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Take Your Power Back With Archangel Haniel

By September 4, 2020Podcast
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Are you feeling butt-hurt, weakened or disempowered? Join in as Corin Grillo invokes Archangel Haniel help you defeat the demons that are sucking the power away from you. We live in an imperfect world and it is almost impossible not to judge ourselves and other people for imperfections. It is this addiction to perfection that deprives us of our power and holds us back from fulfilling our gift to the world. We need to get out of this bind if we want to take our power back, and Haniel is the perfect angel to help us get there. Get ready to release yourself from the shackles of perfectionism, accept your pain and transmute your darkness into joy.

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Take Your Power Back With Archangel Haniel

First of all, we have a lot of sensitives here. If you’re sensitive, sometimes you feel butt hurt and you don’t even know why you feel butt hurt, but it’s because someone in your space is feeling butt hurt or a lot of people in the collective are feeling butt hurt. That’s one thing that you need to understand if you’re feeling grief and feeling despair, we’re all on some level feeling that. They’re talking about power because there’s been a huge displacement of your power. They want you to understand that everything is energetics. It’s about energy and where you put your energy and what you give your energy away to. When it comes to power, they wanted me to outline how it is that you’re releasing your power and giving it away.

This is a big one for a lot of us right now. This specific way in which many of us are letting go of our power. This one, in particular, is we are all in a lesson of how not to do this one but if you’re guilty of this one, spirit wants to remind you that that’s not where the power is. Before I get started in this particular talk, I want you to know that there may be a significant number of F-bombs, so I want to prepare you for that. One of the biggest ways that we are currently messing with ourselves is not just the Coronavirus. It’s not our finances, it’s how we’re looking at our future. Many of us are future fucking ourselves.

What I mean by that is you’re projecting your energy, your power into the future like, “How am I going to get out of this? How am I going to make this happen?” Spirit wants you to know that every time you do that excessively, you put yourself too far into the future, you lose power. The powerful moment is right here. Another thing that you do is you lose your power by looking at the past. I know a lot of people who are like, “Why did I make that investment right before a pandemic? What the hell was I thinking? Why did I spend all this money on this one when now is the time we need to conserve our dollars?”

You’re doing your past in the same way but towards the past. Spirit wants you to be diligent about bringing your energy and you can start doing it now into the present moment because it’s in the present moment that we solve any problem. Many of us are learning how to tune in to the authentic present moment because it’s in the present moment that your genius, that your spirit team, that your angels, that your connection with God is happening. That’s where we get the divine spark to create and to begin shifting in whatever direction that’s going to make our future the most elevated, the kindest, and the nicest possible future.

Many of us are super guilty of that and they wanted to point that out, “Where are you consciously doing it the old way?” which is like, “You need to manage. Do you need to control the future? How I’m going to do that?” Many people are losing the capacity to be able to wrangle their life because there are many weird variables right now. The best you can do is staying here in this moment in an embodied place and doing some inner work, not to be cliché, but that’s important. Jennifer is saying, “I find myself saying butthurt a lot more these days.” I caught one of my family members saying a lot of butthurt. It’s up. It’s happening. It’s the truth. What are you going to do? Future fuck, quit doing that. It’s right now.

Addiction To Perfection

The next one that they want to talk to you about and some of us are feeling this right now is the holding yourself to other people’s standards and doing this as a mother, as a teacher, as a spiritual person, as a married person, as a provider, as a healer, and as a community member. Our lives and the landscapes of our life is changing right now. We’re re-inventing ourselves and transforming. How much of you are beating yourself up and in despair because your life doesn’t look like what you feel like it should look like compared to other people and compare to what our society expects of us?

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“I’m not making enough money. I’m ashamed of myself because I don’t make enough money. I’m ashamed of myself because I don’t do any of my kids’ homework now that my kids are home.” Personally, my kids were here and they’re here at the beginning of the onset of school. I’m going to say for two months, I didn’t look at their homework once. I carried a lot of shame because I’m not a super mom. I was super stressed, trying to work on other things, keep the family alive, and all that stuff. We are constantly judging ourselves and the angels are pointing to how you are trying to match up to other people. I know a lot of people in our community are healers and they’re trying to match the standards of other healers that they’ve seen, or maybe they follow certain healers and I’m not quite like that.

