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Recovering from Toxic Religion

By September 27, 2023Uncategorized

Over the years, I’ve become passionate about helping folks deconstruct from toxic religious ideologies, so that they can rebuild an authentic communion with spirit and heal their relationship with the Divine.

I recently had an awesome and controversial conversation on my podcast with Brannon Patrick, a therapist and fellow podcast host, about his journey of breaking away from the LDS church and finding his own path. It was such an enlightening chat that I wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

Brannon grew up as a devout Mormon in Utah and even served a mission in the Philippines. But he started to question the teachings of the church, especially when it came to sexuality. The guilt and shame around exploring his own sexuality didn’t sit right with him, and he realized that these beliefs weren’t aligned with his own spirituality.

It took Brannon years and even some plant medicine to break free from the church’s teachings and discover his own truth. He talked about the transformative power of psychedelic journeys and plant medicine, and how these alternative therapies can help individuals break free from the fear and the cult-like indoctrination they’ve experienced within the LDS church and other religions.

Brannon encourages everyone to step into their truth and follow their intuition, even if it means facing fear and potential consequences. We talked about how embracing our authentic selves and living without fear brings peace and liberation. It’s all about reclaiming our identities and being true to ourselves.

I hope you found these insights as fascinating as I did! If you want to hear the full conversation, be sure to check out this juicy episode called Sex, Lies, and the LDS Church on my new podcast, The Corin Grillo Show.

Have you experienced the harms of toxic religion? How are you healing from it? I’d love to hear your story.

Tell me about your deconstructing toxic faith story here.

You are deeply loved and you are not alone.

Angel Juju coming at ya!
Corin Grilo

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