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What Real Magic Is And How You Can Use It To Build Your Vision With Trevor Blake

By September 17, 2020Podcast
TGV 21 | Real Magic

TGV 21 | Real Magic


Magic is real and science is just beginning to understand what the sages have known intuitively for millennia. How can you connect with that magic and use it to get what you want in your life? Corin Grillo talks about this with Trevor Blake, founder and CEO of QOL Medical LLC. Starting as a physicist, Trevor got to understand the physical nature of magic and used his imagination and intuition to build a succession of hundred-dollar companies in a relatively short time. In this conversation, he talks about the emerging reconciliation between science and spirituality, the power of imagination and the resurgence of feminine power and leadership in this age of rebalance. You will finally learn what real magic is in this episode!

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What Real Magic Is And How You Can Use It To Build Your Vision With Trevor Blake

I get to introduce you to yet another fascinating human by the name of Trevor Blake. He is a perpetual student of life. He’s author of The New York Times bestseller Three Simple Steps and his book, Secrets to a Successful Startup: A Recession-Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Venture. Trevor was also the Founder and CEO of QOL Medical LLC, which he started with a few hundred dollars and he sold it in 2010 for $100 million. He has since sold two more companies for over $300 million. His at work on his 4th, 5th and 6th. On top of that, he’s never hired a single employee or worked more than five hours a day. He’s also worked in UK, Europe and the USA with companies such as Lipha, 3M, and Biogen. He has won many industry awards, including Pharmaceutical Manager of the Year in 1990, 1991 and 1992, and UK Marketing Professional of the Year.

Why am I introducing you to Trevor? His bio says enough. What’s cool about Trevor is that he has an intense leaning towards the spiritual side. He’s going to talk about how he worked with quantum physics and magic to create these insanely successful businesses. He blew my mind on many levels. There was one special tip that he shared that I was like, “I am going home and I am doing that.” I love encountering humans who have one step in the physical world and one step in the spiritual world, who have done amazing things to help inspire you to do amazing things too. We need more heart-centered people on the planet out there and kicking ass. Here is Trevor.

Where are you, Trevor?

I’m up in the Pacific Northwest, East of Seattle.

Are they still on lockdown over there?

I can’t tell you because I’m still living in my little bubble.

It’s nice to see the family’s out playing ball. To me, it feels like the 1950s or 1960s again.

I deliberately don’t watch the news so I’m late to finding out what the latest behavior is supposed to be. All of a sudden, I see families walking wearing masks, and then I give them a funny look. I then have to go and investigate and say, “I should have been wearing a mask too.”

That’s such a good policy staying away from the news. It can be a little too much. I don’t partake too often, but when I do, I deeply regret it, but it’s important. Trevor, I was excited to meet you because we have some friends in common and I feel like I know you already. Thanks for coming onto the show.

It is my pleasure. These are always fun because I go in any direction and I love that.

We can get into all kinds of territory. You have this amazing book out, but I wanted to crack open this story you have about how you started this wild business. You were a physicist first?

TGV 21 | Real Magic

Real Magic: Science is finally catching up with the sages, not the other way around.


I started out as a physicist. That’s because I was also a stalker and had fallen in love with my wife. She worked in a cancer hospital. I had a Physics degree. I went to work as a physicist in the cancer hospital. I stalked her for six months until she ran out of excuses. That’s how I got into that. Physics is something I learned when I was a kid. I used to hide in the town library to avoid sectarian bullying. To pass the time I started reading books. I read biographies that changed my whole approach to life and books on psychology and physics. Why this stuff is important in schools is beyond me because it completely changed my life.

I’m putting out to the ethers some serious education reform while we’re at it and while everything’s rearranging itself and teaching things like that. Tell me how do you feel like it would change children if they were taught this stuff when they were younger?

They have to realize that they have power not to have a life that they’re told that they’re going to have. When I had a career counsel, I thought it was obligatory to have a session with a career counselor when you were sixteen because that’s when English schools people split. They either left school and went to work or you went on to university level training if you like. She looked at me and she knew my background. She knew how poor we were. My father was unemployed. My mother was dying of cancer. She looked me up and down. She said, “I’ve got the perfect job for you, Trevor.” There’s a management apprenticeship in a chicken packing factory down the road. That was her view of what was available. I was polite. I thanked her but I’ve already decided that I was going to be an officer in the Navy. I’d already made that decision, which was crazy for somebody like me in those days. You have to think that someone from that background in that town could go to such a Naval Academy. That was unheard of, but I did and moved on.

You were thinking big.

I learned it from the library, the magic of thinking bigger.

You don’t feel like there’s something like a gift that you were born with to be a big thinker. You feel like the library opened things up for you.

Reading changed my life. Fortunately, my dad was a voracious reader as well, but he gave up on even trying to get jobs so we could read more books. I was curious and my family used to joke with me that I was fond of useless information. I would be a pain in the ass by saying, “Did you know this?” It changed my approach to life that you can take control. You don’t have to let life determine what happens to you. You can determine what life you have. I got most of that from reading inspiring biographies. These were biographies of pioneers, musicians, business people and adventurers. These are fantastic stories in history and modern. I saw the same patterns of behavior amongst them and the same way of thinking. It all started off in adverse circumstances, at least most of them had. I was thinking that here I am feeling sorry for myself. They had much worse than I have. I’m cementing myself in a quicksand here by thinking low of myself. I followed their behaviors and I start to believe in myself and gain self-confidence. I realized that the world joist if you choose to change your attitude to it.