They’re saying be meticulous on where you’re putting your energy and how you’re judging yourself. Are you not prosperous enough? Maybe your business just started and it’s not getting traction and you’re feeling like shit about it. That is sucking your power away and the messages state perfectly in tune with yourself and they have a specific method in coping with that. The third way that they wanted to mention that you’re losing your power is by judging other people and their philosophies. Remember I said the conspiracy theorist is messing with me and it’s not because they suck. It’s because I’m in judgment about what people should think or a part of me is triggered by that.

Where are you judging people? It’s challenging not to be judging people in a time of this level of polarity. Spirit is wanting you to reel back your judgment of other people if they believe in whatever the other side of the aisle is for you to pull that energy back and allow people to have their feelings. It is arrogant to think that we know our perspective is the only perspective. Giving space for people to do them, understanding that we are all in a collective trauma right now, and people are going to cling to whatever makes the most sense for them.

That includes these conspiracy theories. They’re clinging for a sense of safety. Even though it’s like a bizarre reality safety, from my perspective, it is like, “Let people sink their little teeth into whatever it is so that they can survive.” Where are you judging people? That judgment is there to make you feel better about yourself. It’s not doing anything productive. Tony is saying, “Yes, I’ve been judging myself and judging others.” It’s hard to get through that and it’s hard not to judge yourself. There are many other things I can list, but the fourth thing is, is the angels summing all of it up and anything else that you have a judgment about any other drains of power that you’re having?”

They’re saying points to this one spoke in the wheel. It’s like the center spoke. They’re saying that all of your powertrains are somehow related to the addiction to perfection that we have been conditioned within our cultures. It is this constant measuring up and feeling are we good enough yet, this consistent overwhelming striving for perfection, that is their real disease here. It’s not your judgment against yourself. It’s not your judgment about other people. It’s not any other things that I mentioned. The actual problem is an underlying addiction to perfection which we will never meet that standard. We have been black magic and cursed into believing that perfection is the standard. We see it in so much of our media.

We have been indoctrinated from the beginning towards this ideal of perfection, the perfect job, the perfect income, the perfect spouse, the perfect body, and the perfect fucking children. We feel like assholes when we don’t have perfect children and then we make our kids feel like assholes when they are not perfect either. You are under that curse, and under that spell. It’s the exclusive reason why you’re giving your power away. You want the perfect marriage because you want to fit in with your friends. Therefore, you will stay in a toxic relationship forever because it will be proof that you’re not perfect.

TGV 20 | Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel: Spirit wants you to be diligent about bringing your energy in the present moment because it’s in the present that we solve problems.


This old perfect building which the United States used to stand on this ideal, this righteousness, even though what we’re standing on is pools of fucking blood of the indigenous, of our African-Americans. We are standing on rape and murder, and we are fucking proud of that. We were taught to be proud of that because we were taught that America is righteous and perfect, and it is toxic. I’m not here to bad mouth America. The one thing that I have a problem with is that we scrub down the truth. When we learn how to scrub down the truth like that, internally we no longer have the skills to accept our darkness, accept our imperfection, and to accept the fact that we’re not going to make enough money. We may never make enough money.

The solution for not going to make enough money, you don’t have the right body. You don’t have the right job. Your business is sucking balls, and you’re not making cash. My perfect solution is we have to understand that we have to say, “Fuck it. I’m not going to have the perfect body. I’m not going to have the perfect cash situation. My kids overtly suck.” That’s okay. My little hellion is a hell ball, but I love him anyway. They’re not going to fit in. We have to get out of this. We have to fit in my mentality and start being authentic about who we are and not lower the bar a little bit.

