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Detox Your Relationship. Here’s how with Energy Magic Part 2.

By October 22, 2013Uncategorized

I affectionately call it El Chopiando, but this technique is commonly referred to as cord cutting in the energy work circuit. The El Chopiando,  is a powerful technique that I use in both my life and in my practice.  This technique detoxes hostility/negativity in relationships quickly and easily.

Here’s a scenario.  Let’s say it’s the early morning rush to get everyone ready and out the door. Kids are movin’ slow, tension is rising, and the caffeine hasn’t quite hit the bloodstream the way that you need it to in order to cope. Your partner starts giving you lip, you fire back, and the morning inferno has been set for the day.  For the rest of the day (even when your partner isn’t around) you replay flashes in your mind of his abundant lameness this morning, and you lament about all of the things you should have said to him to set his ass straight.

This kind of ruminating and replaying is usually a sign that you and your homeslice are majorly corded. So what is a cord you may ask? A cord is a kind of energetic umbilical cord that connects both of your energy fields. This cord essentially creates a mutual feeding tube for not-so-awesome feelings like anger, hatred, resentment, and lots of other bad juju. Because our conscious minds aren’t aware of this, we can easily fuel this feeding tube until it creates a giant vortex of mutual contempt and loathing. Um, not good.

So how do you handle these invisible havoc wreakers? You chop ’em.


Sit quietly in a room, close your eyes, relax your muscles and breathe.  Scan your body and notice how it feels.  Then imagine that your partner is standing in the room right there with you.   As your partners stands in the room you with you, visualize, sense, or feel a cord connecting you both together.  When you get a sense of where this etheric cord is connected to you (it’s easy trust me), take the next step by cutting it.  Here are two of my fave ways to cut these cords:

Technique #1) Chop it with your own hand like a karate chop (I like to imagine my hands surrounded with bright light before I do this)

Technique #2) Imagine that a beautiful guide or angel is there with you.  Visualize them with a lovely sword or another cool weapon, and  watch the guide/angel  cut the cord for you.

After the cord is cut imagine both of you and your partner being wrapped and surrounded by a brilliant, beautiful light.  Take your time with this part.

Then you can do a little jig because you just did some awesome and powerful modern sorcery.  Yippee!

Powerful stuff in a simple package…just how I like it.

Try it daily for 7 days and watch it rock your world in a good way!

More sorcery to come,

Corin Grillo, MA, LMFT


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