You’re making a good point because they say, “Who you associate with can shape you.” If you want to see how you’re doing, look at the five closest people to you. I had never made the connection that you can do that exact same thing. If you don’t know people that are wealthy, you can read from them and connect through books. I never made that connection. That’s fascinating.

I’m a physicist so I’m fascinated with the interaction between energy and matter. We know now that between all the little micro particles in the universe, there’s no such thing called space. It’s all linked by the Higgs field, which I called cosmic glue. Visually that makes sense that if there was no cosmic glue to slow us down, which shoots through the universe at the speed of light, we’ve never experienced this solidity. We slow down and we have a physical life. In doing that, you’re able to connect with anyone and anywhere in the future, in the past because of space time. We are looking at each other to a video, but we’re also connecting at a conscious level joining this conversation. That is why you are very much like me. When we start a conversation, we say, “I feel like I’ve known you forever.” It is because we’ve already made this connection. We already have this kinship and this like-mindedness. I got that through reading books. As a physicist, I understand how the process works. It’s not new age ideological thinking. It’s a physical process.

Thank you for saying that. I feel like people are catching on. Don’t you feel like these days, the conversations about quantum and Law of Attraction is one of those conversations that I feel like they used to be more fringes. Years ago, you have to be totally new age in order to be talking like that. Now, it’s all over LinkedIn. The business people are catching wind that this is reality. It’s not some airy concept out here. Can you talk a little bit more about your findings along the way?

Science is finally catching up with the stages and it’s not the other way around. There are two types of people. There are some people who just want to hear the stuff that they want to believe. They’re happy to read the new age book that says positive thinking. They’ll say, “I’ll think positively.” I’m a scientist so I want to know, how does that work? I want to prove it to myself. I understand that the thoughts are little packets of energy. They are caused by a neurochemical reaction in your brain that transforms the kinetic energy. In 5 milliseconds, you can observe and measure that energy. That goes out into the universe. It’s a real thing with real energy. It has to come back to its material equivalent because energy has to follow certain laws.

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Everything in the universe is made of jiggling strings of energy. They called that string theory. I love that visual. That means that even this desk and the trees behind me are made of the same stuff. They’re both alive, which is amazing when you think about it. That’s a whole other philosophical conversation. I make sure that I am kind and talk nicely to my desk, now that I know it as a scientist. The thing about energy is it has to follow certain laws and there are three key ones. The one that is of interest to us in this conversation is that energy can’t be created or destroyed. It can only be converted into another form. That’s also the definition of magic. Magic is the conversion of one form to another form within the laws of nature under the action of will. It’s the same thing, quantum theory. Some Japanese scientist have taken a picture of an actual thought in its process of creation. It’s on one of my courses of transformation. I found it. People say exactly what you’ve said. The video lasts about fourteen seconds and everyone goes, “No way.”

It’s beautiful, but then you say, “It’s the real thing.” If I have a thought and I send it out to the universe and let’s say it’s a thought that could possibly harm me. I always use two classic examples. Let’s say, in the days when I had a lot of debt, I would go online and look at my credit card balance. I go, “That’s terrible. How did I get in such a mess? I hate being in debt.” Those are all powerful thoughts. They’ll have no trouble, but to convert to their equivalent. They come back into my life to give me even more reason to say, “How did I get in such a mess? I hate being in debt.”

It’s like a quicksand where it feels like you go downward spiral because you’re having the wrong thoughts. When you know the process, you think, “How about I change my thoughts?” You then react differently. You say something like, “I’m debt free and I’m going to go to the liquor store, buy a bottle of the most expensive champagne and pay cash.” That goes to the universe and that create miracles in your life. Before you know it, you’re debt free and you say, “How the hell did that happen? It’s a miracle.” It’s not. It’s a physical process.

I love that science is coming around. I feel like people are coming around as well. Let’s talk a little bit about magic because I’m a huge fan. I talk about magic a lot. There’s a misunderstanding about magic that somehow it is some new age concept out there. From my understanding, the reason why humans thrive for hundreds of thousands of years is through processes of magic. It’s through having a deep connection from talking to the tree asking it where the buffalo are. For me, it’s like this wonderful field that we are constantly in and engaged in either conscious or unconscious magical act. Can you tell me a little bit more about your perspective on magic? I know that you speak a lot about it. It is part of having these million dollar businesses and all of this stuff.

That question is important and I’m sure most of the audience already gets the magic is real. I had to learn that as a kid because I have magical experiences and I didn’t realize that it was a real thing. I thought it was just me. As I’ve grown up, magic is simply a process of converting energy. I do that with a business. I walk in the woods and suddenly, I have a winning idea and I smack myself on the forehead and say, “Why have I waited 40 years or 50 years to have that idea?” It’s been out there all the time. It’s just that I wasn’t tuned into it. I convert that magical idea into a physical entity called a business.