One of my pet peeves, and I know some of you are guilty of this is this whole thing of like, “I can only date my twin flame.” As if there’s only one person out there. There’s this perfect relationship. That’s another form of this sick perfectionism that is prevalent, especially in the spiritual community. You have to be fucking perfect like vegan, ultra-clean, caffeine-free, and to do fucking yoga every day. I hate to say it, but I don’t like yoga. It bores me to shit. I prefer martial arts and shit like that. Then you have to be super conscious all the time which is such a bore and impossible because we are having a human experience.

We’re angry, butthurt and all of these things. Until we learn how to metabolize our dark side, our imperfection, we will constantly stay in a state of disempowerment. Our culture is not perfect and it’s okay. I love where I live. I love our country, but we have some serious problems rectifying our shadow. In the United States, if your country has a problem rectifying its own damn shadow, you best believe you have a problem with it too. What can we do? We can individuate, accept our shadow, and accept our darkness that striving for perfection is toxic. Accepting who you are and for what you are is important.

I’ll give you an example where I was challenged by my notion of having to be perfect. I’m a woman and women notoriously have issues with their bodies. What I have been doing is avoiding looking at the scale, especially since COVID. I went to the freaking doctor for my annual checkup and what did those fuckers do? They make you get on the damn scale. I was going to try and boycott it. I don’t want to look at the damn scale because we’re already walking a tight rope in life. I do my daily ritual, my daily prayer, I’m doing magic all the time. It’s working but we’re all in a fragile condition. There’s so much uproar on the planet that we need gentleness. The last thing I need is to look at my freaking weight.

You’ve got to be shitting me as if I need that kind of assault. I go to the dang doctor and I don’t do the thing that I wanted to do, which was boycott like, “I am not weighing in on that scale. I don’t care. This is a fascist condition and this is part of the conspiracy. Damn it. You’re trying to keep me down, keep me hating myself, keep me hating other people.” I was going to say no, but I was complicit. All you, conspiracy theorists, are going to be mad that I complied. I complied and I got on the scale.

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I got to tell you the number that I was willing to accept, and it was a high number. I was like, “As long as it’s this number, I’m fine. We can work on it.” It was ten pounds over that number. It was only like 5 or 7 pounds away from how much I weighed when I was nine months pregnant with my second child. It was like the worst fucking condition. I was like, “You have to be shitting me.” I did it to myself because I complied. I was being a super wuss because you can’t handle the truth? Who are you talking to anybody about anything, if you can’t confront a few lbs?

After that day, I started almost getting into the old thing. I started energetically punching myself in the head like, “How could I do this to myself?” I then started going into even deeper territory because you know what makes it even worse than weighing almost the same that you weighed when you’re nine months pregnant is the fact that your boyfriend is fifteen years younger than you and he’s cute. It’s a big enough problem being the old woman standing next to this sweet, cute guy but then you add on the fact that I’m the old fat woman standing next to this cute lean guy. On top of that, I feel like my hair is falling out.

I think I’m getting a little peri-menopause. I know this is much TMI, but fuck it. Remember I told you the solution is you’ve got to say like, “Fuck it.” Then let’s put that shit together. Not only am I the same weight as I’m nine months pregnant but I’m also old and bald. When we go out, in my mind, “How easy is it for me to go when he’s introducing me to people?” “Hi. This is my old, fat, bald girlfriend, Corin.” This does not match up to my perception of who I am or what I feel society standards for me are. Especially I live in the Bay area in California and it’s all like ultra-health nuts. Having some extra pounds is confrontational. You have to work on this.

How did I get through this? This is exactly what I told you. That’s how I got through it. I ran the story through my head then I’m like, “I’m the old fat, bald woman standing next to this cute guy.” It made me laugh. I shared it with my friend. She starts laughing her ass off and I was like, “This is fucking funny.” Luckily, I have learned and developed a heightened ability to laugh at myself. If you can find a way to laugh at yourself and laugh in the face of this perfectionism thing because if I’m focused on the fact that I’m the fat, the old and the bald woman standing next to this cute guy, then I am negating all the awesome at the same time.

