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The Golden Vine

Are you juiced up about all things spirituality, personal growth, and the paranormal? Then get your spirit fix right here at the Golden Vine! It’s inspiration and information on tap. If you’ve been struggling to get reinspired, reconnected, and make your life more meaningful on a soul level, you’ve come to the right place. Elevate and illuminate your heart, mind, body, and soul. Join Corin Grillo – #1 international bestselling author – and friends in her down to earth, refreshing, and fun spiritual podcast, The Golden Vine. The Golden Vine investigates emerging topics in spirituality, alternative health, science, conscious business, personal transformation, and juicy methods to living an extraordinary life. This is the place where modern spirituality, alternative healing, conscious entrepreneurship, relationships, aliens, angels, guides, psychedelics, mysticism, paranormal, shamanism, plant medicine, miracles, magic, and more meet.



Episode Blogs

The Magical Path With Marc Allen

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  The New World Library has published over 550 titles, including books by Mother Teresa, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Henry David Thoreau, and so many more. Joining Corin Grillo on the show today is Marc Allen, the Cofounder of the prestigious publishing company. Marc recalls how he was a completely lazy, hippy slacker…

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TGV 5 | Healing Addictions

Bryn O’Connor, Intuitive Channel: How Spiritual Folk Can Heal Their Addictions, Shame And Trauma

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  How does one overcome eating disorder and addiction? In this episode, Corin Grillo chats with Bryn O’Connor, a professional channel, educator, and trained mental health therapist. Bryn’s offerings are grounded, wise, insightful, and open you up to the divine purpose of your life. Pulling from some very interesting experiences,…

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