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Tips To Keep Your Sanity

By October 1, 2020Uncategorized

I gotta be honest, I’m a little worried about you. As a mental health professional, I have been talking to lots of people that are feeling like they are going a little insane right now.  

How are you doin’?

Some folks I know are relapsing into old addictions. Many are depressed or anxious or both. And because of the stress of what’s happening in the world, some folks are becoming more paranoid, and even gravitating towards wild conspiracy theories in order to gain some semblance of control. 

I want you to know that all of the above are natural responses to trauma. We are all being exposed to a variety of gnarly factors that make us susceptible to various forms of mental illness.

With all of this in mind, here are some things you can do right now to help support your sanity: 

  1. Archangel Ariel – She does many things, but today she wants to help bring you strength and resilience. Go outside. Sit next to a tree. And invite her into your heart and mind to give you strength.  Do this daily.
  2. Reach out for help – Surround yourself with  people who are loving and positive. Talk to friends and family if you are struggling. And if things are really intense, please reach out for professional help.
  3. Step away from social media, cable news, and YouTube – Read your favorite newspapers for news instead. Take it old school, because print media is less taxing on your nervous system and is less manipulative and addictive. Have you watched “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix? If not, it’s a must see.
  4. Get outside – Go on hikes, ride a bike, and commune with nature. Nature has a way of helping us balance our brains.
  5. Pleasure – What brings you pleasure? Do more of that. A lot more.
  6. Pray your ass off – Morning and night, pray for you, for your family, and for the world. Ask Spirit to bless all humans, and help us feel love and compassion for ourselves and for each other. If you haven’t noticed, the world needs your prayers right about now 🙂
  7. Call this number – And, if you are deeply struggling and want to escape the planet, don’t be hasty… call this number, The Suicide National LifeLine 1-800-273-8255. Love and support are on the way….

Do your best to stay sane and grounded. Keep a beautiful vision for your life and for the world. Choose LOVE. And please remember that right here, right now, there is an angel standing by you. Ask them to help you feel their love and support.

We will get through this….together.