You can’t have both. For a second, I was focused. I was feeling bad that first day like, “What a horrible day I got my work cut out for me.” It was hard enough to lose weight the first time. After I started laughing at myself, it started changing things. It started transmuting things for me. My life is awesome. I love my life. I love the people in it. I love what I get to do with you guys like doing this stuff. One of the ways I’ve learned how to cope ever since a young age was laughing at the things that are the most inappropriate to laugh at.

Opening Up To Joy

One of the things we’re going to do is to help you open up to the field of joy and laughter in the face of one of your demons, one of the things that are zapping your power and that is one of them for me. I have done a lot of work on myself and I’ve worked with the angels. What I’m going to tell you any fucker who’s telling you that they’re shit is gone is lying. Your shit doesn’t go away. You just learn how to manage and adapt better to it. Those of you who are feeling shame that you don’t have the cash, you don’t have the body, you don’t have the man or the woman, and you don’t have the kids or whatever, you have to learn how to say fuck it. You then have to learn how to laugh and go like, “Fuck it. This whole thing is ridiculous. Why the fuck am I worried about my damn pounds? I’m happy to be alive right now. Thank God.”

TGV 20 | Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel: The addiction to perfection sucks the power away from you.


If I’m chubby, that means I can afford some fucking food, which much of our country right now cannot do. The world has not been able to do it. Thank God I can eat. Learning to laugh at yourself and learning to say fuck it is important and those kinds of things we used to take me into deep despair, deep self-loathing. By the next day after I laughed about it, after I came to grips with it, it was like, “This is a cool project.” Luckily with COVID, I’m a little bored. I’m like, “This is like a numbers game. I’m going to get on the scale and I’m going to weigh in and I’m working out.” I’m working out every day, guys.

Over the past weeks, I’ve gained a pound every week. Fuck you, everybody. What are you going to do? I’m having fun and I feel great. I’m stronger and I love this new thing that I’m doing and it’s because I’m like, “Fuck it. It’s not about the numbers, but the numbers are increasingly funny.” I knew that this year I was going to have to take my physical health way more seriously. We all have our challenged areas and my physical health has always been the back burner. I’m taking care of my kids, I’m doing my business, I’m loving up on people, having meetings with people, and doing all this stuff. That’s not happening anymore. I’ve worked on my body and I’m gaining more weight. That’s my little success/ultimate failure story, but it’s still fun. What in your life can you use that energy towards? Where do you need to go, “Fuck it, that’s not where I’m at right now. This is where I’m at. What am I going to do about it now and today?”

This is how it’s become easier for me to shift to joy and laughter. I’m going to get a little esoteric with you because the activation we’re about to do is going to work with this law. It’s called the Law of Polarity. The deepest despair that you feel is the shadow side if you think of a coin of extreme joy and laughter, grief, despair, cry, you’re on the same trajectory as joy and laughter. It means that the darkest you can go, the higher frequency you can go. It’s a direct line. It’s a shortcut to joy. How do I know this? I’ve studied the Law of Polarity, but I also had a real experience of this in Peru. I take this plant medicine and then for those of you who don’t know what plant medicine is like Huachuma San Pedro, that’s one of the plant medicines. I am a huge fan and believer in plant medicine. It does give you access to your heart and what’s going on and it helps detox you in a big way.

I got to a place where I was uncontrollably crying and it wasn’t just crying. It was like every cell of my body was purging this deep despair and deep grief that no longer had a name. I started with vomiting, and then I went into purging like emotional stuff that I didn’t know was there but it was hours and hours of this. What happened was fascinating to me and taught me everything I need to know about grief and despair. I’m crying and it’s loud It wasn’t a soft cry like that sweet little sorrow. It was beyond ugly face cry or ugly cry. It was way past anything I’d ever experienced and I’ve experienced some serious shit in my life when I was younger.

I’ve had the opportunity to ugly cry and despair cry. This was a whole next level. I’m crying and it transmuted into hysterical laughter and joy. It was because that point where I got deep, it was like building this tunnel to excavating until I could get to this incredible joy. When I finally tapped into this true source of joy and laughter for no good reason, I innocent shapeshifted into a rainbow bird. I could feel these feathers coming out of me and I know like, “You’re hallucinating.” When you do plant medicine, you know it’s not a hallucination. Judge me all you want, but you’re disempowering yourself when you judge me.

