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Things Crumbling? A Message from Spirit.

By July 11, 2019Uncategorized

Does life have you by the balls right now? Yeah, the energy right now is no joke. It seems relentless for so many of the heart-centered humans that I’ve been chatting with this week.

Some folks are feeling confused about their next direction. Others are feeling like they are going to jump out of their skin because their current life feels so off. WAY off. And they just don’t know what to do about it.

Is this you?

Well, spirit is coming through with a message, and it’s good news…mostly.

The good news is that you are being reborn. Your new viewpoint, your new gifts, your new identity, your new life is undergoing radical transformation…but it’s gonna take time. And we are simply having some contractions right now. And it could feel like things are breaking down.

And with this newborn skin, you are becoming more sensitive. The toxic environments, patterns, and people will feel LOUDER to you. So be gentle with yourself, and don’t force yourself to try to feel like the old you.

She’s gone. You are changing. And it’s ok.

But while the changes are happening it can be brutal, terrifying, overwhelming, and confusing AF.

Just know that you are not being punished and that the Universe still has your back. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Spirit wants you to know how deeply loved you are. How this moment is a precious one. And that you are not alone through this rebirthing, even if you feel like it.

They also want you to know that it’s time to LET GO. Stop trying to control the outcome. Any outcome will make it even harder. Stay in the moment. Listen to your intuition. And it will guide you to safety.

Please, take some quiet time today. And sit with Spirit. Let them know your deepest fears, worries, and frustrations. And ask them to help you feel their support through this deep process.

Spirit is infusing this email with so much love. Please let yourself receive it.

Take care of your sweet, sensitive heart.

On angels wings, we fly together, never alone again. 

xoxo, Corin

Side Note – Angel Fest ends tomorrow. Make sure to catch our last live day of readings and healings if you need to lift your spirit. You can go to the 7 Day Miracle Challenge FB group.

Also, next week I am releasing a free 3 part angel healing class to you. I know shit is hard right now, so we are gonna do our best to keep you connected with spirit and the divine!! Keep your eyes peeled for that.