I created a business and I’ve changed the form of energy into a physical form. That’s the process of magic. Why I talk about it a lot is because I want to try and demystify it a bit. People hear the word magic and they cross it. I used to be like this. They have been brought up thinking that magic was the hippies and new age people that didn’t exist. The little kids are reading books on fairies and stuff like that. From a physics standpoint, I know from string theory that in order for anything to exist, it has to exist in at least ten dimensions. Mathematically, it can’t exist in less than ten. Some people say 28. That’s where that science is going.

That has amazing implications for us because if we don’t believe in magic or we don’t use magic in our lives, we only get to understand and experience three dimensions, length, breadth, and height. That’s all we get to understand and it’s limited. To be honest with you, it is a bit boring. It has all philosophical questions. What happens if my three-dimensional body stops working and breaks down? What happens to the seven dimensions? If you understand magic as I understand it from a scientific standpoint or quantum physics standpoint, then you realize that, “I’m quite fascinated by those seven dimensions. What do I have to do in order to experience what they might be like?” I started to develop different tools and techniques armory. Things like, “I’ll work on my intuition.” If I could get 10% of women’s intuition into a bottle, I would be a multibillionaire. I’ll be the richest man on the planet if I could sell that.

I’ve learned techniques to allow me to start to use my intuition. I’ve learned techniques to allow me to stretch my senses. In the new age days, people used to talk about ESP. They didn’t understand that it’s a real thing. It’s like what Paulo Coelho would say, “If you stretch your senses.” As you stretch your senses, you get to go through the thin veil, the holders of a three dimensional world. You’ll have these wonderful, absolutely inspiring experiences. They’re also valuable experiences because you realize that if you can create something on another dimension using imagination, it has no choice but to show up in the physical world. If I create $100 million business in my mind, it will become $100 million business, and it has. I have six time of that also.

I’m a late bloomer. I was never interested in money. I went to the life of adventure. I used the same techniques to travel around the world to 56 countries but in a luxurious manner. I wasn’t going to do it on a backpack. I was staying in the best places and living the life. After I turned 40, I thought, “I’m going to settle down a bit.” I decided to settle down a bit. We’ve been married for years. I thought I’m going to start my own and I’ve got an idea. I want to fix something that I feel is wrong in the industry that I’ve had this amazing life in.

I came up with a winning idea and I started that company. Before I even turned it into a real company and incorporated it, I imagined selling it for $100 million. The business idea was accused of being crazy, stupid, impossible by everybody who had come anywhere near me. Years later, I sold it for $105.5 million. That’s my first success, but I also didn’t have to work hard on it. I used a business model that frees up my time. The businesses run themselves. I call it the hub model. There are no employees, which is what usually takes all the time in the corporate world.

Also, there is so much drama.

TGV 21 | Real Magic

Real Magic: If we can create something on another dimension using our imagination, it has no choice but to show up in the physical world.


I got none of that. I don’t work more than five hours a day. I was a bit bored so I started company 2 and 3 alongside. I’m running the three companies on a couple of hours a day from a home office. The total sales value of those three was $300 million, but the way the deals are structured, it’ll eventually be $600 million because it goes on milestones. I’m now doing company number four, which the value is somewhere around $1 billion. Company 5 and 6 are nonprofits. I have an animal sanctuary.

Where’s your animal sanctuary?

It’s up by the Canadian border, a place called the Bellingham.

I love how you casually move through this story. It’s intense that you’re able to imagine $100 million business and then create a bunch of them, all of a sudden. Let’s break this down for our audience because I know that they are heart-centered humans. They often have the sense of a mission. They often want to create something that’s powerful, but don’t know how to go about that. I could see that you’re a big thinker. You think like, “$100 million, who does that?” I’m realizing that I need to do that. I need to think of that, but I’m like, “A couple of millions is fine, what about $100 million?” Can you break down what on earth were you doing and are you still doing to make that happen?

I learned this from other people. I’m no genius on my part. I learned it from the biographies that I read when I was young. All of these amazing people set incredibly high standards. People like Madam CJ Walker. Imagine being in her shoes. Slavery has been “abolished” but they were even more enslaved after abolition. She’s born to slaves. She’s pregnant at fourteen. She was starving and emaciated. She went on to become America’s first female millionaire. Can you believe that? She had her disadvantages, yet she sets such a high target for herself. She was abused and all. Everything you could possibly think that would make you feel cemented into quicksand, she had in her life.

She was one of the first real inspirations for me. I still keep her biographies. Sometimes I have the same hang-ups with everybody else. When I start to doubt myself, I will read something about someone like CJ Walker. I realized that the magic is in the thinking big. I’ve found out in my life because it takes the same energy to make a $100 million as it does to make $1 million, $1,000 or $100. It’s just that your imagination has to change. I’ve been slow to learn that lesson because my first imagination was $333,333, which I said, “I will earn in a salary one day.”

That was an insane amount of money back then.