It taught me about the psychodynamics and how important it is for us not to push our pain away because this is what we learn if you don’t know how to do your shadow. In America, everything’s perfect. We’re amazing. We’re not addressing the shadow of who we are and how we came to be. It’s this huge slice of humble pie for many of us which are beautiful and positive. We’re getting a slice of humble pie. If we’re not used to being able to go dark, being imperfect, being ugly, ugly cry and ugly emotion sharing that with ourselves and not just other people, but when we’re vulnerable that we’re sharing our deepest pain with ourselves, then you have the capacity to transmute. We can’t do that because we are medicating ourselves away from our pain. We are putting disease models all over our grief and our sadness and how many times the human experience can be full of torture.

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I work with angels not to cover over the darkness, but to help us transmute the darkness. I feel even as a teacher who speaks about angels, that it’s constantly toeing the line. I don’t want people to get the impression that you have to get rid of all your darkness, because your darkness is a portal to extreme joy. If you sit with it, if you chew on, if you learn how to metabolize it and allow it, how many of you are ashamed of yourself because you’re not feeling good because you’re spiritual and you’re not feeling the best like you should know better? You have all the tools, what’s wrong with you? There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just having a human experience. That’s why we came here to be humans and not to be spiritual people because we’re already a spiritual joy. We were spiritual beings before we got here. That’s not why we came here.

Invocation For Archangel Haniel

We came here to bring the spirit deeply into the flesh, the experience of the flesh by allowing myself to go dark. It was incredibly painful. I was like a crazy person. I look like I was probably from the outside. I was having a psychotic break, but I wasn’t having a psychotic break. I was becoming whole. I was integrating and it was awesome. The angels, Archangel Haniel wanted to help you transmute where you are giving your power away, that pain, despair, grief, sadness and self-judgment help you transmute to bring joy and laughter into that field, into wherever it is that you’re holding this boulder of disease. The disease is not the pain. The disease is the perfectionism. It’s the lie that is the disease. We’re going to start doing an invocation for Haniel and it’s a two-step process.

One, you’ve got to learn how to say fuck it and laugh at yourself. I’m going to do my best. Also bringing the energy of transmutation. Understanding our darkness, behind our darkness is our power, behind your power is the gift to the world. Behind your pain is your power, behind your power is your gift to the world and until we learn until you learn how to look squarely in the face of your worst nightmare and accept it as who you are. I may be balding and I’m fat and I’m old compared to this guy. Fuck it. It’s who I am. Right now, on the outside, that’s what’s going on but on the inside, I’m partying, I’m committed.

I want you to hold onto one area of your life where you need that boost. We are fucking tired of feeling ashamed of it. You are wrapped up in an addiction. You’re drinking too much or eating too much. If you’re feeling ashamed of it, you need to bring that into this. We need energy around this that is transmutable. We need to bring good frequency in there so it can transmute and bring you more joy. I can’t stop drinking. Fuck it. I’m doing my best right now and I’m going to do better. I’m chain-smoking and I meant to quit last week. I’m stressed as fuck. We’re doing my best. Right, spirit?

Jessica is saying, “What about accepting someone who has an addiction?” Jessica, it’s simple to accept someone who has an addiction. If you’re not depending on them to make you happy, if you’re depending on anyone to make you happy, that’s your job. A lot of us are engaged in I don’t know if it’s a relationship that you’re talking about, but it’s not about accepting, it’s about honoring people’s journey and knowing that they’re learning with the addiction is as important as a prayer sometimes. As a soul, we come here to learn. We come here to metabolize. We come here to master our lives and emotions. We came here to play this game in these like weird meat suits, “Let’s do some weird shit, guys. Let’s divide ourselves into bodies and then party and see what happens.” If it’s your child with the addiction or someone that you deeply love, it’s about holding boundaries. It’s not necessarily about rejecting them.

