Experience a one-on-one Angel Alchemy channeling session and get the answers you’ve been seeking.

Hi, I’m Corin Grillo, an Angel Healer, Teacher, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Instigator. I am here to help you get connected with your angels, heal, and get the answers to those big questions you’ve been asking like…..

• “What’s my life purpose?”
• “Where do I go now with my career?
• ”When will I find my soul-mate?”
• “How do I stop feeling stressed out and trapped?”

One of my team of ace Angel Alchemists will guide you through a 30 or 60 minute one-on-one session to help you break through your blocks, heal, and get your burning questions answered with the help of your angels.

About Your Session
We use a combination of channeling your guides and angels, clearing energy blocks, mediumship and oracle card readings over the phone to get the answers you’ve been seeking.

I’ve got a limited time introductory price for you:
$35 / 30 minute session
$60 / 1 hour session

Here are the Angel Alchemists you’ll be working with.
Get to know them better and find the right alchemist for your reading. These readings can be purchased through the payment buttons under each student’s name.

Become an Angel-Alchemist and rock your spiritual business.
The Angel Alchemy Academy begins another session soon. Register today if you want me to keep you posted when the doors for this kick-ass intuitive healing training begins.

Monica Laughter

Location: California, US

Monica Laughter is an intuitive conduit who uses her gift as an empath to convey messages from Spirit to those who need to hear it. She has been a practicing minister through the Universal Life Church for over a year, is certified in Theta Healing and is a gifted oracle, tarot card reader, and medium. She works with angels, ancestors, spirit animals and a variety of healing modalities during each session to call in as much support as possible. Her purpose is to remind people that no matter how dark it gets, we can always find our way back to the light. 
“I had an incredible session with Monica over the weekend. She is truly gifted, and her kindness and compassion truly shine. She is also so funny and we shared alot of laughs. She took so much time with me and helped me in so many ways. She is a straight shooter and had my best interest at heart. Monica is the real deal! Book a session with her and let the healing begin ????”  –Michelle
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Rosalind McFadden-Green

Location: South Carolina, US

Rosalind McFadden-Green intuitively guides women and healers through a spiritual process that lights the path to their enchanted awakening. She uses angel-guided techniques and the Akashic Records to demonstrate how to unleash their unique intuitive abilities so that they can move to the next level.

She is the owner and CEO of Sacred HeARTs SC LLC and has been certified as an Oracle Card Reader for over 15 years and is the creator of the Oracle Salon: Spiritual Development Program and is also the creator of the 40 Day Abundance Program with Roz and the Angels (membership program Sacred Abundance Journey).

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Simone Greve

Location: Spain

My journey started years ago when I met my twin flame and my whole world was turned upside down.  Thankfully I have found support in connecting with the divine and after these challenging years, I feel more connected to my essence than ever before, open to life again and all the opportunities it offers.
I am an intuitive healer and during our session I would like to help you to reclaim your energy, your mind and your heart to bring peace to any situation you are struggling with. The session can be held in German, English or Spanish. I am as well offering twin flame detox sessions and energy healing sessions for animals.

“I felt in a calm safe place, the message was clear, very accurate, very informative and needed. I could feel her calmness and concentration and willingness to help. I loved how she walked me through the grounding, normally it´s not my strong point. But with Simone´s guidance, I felt how my roots tangled around the earth´s center. Great work! I would do it all over again. Thanks Simone :)” – Ruta P., Lithuania

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Debbie Frasca

Cardinal Healings 

You were born into this world an innocent soul, full of pure love. Over the years this world has tarnished your beautiful soul.  The emotional pain caused by parents, siblings, spouses, co-workers, and bullies have left emotional scars.  If not dealt with, these emotions will fester and cause depression, addition, disease and cancer.  My mission is to help heal the broken souls of this world. 

With the Creator and the Angels, I can help you clear years of emotional pain quickly.  Take your life back now! Take your power back now! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Let’s clear this shit!

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Nataly Rajcevic

Location: Germany

As keeper of the earth, it is one of my passions to connect you to the love of mother earth and her light. Inspired through my Druidic studies, I bring the light to the dark and to the fear of death. I work as a mediator between heaven and earth with the help of guides from the earthly and heavenly realm that are here for your highest good. I assist in bringing children and other beings down to earth.

