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The Harms of False Purity

By June 16, 2023Uncategorized

The angels have a message for you today – You are loved, no matter what you believe about yourself and no matter what you’re doing.

When I encountered the angels, my heart and mind were reborn through the intense love that they offered me.

They didn’t require anything of me.

At the time I was drinking boat loads of tequila to numb my life-long pain.

I was addicted to prescription drugs.

I felt like a horrible mother, a horrible therapist, a horrible person, because I thought that someone like me should know better.

I held myself to a high standard and was failing across the board.

My depression was killing me and I hated myself for it. 

It wasn’t until I first encountered the angels that I realized I was lied to.

When I witnessed my first miracle, something happened inside of me. My mind and heart were reborn. I could feel a deep love.  I could hear a soft, beautiful whisper inside of my heart that made me feel…inspired.

Spirit brought me this gift of grace for no good reason.

I didn’t have to repent my sins.

I didn’t have to proclaim Jesus as my lord and savior.

I was accepted as I am. Full of pain and imperfection. Not particularly pious or obedient.  And definitely not religious. 

I was given this gift in my most foul state, and NOTHING was required of me.  

This love is freely available to all beings regardless of faith, non-faith, color, sexual identity, gender identity, or creed.

If you are a creature of love it will find you, even at your most monstrous.

We were lied to on so many levels. Religious colonization stole us all away from this truth….

We never had to be perfect. We still don’t have to. We are loved whether we are dirty and stinky or squeaky clean. 

But we do have to do just one thing…reach out and ask Spirit to feel the love.

When the angels came to me it’s because I called them. I didn’t even know if they were real yet, but I called them anyways because I had nothing to lose.

If you are feeling unworthy of this love, then maybe ya are on some level.  But only according to your own judgment. Because Love doesn’t care.  

Spirit ain’t judgin’.  

You might be judgin’, your family might be judgin’,   but spirit sure isn’t. 

I’m living proof.

They wanted me to write this today to remind you that They can’t help if you don’t ask.  Go outside, sink into your heart, feel your pain or your worry or whatever it is that you’re feeling, and ask to be taken out of your suffering. And say thank you afterwards.  

This is the perfect beginning.

Because They can’t show you just how real they are unless…you ask.

So ask! And open your eyes to the magical wonderland that we have been given in our greatest time of need.

And remember, perfection is overrated 

Blessings to each of you!

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