It was because I was earning £7,000 in England. I first had that imagination in 1993. I was earning that in 1997. I didn’t even notice. I realized at the end of the year I earned £400,000. I thought, “Why didn’t I think in millions?” I then started thinking of millions and then, “Why didn’t I think in hundreds of millions?” It’s all about self-confidence. There’s no reason why you can’t go from zero to a billion in your mind because lots of people do. The Richard Bransons of this world have always been thinking like that. When you start out in certain circumstances, I started out poor until I was seventeen.

I thought that’s what life was going to be like for me. I’ve had to overcome limiting thoughts. That takes a bit of effort, discipline, tools and techniques. I provide all of those in the course transformation because many people who do the course transformation got limiting beliefs that they’ve learned over a couple of decades that people have told them that they’re limited. Wealth is for other people not for you and everything. You have to unravel that first, break yourself down, and then start to build up this self-confidence, which is all done in the imagination.

It starts there first. I also grew up poor and then a brown woman, and all the things. There’s a lot of deconstruction that has to go on. I remember for me, when I first envisioned my first six figures, it sounded insane. It was ridiculous but I had to go through the process that you’re talking about in a way to challenge why I felt that I was not born to be a wealthy person. I used to feel like, “That money stuff is for other people. It’s not for me.” I love what you’re saying here. It does start in the imagination. You have to hold it, but it never occurred to me to dream of $100 million. I’m still smacking myself like, “What am I doing? I need to go back to my vision board.”

The other thing that helps is that you don’t have to believe it because it’s a physics and energy process. It will work whether you believe in it or not. Do it anyway. Believe me, when I’m doing it, I’m thinking I’m crazy. If I say this out loud, I would be put in a strait jacket but I do it anyway because it works.

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I know it but it still sounds crazy. You’ve cracked the code on extreme levels of wealth that many people feel is inaccessible to them. How has it helped you? It’s important to go, “Randomly, I want $100 million.” Sometimes you got to have the emotion and the feeling behind it. Break down how it’s supported you. Sometimes money does make people more insane, more crusted over, and nastier. Other people who do it in a different way, that doesn’t happen so I want to talk to you about that.

There are a couple of things. The first thing is that when I had no money and I imagined having money, I was excited. When I had money, I was grateful. Everything’s changed. I realized that having an attitude of being grateful all the time would have made it happen a lot quicker. Number two thing is interesting. People have a perception of if you get overnight wealth or you win the lottery, it can be a tricky thing because mentally, it’s going to be difficult if you haven’t been prepared. When you do the tools and techniques that help you to start raise your levels of thinking big, you prepare yourself. You start to do window shopping. You go to an open house on a beautiful beach to a $5 million house. You go to the Aston Martin dealership and you get a feel and the smell of the car.

You start to open yourself up to the possibilities step by step. That’s important to do it in that manner. The course transformation is a 2 or 3 month course. It’s not a five hour course. It takes you through this development process because every time you take a step, you’re rewiring your neural pathways. You can’t go from here to there. You’ve got to be ready for it. The other thing that’s interesting is everyone has a different definition of success. The so-called successful people I’ve met, when I meet up with them, we never talk about money and business. We talk about esoteric topics. We talk about astrology, quantum physics and magic.

No one says, “What should we talk about?” Someone then says, “I’d like to talk about magic.” It just happens naturally. That’s because everybody has mentally and emotionally put themselves in a place where the side effect of doing what they do is that wealth comes along too. One of the challenges I have a lot with people is there’s a survey that shows that most people would rather talk about their sex lives than talk about money. Money finds people. I have to explain to everybody what money is. It is another form of energy. You’re converting energy into this thing that we created for no apparent reason centuries ago, called money.

We’re recreating it now into something like the centralized coinage. It’s a flow. You have to let money flow in your life. If somebody gives you a $100,000 and you put it in the bank and you sit on it, you will not get any more flow. That’s going to be it for you in this life until you learn the lesson. If somebody gives you a $100,000 and you say, “That’s nice. I’ll go and buy an Aston Martin, maybe a secondhand one. I’ll spend $40,000 in that and I’m going to invest the other $60,000 into my first company or something like that.” Now you understand flow. You’re creating flow. You’re converting the energy into some of the format. When that happens, money comes to you naturally. The next thing is you will be standing in an ocean of money like Richard Branson. All you have to do is dip in every now and again to use what you need to live.

Money is flow. Financial independence is not a summit on a mountain. Richard Branson has not sat in his vault on top of the pile of coins. He’s in the process of creating flow continuously. That’s an important thing to learn and I had to learn it. When you learn that, you have a completely different attitude than using terms like $100 million or $1 billion. You don’t think about it anymore because all you’re talking about is flow. They’re talking about a bigger river. That’s the way it’s going to happen in your life. You never stop. If you dam a river, it will cause problems. It is the same thing with money if you dam the money by putting it under the mattress, it stagnates.