Working with the source, I am able to tap in directly to the akashic records and heal from the core. Through my own body pain and slipped discs, I could not walk for several months as a dancer in my 20’s. Over the last 20 years I have learned a lot about what is possible for us here on earth. I have been working as a healer and teacher with many different technics. Since 2003 I have been a naturopath. In mediumship sessions I connect people with loved ones who passed away. I offer rituals for different life phases or cycles of the year. I also work on landscapes and houses.

I love the sea, I love to laugh, and dancing is my elixir. www.traditionelleheilkunst.com

“Nataly did deep work – she saw, heard and felt so much. She worked on my entire family and was very accurate in what she picked up from them. Nataly’s strength is her direct and open connection with Creator and akashic records. Her healing is profound, she radiates fun and clarity.” Karin Dunning, Netherlands

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Kate Lousley

Location: New Zealand

Deep within us, our souls are calling, yearning to be free. I have always being highly intuitive and an empath, without really understanding what gifts these bring. Through Corin’s work and connecting with the Divine, I have been able to unlock and work with these gifts.

Blending energy work and intuitive healing has opened up a whole new way of being for me. A life that is filled with love, joy and magic. Witnessing the Divine at work is truly a gift. A gift I would love to share. I am an Intuitive and Energy Healer, a Channeler and a messenger of spirit. I use a variety of healing techniques, to help you connect to your divine guidance! Your heart! Your soul!

Let’s shine and share our light together! Opening up a pathway to your inner wisdom, so you can step into your authentic beauty and unlock the magic of your soul.

“Such a warm and beautiful soul, and her channeling absolutely flowed. Even picked up on symbolism that was personal to me while describing what was being channeled. Absolutely awesome to work with!!!”- Rebecca Harvey

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Location: United Kingdom

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt I don’t belong in this world. I felt awkward and couldn’t fit in with other people. My early life experiences made me feel unwelcome and rejected. I vividly remember being 6 years old and all I wanted was to die. I was a quiet and sensitive child and as an empath I could feel other people’s emotions. My self worth and self esteem were low after enduring several degrees of abuse. It has taken me a long time to build myself up to where I am today. And the journey continues. Would you like to start your healing journey with me? I am happy to help.

I am grateful for all my experiences, the valuable lessons I’ve learned and the compassion I have for people. Although my experiences were challenging, I feel I was protected by angels. For many years I was getting the message that I am meant to work with angels and archangels to help other people. Enrolling in Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy changed my life. The time has come and I am coming out to help people to connect with angels. After having had healing sessions myself, my life has shifted dramatically for better. Angels are all around us and are constantly sending comforting messages: songs on the radio, feathers, coins and synchronistic events. Are you ready to connect with your angels today?

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Jill Ecker

Location: USA

Jill Ecker is a graduate of the Angel Alchemy Academy and a Mama to sensitive children. Growing up, she mistook her intuitiveness as a vivid imagination. Later, in adulthood, she asked for help in a moment of hopelessness, and help was sent from heaven. So began her study of all things angelic. Her wish is to spread the message that not only are you never alone, but that legions of angels line up to help you.

As an intuitive guide, healer and channel, Jill works with the Creator, the angels, and your spirit guides to bring you messages and healing.

“Jill’s channeled message brought through some clarity and it was a lightbulb moment for me! So helpful and insightful. Loved the whole experience.”- Kate, New Zealand

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Tinne Van Wesenbeeck

Location: Belgium

Hi there. I am Tinne van Wesenbeeck, founder of Fienefleur, my practice for personal development, energy work, healing and massages.

My story starts in August 2007 when I lost my first child during delivery. In my search for understanding and comfort I started to study healthy self-care. I became fascinated with the many ways you can heal yourself and how you can strengthen that power. I have followed a lot of training courses: all kind of massage work, chakra work, soul coaching, energetic medicine, healthy therapy, and a lot more. Through healing work I became more and more sensitive, and the experience I had during the Angel Alchemy Academy confirmed that.

