Ancestor Healing Guided Meditation


If you are ready to release your negative family patterns, want to learn more about your ancestors, and you want to break free of some old stuff keeping you trapped, then download this Ancestor Healing guided meditation.


Product Description

You know those sneaky negative patterns that you have like money problems, addictions, depression, or relationship struggles? Those ones that you have been battling so long and the ones that you are most ashamed of?

I have some pretty shocking news for you about those patterns, AND an amazing solution for you to help you break free from them!

Here is the wild truth…

It’s highly possible that your ancestors are playing a huge role right now in the patterns that you are trying to break free from today… especially the TRICKY ones!!

Modern neurobiology is now proving what intuitives, healers, and spiritual folk have known for centuries. That the pain and trauma of your ancestors can get energetically encoded in your DNA, and negatively impact the choices that you are making.

I helped lead a training that talked about how our ancestors can influence our negative experiences in our lives, and I led a powerful ancestor healing for the group. Many people felt a shift happen for them right away, and I am still receiving emails about it!!

I was guided to make a 10 minute recording of it for you, to give you an opportunity to hear more about how your ancestors effect your life, and to clear the ancestral patterns that may be blocking you from living your awesome and miraculous life.

In this guided meditation…

  • I talk about a woman that got her first $1,000,000 deal one hour after doing the exact ancestor healing that I share with you in this recording.
  •  I talk about how you can get your ancestors to help you fulfill your deepest soul mission.
  • I will guide you into the distant past so that you can meet your ancestors and get clarity on exactly what happened in your family history to create this pattern.
  • I walk you through the steps to help you heal these deeply entrenched family patterns once and for all and heal you and your ancestor line.
  • I give you powerful angelic and energetic healing transmissions that will heal traumas that happened hundreds of years ago, and heal your life today.

This guided meditation is for you if you’re curious about how to work with your ancestors and how to clear your negative family patterns.


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