Hi, my name is Corin and I’m a recovering psychotherapist. Like many traditional psychotherapists, I used to believe that healing mental and emotional pain and trauma could take years. I was wrong…

Are you tired of being tired, depressed, anxious, bored, confused, lost, uninspired, invisible, disconnected, unloved, lonely or just generally blah?  

Do you want to feel better but don’t want to waste your time?  Then read on…

Beyond Traditional Therapy

Several years ago I discovered that I had wonderful intuitive and healing abilities, which for most of my life, I didn’t know existed. The more that I used these gifts and “came out of the spiritual closet”, the more healing that happened in my life and in the lives of my clients. My office quickly became a place where I witnessed amazing, fast, and sometimes miraculous healing. So magical, so powerful, and oh so BEAUTIFUL. Needless to say, that’s not the usual vibe in a traditional psychotherapy room.

What’s cool is that I had these intuitive and healing abilities my whole life and I didn’t even know it. What’s even cooler is that YOU have these abilities too!

The truth is that you are a powerful healer with an unlimited capacity to heal, love, and make beautiful changes in yourself and in your life.  Healing is your birthright. The truth is that it is possible to break free from sadness, worry, depression,  stuckness, loneliness, and lovelessness with grace and ease. The truth is that HEALING CAN HAPPEN QUICKLY and it can even be fun.

I use energy therapy tools like ThetaHealing and others to help give my clients relief quickly, and reconnect them with the peaceful, powerful, awesomeness that they truly are underneath the muckity muck.

I am results driven and want my clients to experience REAL tangible relief from negative emotions even in their first session.

My therapy practice has made such beautiful shifts since I added ThetaHealing® and other energy healing modalities into my practice and I want to share this healing with you.

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