It’s like you’re accepting, “This is a real thing and you can manage it. You can take the steps that professionals say to take.” If someone in your close circle is going down the dark road because sometimes when it’s dark, it’s hard for them to help themselves, but we all know that they’re not going to heal until they’re fucking ready. It’s hard to watch. It’s like a train wreck but your capacity to love yourself and to not personalize is important. It is not personal when someone is having an addiction. It’s a personal demon that they’re dealing with and we personalize it and lose power over it.

TGV 20 | Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel: Your demons don’t go away. You just learn how to manage and adapt better to them.


I’m not saying it’s an easy road at all. I’ve seen it work with a lot of married couples who one of them has an addiction and the other person’s personalizing the fact that the other person has an addiction and they’re like, “They’re supposed to be this for me and this for me.” It’s like, “That’s an option. I know you want the perfect life, but that’s not your life right now, so what are you going to do about it? You can have an intervention, you can lay down the law, you can put some boundaries down or you can fucking leave.” You’ve got options. When you are sitting around judging, waiting for someone to be a better spouse, it’s not going to work out. You’ve got to take action.

I’m sorry that you’re dealing with that. It is your partner. You have not left aside. Jessica, you have to get clear with your heart and with spirit. What’s your next step in the moment? Spirit, you will intuitively be guided to the right thing for you and you might have to escalate the choices, but take your power back from that situation and start making empowered moves. Set a boundary and say no más when you’re ready to say no más. It’s shitty, but that’s why we need to take our power back. All of us, stop it with the whole “wishing things were different.” Accept things how they are first, accept yourself. Francis is saying, “Better spouse? That doesn’t happen in my experience.” I didn’t want to say it, but there are always other things like mothers.

Are you guys ready for some Archangel Haniel? Does everybody have their thing that they’re going to send some energy to? This is a daily practice, but right now they’re showing this. It’s like armor or a suit that the spell that we’re all under was with regard to perfection. Each one of you right now has to commit to letting that go. One way that they’re showing me is to imagine that you’re wearing the suit of perfection that you inherited from maybe your parents or like our culture that everything’s got to be perfect. “Got to have the ultimate career, got to be of service.” Stop it. We’re going to do an invocation first. I want you to get a feel for where you’re storing some of this energy, this darker energy, this painful energy, where you’re letting your power go, and where you’re storing it.

Can you feel it? I do want you to feel it. You might feel pressure in your neck, your shoulders or swirly in your stomach. You might feel a little cold or heavy. Where are you carrying this aspect of your life where you’re feeling disempowered energetically, where are you giving your power away? Creator of all that is Archangel Haniel and the angels of joy, I ask you to come to each person and bring your powerful awareness and your powerful frequency to help transmute and to help metabolize some of this disempowerment, some of this despair, some of this self-judgment or judgment of others. Great spirit, I ask that you bring all the power back to each person that they’d given away to the external world in any way that they have given it away, whether it’s relationships, their finances, the politics or the pandemic.

Everybody, take a deep breath and let yourself receive all of this energetics back, all of the power that you’ve given away, take a breath especially with that one specific place in your life where you need to quit judging yourself. You need to quit giving that shit away and you need to learn how to say fuck it. I want you to get clear on what that thing is. I want you to say fuck it. If you don’t use the F word, feel free to say fudge or frick. That’s like a proclamation that this will no longer have power over you in that way and this is my addition. This is not the angel saying, “Fuck it.” This is me going as a human. Sometimes you’ve got to say, “Fuck it.”

With that issue, you’re going to say, “Fuck it,” and then you’re going to the angels shift things around for you and around that energy. I’d like to connect you with what it feels like to have acceptance of your life as it is of who you are and as you are. Permission for that to say yes aloud. Archangel Haniel, I would love to connect you with how to feel joy in the face of who you are and the things you maybe don’t like how to find joy in that, how to enjoy the challenge, and play the game. She needs children playing games, and she does want you to incorporate the energy of like, “You’re just here to play a game.” I’m going to go like, “I’ve got to keep working out. I might keep on gaining weight, but fuck it.”