I love to heal! It is my thing! I am always amazed by what happens in a session. I’ve learned what anger and fear can do to you, how pain and grief stops your growth and what the Angels can do for you. How magic it is to heal all of this with the Angels!

I grew up in a world of alcohol abuse, violence and sexual abuse, and it became so dark in my life after of the loss of my baby Fien. But because of that I have become more aware of myself and the pain that lived in me. I unpacked my grief and I used it to become my true self.

Let the Angels help you too, together we can get your world back on track!

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Janina Fuller

Location: Louisiana, USA

My role as an intuitive healer arises from a background rich with learning through difficulty. I have struggled with the same challenges that many of us face every single day – – from addiction and abuse to divorce, bankruptcy, life-threatening illness and profound personal loss. Good fortune has been mine as well, with a loving family, a strong community of friends and fellow healers, and many opportunities for recovery and growth through introspection with the help of wise teachers. With foundational degrees in Biology and Adult Education, and as a certified Life Coach and Angel Alchemist, I have a well-rounded perspective as well as personal experience of the power of Spirit when facing tough situations and life transitions. I hope you will allow me to be your cheerleader and champion as you tackle your own tough choices, and become the pioneer of your own future.

“They say life is like a roller coaster ride. While I love roller coasters on one hand, I was never able to fully love or enjoy life on the other. I have been working on myself for years with self-help, alternative healing methods, uplifting books, etc. They helped to some extent, yet I never quite saw that light at the end of the tunnel. All this until I had the honor of having a healing session with Janina. Her gentleness and love was far greater than that from family. Janina touched my heart and soul so profoundly that she was able to guide that little, lost, and scared child in me back to the light. No word of gratitude can completely express my sincere love and gratitude for this powerful healer. I am truly blessed to have known her and would definitely recommend her to family and my dearest friends.” ~ Radwa E. – Quebec, Canada

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Aryana Congdon

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Through my own journey (of up/down, in/out and through), I have discovered we have a whole other side to us that is mostly unchartered territory…our Light side of Being, from our Hearts and Beyond. Where there is benevolent Angels and Spirit Tutors that highlight to us in the most magical ways in our everyday life, that they, are always there, and ready to introduce us to our many many gifts. I am an Intuitive Healer, Channel, “Creator” and Angel Messenger of Spirit, Ancestors and all the Energies that make up us. Light Activator and Spiritual Plumber…. Spirit works through me in a way that is unique as we are individually. We have worked with: Relationships, choices, change, learned beliefs, Re-connection from separation and our Shadow Darklands (however that has manifested for you in your life). I love what I do, its my passion, its variety, witnessing and facilitating you to your freedom and expansion, your light ignited, doing your purpose your JOY (Juices Of You) while miraculously living your best life with like minded/hearted people alongside you. My motto is, “Celebrate Everything”, (the good the bad and the ugly)! I would love to connect with you and start your High Light journey.

“Aryana has the most beautiful, loving and light manner in her sessions that at times it feels like it’s your nurturing and loving inner voice talking to you. I found myself opening to her naturally with such ease. Her healing sessions have transported me from a reality where I’m stuck and helpless to a different reality where all things are possible without the need to suffer or be in pain. Aryana, your sessions have not only transformed my life, but they have given me the hope and support I needed to achieve my wildest dreams and desires. Your healing has showered me with such deep love and compassion on a level that I never knew it even existed. I am immensely grateful for our sessions and your gifts … Thank you for this magical experience, With all my love and gratitude.” ~ Radwa – Montreal, QC, Canada

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Rebecka Gregory

Location: Florida, USA

Hi I am Rebecka a little soul on this earth who has found her light.  Here to share my gifts with others to find theirs.  I used to live my life locked in self sabotage, fear of belonging, feeling I was not good enough and lost. Until one day I decided to say YES to me and change my world to one of happiness, self love and flow. On this journey I have opened to and learned so many incredible gifts. I have become a hypnotherapist, reiki master, akashic record, energy worker and a life coach..  Then I found the Angel Academy which opened me wide to find my song of working with the Angels and the magic of the world. The cosmic truth of my heart song was given to me of sound healing. Now I see myself as a spiritual tour director, working with the Angels to assist people in setting themselves free.  Ready to say YES to you. Book a session and lets explore….

