you're doing the "right" things.

Corin Grillo: Whether or not you’re struggling, depression doesn’t just go away because you’re doing the “right” things.

Something else I want you to know is that fundamentally what I stand for is freedom. The freedom of mind, soul, body and the freedom to live the life that your heart is begging you to live. It’s through the angels and spirit that I was able to recreate my life in such a powerful and miraculous way. I want nothing more than to support you in doing that too. With all of that, welcome to the show and prepare yourself for some fun and sometimes controversial talks, teachings and inspiration. Much love to you, Golden Vinester. We’ll be seeing you soon.

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