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This is a game I’m playing with myself right now. It feels like a game. How can you allow that game energy, that playful energy to come into your financial situation, your politics, and help you simmer down and relax, continuing to breathe? Angels work through your breath so it’s important to invite those frequencies and the energy in. Thank you Haniel for coming around. When I see her taking off armor, it’s like a chest plate and a backplate, especially a backplate. She’s removing a backplate where you’re guarded. She’s saying it’s sometimes about trust that you won’t be able to survive if you let yourself experience the pain, the despair, the truth as it is.

She’s saying you’re stronger without this armor because your heart is connected with the source. Your heart is connected with the highest power and your heart is a lot stronger and more resilient than you would think. The angels of joy are swirling around helping you lift your vibe like as in the humorous kind of way. Specifically, they’re helping you learn how to say fuck it and laugh at the condition, and at the situation that you’re in so that it stops becoming other people’s fault. It’s not the culture’s fault or the government’s fault. The disparity of the middle class, the shrinking middle class, it’s a lot of the decisions that we’ve made as a culture is not your fault but fuck it. I’m going to do my best.

Allow that energy to sink in. I want you to let me know if you can feel it penetrating and transmuting the heaviness around this issue. Carrie is saying that, “This is what I said to my husband that I feel if I don’t hold it all together, I’ll break apart.” Carrie, the best thing that we can do is break apart. Quit holding it together. You don’t have to hold it together. One of our addictions, there are attempts at trying to keep it together. We don’t want to feel the depth of the pain, the fear, and the worry, but I’m telling you, it’s digging and you’re excavating into this gooey center, like a Tootsie Roll pop, a nice sweet spot. You’ve got to let yourself dig into the depth of who we are because on the other side is this cackling, a shapeshifted bird hag and it felt great.

I’ve already been through the worst. I’ve channeled all kinds of pain for millions of people it felt like. You’ve got to go, “Whatever, good luck.” The despair joy polarity that happened for me, I had no reason to be experiencing that. I have a lot of reasons to be experiencing that we all do and I felt good considering I felt way worse. I feel like it’s from helping. I unraveled. Lin is saying, “I’ve been agonizing over taking a new job offer. Fuck it. I’m going for it.” We take everything seriously and personally. Take the dang job. You’ve got nothing to lose except for the old job.

What is your takeaway? What are you going to commit to? Isn’t there a book called F**k It? It probably has a lot of good wisdom in there. Archangel Haniel, thank you for bringing this level of truth to us and showing us the polarity of despair, which is joy and you can look at your life right now. Take an inventory and see where the dial needs to be turned up. This is not about spiritual bypassing and pretending like you don’t have problems. It’s about super looking in the face of these problems and converting your energy around it, learning how to laugh at yourself, say fuck it and convert that energy into power. Turn it into a game.

TGV 20 | Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel: Angels do not help us cover the darkness. They help is transmute it.


It’s so much love to each of you. We still have readers coming up and doing some awesome things for you, so make sure to pop in the schedules in The 7 Day Miracle Challenge Facebook group, and I’ll be making more announcements along the way. This is my last official time that I’m coming in to say hello, but I will still be back and be making announcements here and there. The future is unclear. Do you know why? It’s because I’m staying at the moment because that’s all I got. Spirit tells me what we’re doing day by day. So much love to each of you. Party on everybody and make sure to make it all like a weird game. It’s a weird game.

This was another talk that I gave in The Seven Day Miracle Challenge Board, which is my Facebook group. I talk a lot about the sneaky little areas where you may be losing your power and share one area that the angels were clear that I needed to say, which probably is the source of all of this amazing power that’s getting given away. With the state of the world, it’s easy to lose your center. We address that in a fun and playful way.

I want to warn you that there are some F-bombs in this one. I was a little unleashed if you will. I also share a humiliating story that happened to me, which will give you the perfect metaphor on how to work your power and reclaim it no matter what is happening. There’s also a little angel activation at the end to help you call back all of that juice and get you back into the center. I hope you enjoy this one. Some people said they were laughing hard that they were crying or peeing in their pants and of course, it was regarding the humiliating story that I shared about myself. I hope you enjoyed this one.

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