Rebecka is amazing! She is powerfully intuitive. I left our conversations in awe of the deep insights I gained. Her channeling, card reading and connection with the angels is strong. I feel so much more on track since our session. So grateful!! I highly recommend Rebecka! ”  Rachael – Austin, Texas

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Jen Goodwin

Location: Canada

Hi Im Jen! Have you been searching to reconnect to your divinity? Reignite passion for life , bring forth the gifts your inner child holds? Has Life and its struggles weighted you down? Have challenges taken a toll on you physically, emotionally, mentally and or disconnected you from knowing you are one with the Divine? Together we can clear so many limits your energy body may be holding and your heart carries. Clear and balance your chakras, body and release old unneeded thought patterns to reconnect you to your JOY for LIVING. I work with the Angels, Divine Guides, Mother Earth, and the Creator to help align you with your own Divinity, Your unique gifts and LOVE! We can clear old debris from relationships, trauma and past life or ancestral residue that may be hindering your BEING the Magnificence Your Soul is calling you to BE! Many Blessings to you and Yours  –  Jen

The healing session I received with Jen Goodwin was a uniquely moving and deeply affecting. Jen has a kind of access to the Divine that is unequaled. She painted for me a picture of influence, light, possibility and connection to Source that I never could have imagined without her. The reassurance, calm, and renewed joy I experienced in our time together has stayed with me ever since, as I continue to reflect on the openings that were unveiled in our time together. Jen is a truly gifted seer and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” Janina F. – Louisiana, USA

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Lisa M Jones

Location:  USA

In my past, I walked through life being so sensitive to what was around me that it crippled me in relationships and in daily life. I didn’t know that it was a gift and not a curse. During some very painful events surrounding my mom’s death, I opened up to change and welcomed the Angles and really listened to the Divine guidance. I learned to let go of painful emotions I carried, of limitations, and allowed myself to believe in ME.
Wow, what a difference!

I want the same for you. I want to walk beside you and support you as you learn how to welcome life and its bountiful experiences, to learn to let go of the pain of the past you may carry around with you, to let go of doubt, insecurities, and to welcome love in all of its intensities, to stand in your awesome power and emanate your glorious shine to everyone!

The gifts they have given me is to be a conduit and messenger of the Divine. My role is to be the witness and the messenger to you as they work with you and surround you in unconditional love. To walk with you, as you learn to trust and let go of that which does not serve you any longer, feel the joy in the little things life presents you, give and receive love, radiate that wonderful person you are to others, and much more! That would be a blessing to me. I have walked this path my self and can tell you that each step is worth it and that you are not alone, never!! As an artist, health care professional, an Angel Alchemy Academy graduate, a certified Theta Healer, and kindred spirit, I would love the opportunity to walk with you on this journey and blessed to share the love and laughter that the Angels have for us. Much love to you!

“Lisa’s energy is bright and filled with healing. Every time I work with Lisa there is a new layer, a beautiful discovery that my soul allows me to see. I know I wouldn’t be able to delve into the parts of me that are untouched and heal what is ready to be let go without her gentle illumination and guidance. I love her imagery and spirit messages, which always relate to my circumstance. Her healing energy is felt on every level of her being. I am so grateful to have made the connection with such a beautiful spirit. I am looking forward to working with her in the future. ~ Rebecca Ferreira Troy – Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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Kris Neocleous

Location: London, UK

I believe that there is undiscovered divine magic within us all, waiting to be released and bring us back to our true nature. 

Life’s journey can be challenging and overwhelming, causing us to feel unsupported and alone at times. This can result in the disconnection and a feeling of separation from the Creator our source of unconditional love and our true healer.

The truth is we are surrounded by beautiful Angelic beings who support and carry us during these times.

My own journey of discovery has been my teacher. I have found wonderful strength in knowing I am never truely alone and that the Creator and Angels have my back.

