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7 Signs You’re a Powerful Healer

By June 27, 2019Uncategorized

There are many gifted humans out there that haven’t fully stepped into their power, and some that may not even realize they are healers at all.

If you are one of these people, at this moment, you could be in the process of waking up and remembering your divine mission.

You see, not too long ago I had zero clues about who I was and what I was capable of.

Step by step the angels showed me that I was capable of miracles. And I 100% believe that you are capable of miracles too.

Today I’m gonna give you 7 signs that you are a healing superstar that’s just waiting to break free.

Here they are:

    1. Your life has gone through radical changes over the last couple of years…and you’ve had some MAJOR cosmic pimp slaps. And even though you might feel butthurt about it, a deeper part of you knows that’s it’s all for a good reason.
    2. You love to help others, but sometimes you over do it. You forget your own needs and feel tired and depleted because you have given WAY TOO MUCH. Btw, #StopThatShit.
    3. You are an empath, meaning, you are sensitive to being in large crowds and often feel the emotions and pain in others. Sometimes your mood goes up and down for no good reason. And you are extra sensitive to sound, harsh movies, and despise watching the news.
    4. Nature’s got your back. You feel nourished and at peace by being around trees, water, and animals. They soothe your soul, and if ya could, you’d live off of the land, growin’ herbs, huggin’ trees, and burnin’ fires under the moon. No mean people. No drama.
    5. People tell you their problems all the time, and you often hear the words, “I’ve never told this to anyone.” This phrase can be said to you by friends, family, your boss, and even perfect strangers. People just know that you are a safe person and they know that you are wise. Even when you think you suck.
    6. You love learning about spirituality, religion, mysticism, and/or love watching TV shows and movies about all things paranormal. You secretly envy people like the Long Island Medium and wish that you could have that kinda magic too.
    7. Your. Family. Doesn’t. Get. You. Speaks for itself.

Any of these 7 sound familiar to you?

Then congratulations! You are a healer, but you probably knew that already on some level, didn’t you?

Listen dear kindred spirit, if you don’t take your healing power seriously, then who will?

Let me say this, if you already have a healing business, it’s time for you to GO BIGGER.
If you don’t, it’s time for you to get confident and unlock your true healing potential.

Why? Because the planet needs you, and you know it. So quit pretending.

Say YES to your dreams. Invest in them. And set your amazing and powerful spirit FREE.

Your. Time. Is. NOW.