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Your gateway to connecting more deeply with the angels, Corin, your own spirit, and like-minded folks from all over the world....Membership in The Inner Sanctum offers you exclusive access to weekly healing transmissions and meditations from Corin, monthly LIVE online workshops and coaching, plus a library of 300+ angel audios!

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 Powerful. Transformative. NOT Boring. 
Most spiritual communities are kinda well…boring. A little precious if you know what I mean?

Corin makes it fun, honest, and REAL.

But the power of the work also goes very deep, where transforms lives.

Even though Corin talks about angels and Spirit, in The Inner Sanctum we also talk about grounded, real-world life stuff and how to work with our angels, ancestors, and other allies to find peace, open up to deeper wisdom and love, and most importantly, experience your own direct relationship with the Divine.

The Inner Sanctum offers you:

➪ A weekly, dedicated practice and ritual.

➪ A new spirit-fueled audio teaching/ healing /  meditation every dang Sunday.

➪ PLUS, Corin offers an intimate face-to-face class every month for deeper teachings and direct coaching from Corin.

If you despise religious dogma, but desire personal, spiritual evolution then this is your place.

So many of us are tired of all the rules, judgment and limits, and are ready to build our own direct relationship with Spirit. You in?
Here's what some members are saying about The Inner Sanctum...
Corin’s Inner Sanctum community creates such a beautiful space for reflection, healing and support. The wisdom that Corin channels and shares in her weekly transmissions and healings is always so on point it feels like she is directly speaking to me! I have met and connected with so many like-hearted souls and have received such deep healing. Thank you Corin, for creating such a powerful space and sharing your wisdom! I have learned and grown so much in this space!!
Amber Maier, Soul Alignment Coach
The Inner Sanctum is a grotto and a guiding light. The weekly transmissions are steeped in love and compassion and have introduced me to so many angels and spirit guides over the last 5 years. This is where I learned the art of infusing different flavors of spirit into my life. I've subscribed to many things over the years, but this is the only one I've held onto and used regularly. Corin is such a clear channel for Spirit, yet she allows her own human playfulness to shine through and allows you to not feel you have to strive to be more 'spiritual.' I study astrology, and it always amazes me how in synch the Sunday transmissions are with the planetary energies. I use astrology to light my path, but the Inner Sanctum invites in the allies I need to walk it. The Facebook community is one of the most active and awesome I've found and it literally feels like a tribe of like-hearted souls. Thank you, Corin! 
Sonja Carey, Astrologist
All I can say is WOW! yesterday's transmission was exactly my experience at Casa Condor retreat last May! I cried tears of joy and freedom all over again today listening to it! So funny how spirit works sometimes as I prepare for another retreat next week! I am laughing out loud and so full of love and gratitude and playfulness! Thank you Creator, thank you Christ energy, thank you angels and thank you Corin!
Lynn McCluskey, Spiritual Seeker
Your Journey, Your Way.
The Inner Sanctum empowers you with provocative audios, practices, and rituals tailored to keep you focused, inspired, and challenged on your spiritual journey. Say goodbye to restrictions and embrace an inclusive space for personal inquiry, Without the unnecessary dogma.

Thousands have found support, guidance, and transformation within The Inner Sanctum. Now, it's your turn to explore who you truly are, why you're here, and cultivate an honest, palpable relationship with the divine.

Inner Sanctum Members Unlock All Access!
Live Monthly Calls with Corin
Each month, join Corin for a face-to-face group call, where she will offer a new, exciting teaching and answer your questions on ANY topic. We gather monthly to TUNE IN to the season, the collective experience, and align to bringing our deepest and truest desires to fruition, TOGETHER.
Weekly Exclusive Audios
Every Sunday, Corin gifts you a freshly recorded, meticulously produced audio. Immerse yourself in transformative teachings and navigate your spiritual journey with authenticity. These weekly sessions are your compass, leading you into a deeper communion with the divine.
Library of 300+ Healing Audios and Meditations
Inside your membership portal, you'll have instant, full access to Corin’s Library of 300+ Healing Meditations & Angel Audios. Whatever you need support with, we have an Angel Healing for THAT!
More praise from members of The Inner Sanctum...
I got to listen to this week's transmission today and I just have to express my gratitude. It's everything I was needing to hear, process, and embody at this time of a bit of life getting "lifey!" Thank you from the depths of my soul.
Anuschka Schurr, Chef
It’s hard to describe how meaningful and life changing listening to Corin has been for me. I am constantly amazed my how much I am moved by listening to your words Corin. It goes right to my heart. I’m so grateful for you and how you share your amazing insights and vulnerability with us. Now that my youngest is graduating from college this month I’m starting a Casa Condor savings fund. I feel very blessed to be part of this community.
Greta Dewey, Spiritual Seeker
Corin's weekly transmissions INSPIRE, ACTIVATE, and AFFIRM my Life, my work, and most importantly, my sacred and Divine PLAY!!! Her empowering, insightful, HEARTFELT transmissions allow me, support me, and remind me, how to, and why to, Be ME. Thank you, THANK YOU. My Life and Path, forever enriched!!!
Romy Keegan, Dancer, Teacher and Magick Maker
 Meet Corin.
Corin Grillo is a Chicana and Puerto Rican mother, an internationally acclaimed transformational leader, author of “The Angel Experiment” and “Angel Wealth Magic”,  a psychotherapist, and the founder of the Angel Alchemy Academy.

A mind-blowing miracle from the angels saved her life, cured her of life-long depression, and awakened her spiritual gifts.

She now trains students all over the world in how to access their deeper medicine by fostering an authentic, palpable relationship with the angels and other divine allies.

Join the Universal Sanctuary for Seekers
Regardless of your religious background, The Inner Sanctum welcomes all mystical minds. Join a diverse community of spiritual yet grounded folks, coming together to explore all the magic within and around them.
Our team is passionately committed to creating and maintaining a culture of total inclusion and connectedness. We recognize that we are only able to thrive as humans when all cultures, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations are able to freely express themselves.

We are unwavering in our allyship. We celebrate and welcome humans from all walks of life with open arms.

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