As an intuitive healer my wish is to support, assist and reconnect you to the Creator and the Angels. Allowing you to release any blocks that are preventing you from embracing your full magic and the realisation that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be.

“Kris has a very grounding and beautiful way of connecting with the Divine that helps you in your own connections to the Earth and Divine. She has a way about holding the container that makes you feel safe and sets the stage for beautiful messages to come through. I experienced an amazing healing of my chakras and an aura cleansing. This experience let me connect more in my personal power and feel way lighter than I had going into the session. I also had a message from my great grandfather come through which just blew my socks off!! She even knew his name 🙂 I left feeling even more connected to my ancestors and supported by them in stepping more fully into my power. The messages she delivered were beautiful and extremely accurate and relevant to the current struggles I had been dealing with. I say had because through this session I had them resolved. Kris is just purely magical. Thank you is never enough in case like this of profound healing. It is life changing. Thank you for that gift!!!” Joanna Steffel – Chicago, IL

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Become an Angel-Alchemist and rock your spiritual business.
The Angel Alchemy Academy begins another session soon. Register today if you want me to keep you posted when the doors for this kick-ass intuitive healing training begins.

jaymie-post-150x150Jaymie Lopez Post

Location: Mexico

Deep in my heart, I always knew there was so much more to life. I held this constant idea deep inside my heart. There had to be a more fulfilling life waiting for me somewhere. A life that was full of magic and spirituality. A life that would, as crazy as it sounds, bring me back to life. It wasn’t until Corin arrived into my life that I found true meaning to the so called “life purpose”. I was introduced to my amazing POSSE that has been walking with me throughout this entire journey. This amazing POSSE helped me encounter my life purpose, overcome my financial burdens and most of all, it helped me reignite the passion within my soul. It would be my honor to walk this path with you.

“I think Jaymie’s natural intuition is an amazing strength. To help me in a way I didn’t realize at the time that I needed but afterwards it was obvious to me that I DID need it very much.  She communicated this easily and with great understanding and warmth.” ~ Paula Prickett

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moira-reed150Moira Reed

Location: Ohio, USA

Growing up I struggled with anxiety and depression. Looking back I drank too much to escape my feelings.  Going through my divorce, I had to do a lot of things out of my comfort zone. I had to take a good look at myself and deep down decide what was best for me.  Through it all I stopped hiding and I finally found my voice, and I want to help you do the same.  I’m a trained meditation teacher, master reiki practitioner and channeler.  I blend my energy work with my fierce intuitive skills.  I talk to your angels, guides, and deliver you messages that you need to hear to set your spirit free.

“Wow, Moira, wow.  I am blown away by my reading!  You truly gave me answers. You gave me peace and closure.  But most of all, you gave me the kick in the butt to re-create my life/future!!  Thank you, I am looking forward to my next session!!” ~ Brigid

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Andrea Holgersson

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden

I discovered my intuition after having my first child 17 years ago. Our journey took off from there and my genuine interest for my child and family’s wellness led me into the health and wellness field. I have been a body therapist for the last 14 years. Over the years I’ve been told what great healing I do. Before I never promoted my energy work because I didn’t feel I had any control over it, but now I have!!  Entering Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy changed my life and my healing abilities took off! I now have full control and I’m proud to be calling my self an Angel Healer.

“Andrea is amazing at this. I always feel safe working with her, I feel like being in utero. She has so much to tell after 30 minutes of energy work. It was like turning leaf into a Life of light. Thank you Andrea for this moment of awakening!”

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Kelly Reginella

Location: Ontario, Canada

I started receiving messages from the angels when I was young. Even in the darkest times, I understood that I was never alone. By following my guidance and taking a leap of faith, I have created magic in my life. And I want you to feel that magic too! As an Angel Alchemist, Reiki Master Teacher and medium, I would like to help you create healing, self-confidence and self-empowerment to find your inner peace. Let me help you to embrace your challenges as opportunities to gain self awareness, insight and clarity. To promote healing and a sense of wholeness in order to be your fullest expression in your life. The sun does shine again!