You also mentioned in your book about how some people will say, “If you’re going to open a new business, have savings for two years before you open the business.” In your book, you don’t agree with that. It has reminded me of what you’re talking about, money is flow. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

Money will flow to you and everything that you need to succeed in your business will flow to you, whether that’s money or something else, people particularly. The fantastic people I’ve met through my businesses, I would have never met them if I hadn’t started those businesses. I was given a bit of advice when I worked for a regular company. The man was George Rathmann. He built Amgen up to $60 billion and then Icos up to $30 billion before it was sold. He was in his 70s when I met him for the first time. He wanted to hire me for something and I said, “No,” because I’m starting my first business. I was waxing lyrical about my silly little business plan to this genius of a man, the Bill Gates of the biotechnology.

He put his hand up and he said, “Trevor, you don’t know what business you’re in until you get in the business so just start.” That’s my approach to all my businesses. You’ll figure it out and it will flow to you. I took his advice and a couple of years later, I thought about it, “Now I get what he meant.” I started thinking I was going in one direction and quickly, I met somebody who took me in a completely different direction, almost successful direction as well. He’s right, just start. Don’t listen to all that stuff that you need this. All of the studies that I’ve read about what make success point to the same thing, there are always two things. It’s a tendency to set targets and self-confidence.

Confidence is not born overnight. For many people, you have to build it. I like the idea of looking at these autobiographies in a different way. Another question I have is that, what does it take to create a $100 million idea? When people think about the business and what to start, what’s a good starting point for them because the sky’s the limit? How do they know what the $100 million business idea is?

You feel it rather than know it. Some people disagree with me on this. It’s a personal opinion, but I advise people to look at what makes them mad. Richard Branson once said, “Don’t bother starting a company, unless you frustrated about something.” I totally agree. His whole airline is built on the fact that he couldn’t get to see his girlfriend. His flight was canceled and he was in Miami. She’s in The Bahamas. He’s in love with her. He’s going to propose to her and his flights got canceled. He was frustrated. He’s walking up and down the airport and he decided to charter a plane.

TGV 21 | Real Magic

Real Magic: It doesn’t matter if your motivation to grow comes from anger or love. What matters is how you convert it.


He gets a blackboard. It’s an absolute true story. He wrote on it some airlines. I think he did call it Virgin Airlines because it hadn’t existed prior to that moment. He sold seats on the plane and filled the plane. That allowed him to pay the charter price for the plane. He flew everybody to the island. I’m sure the story is been embellished over time. One of the passengers got off and said, “If you improve your service, this would be a good airline.” He got to meet his wife. He was mad that his flight got canceled. It hit that note with me when I read that a couple of decades.

I’ve observed since, the Founder of Netflix got mad when he went to Blockbusters and he was charged a fee because he hadn’t re-round the tape. This is in the days of video tapes. He came with the idea, “Why can’t video stores be more like a gym where you pay a membership and you pay the same membership, regardless of how long you use it or if you don’t use it so you could keep the same video?” He started CDs by mail. That was the original. I remember subscribing to it. He had no idea that there was a thing called streaming. There’s going to come in and change the way you knew it. He started out with a completely different business model. As I say, until you get into the business, you don’t know what business you’re in. He has the wonderful story where you can say he put Blockbuster out of business because they charged him $10 fine for not returning a video.

Watch who you are messing with.

My advice to people is to try to look for things that get under your skin a little bit. Things that you think, “I wish someone would fix that. I wish there was a solution for that or invented that,” or go do it yourself.

I often say the same thing. I speak to it in regards to helping people conceive of their movement, spiritual movement or whatever their movement is going to be. It starts with some level of rage. Mother Teresa was pissed. Gandhi was pissed. They weren’t floating up. They used their emotion to make some good shit happened.

They did it in a clever way. Mother Teresa is famously quoted. She was asked the question about a particular war zone or something. She said to the journalist, “Young man, I’m not against war. I am for peace.” That little quote is magic. That struck a chord to me decades ago. If you get mad about something, you don’t stay mad. You then change your attitude to, “I’m going to fix this.”

You convert it. You have to transmute the energy. Otherwise, we’re punching ourselves in the head and feeling like victims. I spoke with a woman, one of my clients, and I was talking to her about a future business or whatever. Her number one issue was, “I am anxious.” We wanted to dig into why she’s anxious and why her anxiety was born. There’s this movement, this business bubbling inside of her. We articulated the business that she was super excited by the end. She’s like, “I’m going to get up, I’m going to stand up, and I’m going to do something about it. It is just a conversion of transmutation, a magic.” It is like, “Here’s this thing, what are you going to do about it?” You can sit around and twiddle your thumbs.

I avoid complainers as I avoid smokers. When you’re trapped with someone who’s complaining, my response is always, “What are you going to do about it?” Oftentimes, that’s the last thing they want to hear. They just want to complain.

Many people don’t even know it’s an option. She was like, “I have this anxiety.” That anxiety is trying to give birth to something amazing. “What are we going to do about it?” She was stoked by the end, like, “It is time.” She had been sitting on this body of work for years and it didn’t occur to her that now is the time to get up there and do some cool stuff. It’s so inspiring. I know that some people think that saying that it starts with anger is somehow controversial, but I think it’s brilliant. Another way to start it is if you’re excited about something. As long as the emotions are big around it, when you hit your slumps, you can still get through it.