“Kel is an incredible healer and channeler. I cannot believe the amount of messages that came through our first session. Needless to say I have been back and will continue to go back to Kel for healing and messages from my angels and deceased loved ones. She is a beautiful soul who is so comforting and who can truly heal physical and emotional pain. The messages that she receives from Spirit and the way she is able to so beautifully translate them is remarkable. I am just in awe of Kel!!” ~ Moira

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Jasmina Boycheva

Location: Oslo, Norway

I am here to help you find pure joy in your life. Joy is the key to success in all areas of your life. With a joyful heart, life flows easily and effortlessly and the days are full of deep magic. I take absolute delight in listening to the Divine realm and every time that I do I am truly and humbly thankful that the messages are so accurate, joyful and uplifting, and bring such a sense of peace, hope and relief to each individual. I am a Soul Reader, gentle and respectful. With me you will experience a pure joy and clarity with the Divine’s help. My special interests are relationships and healthy lifestyle.

“Jasmina has some awesome power working through her. She did a healing and I physically felt it for hours! The messages that came through her not only resonated with me but gave insight as to the direction I want to focus on.” ~ Sue

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Deb Pizzotti Benigno

Location: California, United States

All the trails & tribulations I’ve experienced through the decades, of this life-
they have brought me to who I am today. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, widow, wife to name a few. I feel blessed for what I’ve learned from all the lessons. They have shaped me into who I am today-a funny loving healer. I’ve read many books, taken courses to learn about energy healing and angels. The angels have always been present in my life-though at times I needed to be reminded. Angel Alchemy Academy has taught me other healing talents that now I practice-Channeling, oracle card reading, chakra clearing and theta. I’ve learned a beautiful tool box of techniques that will create your own blend of angel magic – made just for you!  I would be honored to work with you! Book it now.

“I just had an amazing experience with Deb Pizzotti Benigno from Corin’s Angel Alchemy Academy for my 30 minute Angel reading. Deb was on target with the information she shared with me and I was really blown away. I had a question I hadn’t really voiced to Deb, and she provided an answer without knowing she was answering the question. Feeling very blessed!! … Truly amazing. Thank You Deb and Thank You Angels!!!” ~ Leslie

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christine-donnellyChristine Donnelly

Location:  Ontario, Canada

Hello, my name is Christine Donnelly.  I have loved the angels for many years now, but it wasn’t until the last two years that I started really working with them.  I have received my level I training in Reiki, and have taken a few other angel courses with Corin and Doreen Virtue. I love working with the angels for healings, and channelling . But my passion is slowly becoming working with Creator during Theta Healings.

“Her strength is her intuition, she is also very good at connecting and making a person feel safe and calm, while also being relatable. I am not sure how much information came from the cards and how much was simple intuition or reading the person, either way she is a beautiful healer.” ~ Kim

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cari-bream-150x150Cari Bream

Location: California, USA

I am a intuitive and clear channel for spirit, bringing messages of light from the angels, guides, your higher self and your ancestors. I am passionate about helping you feel more joy and relief from pain and suffering, while living in greater alignment with your true self and your fullest potential. My intention is for you to get the answers you are seeking, and leave our session feeling lighter, brighter and more fully alive. I lovingly use a variety of energy healing techniques, including Theta Healing, channeling, chakra clearing, mediumship and angel card readings. I hold a BA in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology and a MA in Holistic Health Education. I am a certified Theta Healer, completing both Theta healing Basic and Advanced courses, and am currently enrolled in the Angel Alchemy course, taught by Corin Grillo.

“I felt like the chains of stress and worry had loosened and dropped off after my session with Cari. I will be seeking her for future readings. I was nearly giddy after the theta downloads, that was a wonderful way to ‘leave’ the session! Thanks Cari – you are loved!” ~ Karen, Chicago

“Cari’s healing was so profound it brought me to tears. This was so unexpected and so healing. I am full of gratitude for having experienced this healing with her. I feel more in alignment with my true self. THANK YOU!!! xoxo” ~ Stephanie, Canada

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Become an Angel-Alchemist and rock your spiritual business.
The Angel Alchemy Academy begins another session soon. Register today if you want me to keep you posted when the doors for this kick-ass intuitive healing training begins.