In transformation, we call it getting into a state of awe and flow. I know a lot of business and personal coaches and teachers use those same phrases, but when you get to that feeling of awe, it can come from anger. It is how you convert it. It can come from love. It’s how you use it. It doesn’t matter what the original motivational or the emotion is. It’s what you can do with it. When you came into a state of awe, that’s where you’re jumping up and down and you can’t sleep because you’ve got to do something about it.

I love that, coming from awe. That is beautiful. That is true. That’s an amazing wisdom for people who are either starting a movement or starting their $100 million. Everybody promised me, you’re going to be thinking in the $100 million because why not? What else are we doing? I’m going to change my dream board. I’ll put it that away, but I wanted to ask you. I know that you love talking about when you’re working with life, but also in business. Working with the feminine, what does that mean for you? I was impressed to hear that is part of your magical equation. I feel like people are catching up with that energy. Things are shifting.

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It’s resonating now. In science, when you discover something, it hasn’t been discovered before so it doesn’t have a name. We have to give it labels. We call different types of energy, masculine energy and feminine energy, and they are true. I’m a visual communication mode. I like to see pictures of it. When I think about masculine energy, which has existed for at least the last 400 or 500 years, particularly around revolution, at the cost of suppressing feminine energy, what a better world it would be if that hadn’t happened. That’s what unfortunately did happen. It’s a linear type of style of energy.

It’s very slow. It’s methodical. It’s like a clipboard. If I say this, my wife would be looking at me and nodding at me, “That’s what you should be saying to me. That’s how you go through life.” She says, “If you’re concentrating on one thing, I can’t talk to you. You don’t even hear me.” That’s the masculinity energy. It’s not agenda conversation because you and I are both born half female half male. The only difference is the X Y chromosomes, tiny difference, but because I was identified as a male and you as a female, we become a product of that environment. I grow up using my masculine energy and suppressing my female and my feminine energy.

Fortunately, that’s all changing. We’re moving into a feminine energy. How I recognized all this and changed it is that I was absolutely blessed to have a mother who was incredibly powerful and relied on her feminine energy. I was in all of that. She was given six months to live when I was seven. I was with her one time. We didn’t have babysitters and those days, we didn’t have cars and everything. I was in the hospital with her when the doctor gave her that announcement one time. She said to the doctor, “Young man, you’ve got that completely wrong. I’ll decide when I die and no one else.”

I was scared when she shouted at me. I wouldn’t have wanted to be that doctor. She fought and she kept the family going by walking 5 miles to and 5miles from a part time job in the delicatessen when she had bone metastasis, and down the mountain. Seeing that power and the protection of her family that no one’s disrupted my nest. That was important to me as a kid to see that indefatigable and what that means. She introduced me to my wife, who was her chemotherapy nurse. My wife has the same thing. I saw my mother often make a decision that made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but it was always the right one to make. She relied on intuition.

My wife, Lyn, who fortunately is also clairvoyant. I will say to her like, “I’m going to do this.” She would then say, “No, that’s a bad idea.” I was like, “How can you say that? You don’t even know the guy. I’ve known him for years. It is going to be good.” She was like, “No, it is a bad move.” She’s always right. For me, that’s the power of the feminist side of all of it. I’ve worked hard on tools and techniques that can make me better with my intuition. I’m more able to adapt quickly. The old male energy in business of if you have a problem, hire someone to deal with it or call a meeting, that’s gone. All those companies are crumbling. We can see them, Circuit City, Sears and Macy’s. Macy’s put their senior executive team together who are all men and they’ve now got out of business. This feminine energy is swirly, fast, unforgiving and empathetic. History shows that female warriors who were incredibly successful didn’t go back and pick up their wounded. They left them and they didn’t take prisoners.

It’s an unforgiving energy. We’re seeing that play out in the business world because if you don’t stay on in tune with technology, you’re dead. In history, if you don’t change the way you work. I’ve had to learn to develop trust over supervision and new skills. I’ve had to learn to develop intuitive decision making instead of calling meetings. If you don’t change, you get left behind. For me, that’s what that’s all about. I call it the power of the feminine because it’s something that is beautiful and gorgeous. I’ve been lucky that I’ve seen it played out in real life first. I’ve seen it through my mother and my wife and a couple of other people that I’ve been looking to know.

That’s where people start building trust. You have to see it in action, unless you’re naturally dialed in, you’re ready, you’re some kind of tree hugger and you like to talk, you just get it. I’ve seen an uptick in the languaging of the magical mystical arts. It’s beyond a meditation. Meditation was the safe way that people would be like, “Let’s just meditate during our business.” Now, people are talking about energy with regards to life, with business. They’re talking about the feminine, the intuition and balance, which is important.

Life balance has come back. COVID is horrible for those who have suffered through it, but for other people it’s shown them again what life was used to be before the industrial revolution, this eccentric place where the priorities were family, spirit, leisure, and work. Industrial revolution comes along and it changes to only work and that’s it. We’re moving back because everyone’s realizing, “I can work from home a couple of hours and be as effective as I used to be in the corporate office. No politics, no bullshit, none of that stuff. I have time for my family and I’m present for my family and all that.” It’s going to take a while, but I feel that that’s also the power of the feminine. This nurturing and empathetic side is starting to come to the fore. I see realistic results from it because I do forensic studies of companies and stuff like that. Companies that are female led since 2008 are 66% more profitable than companies that are male led.

What about attrition, do they retain employees more as well? Do you know?

The concept of employees is also going away.

They are contractors. Do they stick around longer?

TGV 21 | Real Magic

Real Magic: There is an upsurge in female leadership at every level of society. There is no escaping the return of feminine power.


They are good at what they do. They focus on what I’m good at what I do and you hired them to do it for a couple of hours a week. I teach that business model. The analogy I use is when you buy a new house, you don’t hire a full time handyman just in case something goes wrong. That’s the old model. You hire a guy who comes in when something breaks. The new business model is to hire people who do the work that’s needed to be done and you get out of their way.

I feel like that’s why my business has done well because I hire experts when you need them. It prevents all that so much bloating and bad blood too that can happen. I know companies have a hard time getting rid of a low performer sometimes. There are many loopholes.

That’s true especially in America. You can’t just say, “No.” You can’t fire somebody without consequences, but with a contractor, you just don’t renew their contract.

I love that as a business model. Let’s talk a little bit more about what you feel. I agree with you on the COVID thing. I know that it’s been challenging for a lot of us. I go through my ups and downs with the shifts that are happening on the planet. The fruits are also emerging. Family time, we even talked about that earlier, kids are playing on the street again. There are families playing ball. Dads are with their kids playing ball and not working twelve hours a day. What are some other themes coming up for you when it comes to this whole situation that we’re finding ourselves in on the planet?

It’s an age. I study a lot of different disciplines. Some of them are way out there. Some are normal astrological and/or cycle analysis and stuff like that. I find the most people I know who are also successful businessmen or business women do the same thing because it gives you an advantage to be prepared for what’s coming. We have to give it a label. This age goes by a number of different labels. It’s called a great societal reset in some places. It’s called the age of transformation in others. I’ve started calling it the great age of transformation and rebalance because I like the energy aspect. It’s trying to get back to where it could have been.

We went too far ahead and then we go back to work. You see it in every aspect of life. I don’t follow politics or religion, but you’re seeing extremes on both of those disciplines. You’re seeing it also in social unrest throughout the world. There are 195 countries and 45% are experiencing serious social unrest. Change is confusing and frightening. People don’t understand that don’t go against what you don’t like. Go for what you want to improve. You ended up with these horrible situations. All of that is changing and that’s okay because what comes out of it is something beautiful. This too will pass. This is not the first pandemic. I still remember swine flu that infected 100 million Americans and nobody did a thing. There’s no lockdown, no masks, nothing like that.

I remember Hong Kong flu and chicken pox and they all passed. They are part of life. It is horrible if you can get caught up in it, but then so is cancer and heart disease and all of those things. They’re all part of the life experience. If what I read and study is correct, coming out of this will be for me is an upsurge in female leadership at every level of society. In every institution, politics, religion, business, schools, whatever it is, it’s an upsurge of the power of the feminine because women are more in tune with that. It’s more likely that unless men like me catch up quickly, then the world moves to a female dominated world. It was going to be a beautiful thing. It’s no surprise that the countries with the lowest deaths per million COVID cases are all led by female heads of state. It’s because they put people’s health first and economy second.

That’s an amazing statistic. That is something that hasn’t occurred to me is the rise of feminine leadership. I know it’s happening, but for this time to be catalyst for that, that’s a fascinating perspective.

As a man, I don’t want to suffer what women have suffered for the last 400 years. I don’t want to be suppressed and pushed underground. I want to be part of this new era because I love technology and I love adaptation. I love when things are changing quickly. I have to learn like an old dog learning new tricks. That’s the message I have for male entrepreneurs. There’s no escaping this. Energy is energy. We can’t avoid it, so you have to allow yourself to get caught up in it and learn to be a different person.

I’m getting this feeling of many of us are being called to become a little more fluid, a little less rigid on how we need things to be. There is a way in which you can tap into that intuitive field. What are some of your favorite methods or techniques to use to help someone who might not be super dialed into their intuition? What helped you?

It was simple. I meditate every morning. There are several things that I’ve found that other people did in biographies that I thought, “I’ll do that.” In that time, they didn’t call it meditation. They called it something else. Henry Ford used to sit in the rocking chair in his all dilapidated farmhouse. That’s where he came up with great ideas. I taught myself the simplest technique possible that anyone can do from the age of 95 to 5 years old. You take a quiet time and treat yourself. Give yourself 15 to 20 minutes of time for me, quietly alone in your own space, whatever space motivates you.

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Typically for me, it’s outside, but it doesn’t have to be. Meditation is important. When you meditate, scientifically, all these changes happen in your brain. The question is, “What do I do next?” That’s the key mistake a lot of people make. They’ll switch on the TV and watch the news headlines. Why did you bother meditating? I go outside and I go for a walk in the woods. Sometimes I am alone or with my animals. I let what’s going to happen happened. I connect. I create new neural pathways and I plug it in. You go out and you plug them into nature and let nature teach.

I had to go through a little telephone detox and not reading the news for a while because it was the first thing I would do in the morning. I would grab my phone and be like, “What other shit has happened?” This is in the beginning of COVID. I had to put down the phone, make sure it’s not near my bed before I go to sleep. I changed up my morning practices, but I’m going out and I give good juju. I give good vibes to the tree, like, “Hello, beautiful tree.” I send blessings to them. I smoke some sacred tobacco and give everything blessings. It’s such a different reality when I do that versus run for my phone to see whatever their headlines are going to reel me in.

I think that’s great and a brilliant advice. Hopefully, all the people who follow you hear that because it’s important. I do not go near a device until 9:00 in the morning. It takes discipline because when you hear the ding and you think, “That might be important.”

Especially if you’re launching something or there’s stuff going on.

It’s toxic and you have to discipline yourself to stay away from it. It’s an expensive one for some people, but it’s a good trick to have separate devices for work and home. That way you’ll never be disturbed at home and by work matters and while you’re working, you’ll never be distracted.

That’s a good point, Trevor. I do a lot of work from my phone and I have a lot of robust online and Facebook communities. I’m going to look into that. That’s a great idea.

It is a good thing when you do that. At the end of the day, you’ve earned your time for you and your family. I leave my work devices. I have a laptop and a telephone. I leave it locked in my office. I know at night time, if my phone goes and someone wants to talk to specific numbers and vice versa. The other thing is when you work in, because I work a five-hour a day, that’s an exaggeration. It’s typically normally about three, but when I have the dedicated work period, I’ve got to focus. If the phone dings, I might automatically think, “That’s got to be Lyn calling me. Something might have happened.” Once I’m distracted, science shows it takes 30 minutes to get back on track.

Your productive period becomes unproductive if you don’t separate them. That’s why I did it. There are all of these tools and techniques I have in the new book Secrets to a Successful Startup. I’m not promoting a book but all of my proceeds go to counseling, research and development so everyone wins. When in a time where I felt like the advice of how to create winning ideas, how to converse in the company, how to discipline yourself so you get balanced in your life, everyone wants to know this. I wrote the book years ago, but it’s serendipitous.

It is timely.

It came up February 2020. The tagline is recession-proof.

You got your intuition dialed in. All those morning sits paid off.

TGV 21 | Real Magic

Secrets to a Successful Startup: A Recession-Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Venture

There was less intuition and more predictability because recession is not caused by COVID. The COVID exacerbates recession. Recession is caused by corporate stock, buybacks, and corporate bonds, which is the government handing beautiful cash over to run companies poorly. That’s not going to end well. It was a question of when.

It’s important. It is one of the shifts that are also getting catalyzed where more people looking towards entrepreneurship in one way or the other. We need as many people as we can sailing their ships in smart ways. I love business.

It doesn’t have to be commerce. It could be music, art, or writing. It can be in any discipline, which is how it used to be before the industrial revolution. It’s an eccentric culture where everyone made craft things. Some people plowed a field. Some people made a basket. We’re going to head back to that because soon you could be in Central Zimbabwe. As long as you have access to electricity and a computer, you can be as an effective decentralized worker as someone who’s in New York or Silicon Valley, and you can be part of the same thing. The whole world is changing that way. I’m excited. I want to make sure I’m part of it.

I’m all amped up and I can’t wait to change my dream board.

You need to change the decimal point.

I need a lot more zeros. I don’t even know why it didn’t even dawn on me. Our ceilings and our vision are there. I’ll be doing that and I’ll let you know how it goes. Trevor, how can people follow up with you to get your books or your courses?

It’s also the same portal. Go to TrevorGBlake.com. Everything’s there and there’s a free download, The Practical Magic of the 5-Hour Workday. If that’s the only connection any of us have, that still would be valuable to you.

Before we leave, Trevor, is there any last little nuggets you want to leave our crew with?

I honestly believe that history will show that this is the best and there will never be a better time to start your own thing, to reinvent yourself in anything. The important thing is without the panic of, “How am I going to survive?” The ability to get rapid financial independence is unbelievable. What I’ve taught to my first company, you have to start regionally, build it. You can get a computer, press a button and engage the whole world instantaneously. I’m seeing it happen all the time. The Lululemon bought a guy’s idea. He had it Christmas, 2017. He sold it for $500 million. That’s fast, this new spiraling female energy. The opportunity is here for everyone. I don’t think anyone whose reading this wants to be grandpa or grandma whose grandkids say, “What were you doing then?”

It’s important for people to tap into that rage and anger. What is it that they want to fix? I feel that you’re right, it is the time. I didn’t know how rapid things fly when you get online until I ventured on there and I was like, “We didn’t see that coming.” I highly recommend your work Trevor. It is important what you’re doing. I love the balance that you bring between $18 million, $19 million or $100 million businesses that you have? I don’t even know if I can count that high. You’re bringing the magic and the intuition and the balance to the playground, which is awesome. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us.

I appreciate that. Thanks for the questions. This was fun.

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