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How To Best Survive During These Shifting Times

By February 23, 2023Uncategorized

Have you been wondering lately how the heck you can best survive during these shifting times? If so, I have a special message for ya…

Commit to loving harder. Love that which you find unlovable inside of yourself and inside of others.

Transform your grudges against yourself, others, the government, or towards life into wisdom and compassion.

Move out of black and white thinking, good and bad, because that’s an exercise of the mind and not of the heart.

Your heart sees the full spectrum of color. Your heart can show you how to lean into the paradox of your existence and can offer you strength, resilience, and exhilaration during unsure times.

Allow your heart to show you how to build bridges instead of walls.

You may be asking yourself, how can I find peace during times like these?

And the answer to this question is not really in the “how”, because this state of awareness is already alive within you.

So try this simple trick:

Close your eyes and earnestly make this request to Spirit and to your heart, “Please show me the beauty. Show me the love. Show me the wisdom.”

Afterwards, make a heartfelt offering to Spirit in the form of deep gratitude, or a song, or some incense, or a dance, or whatever you want. Feel the shift inside of you. Then open up your new eyes to the world and to your life.

It’s a simple but potent practice.

I want you to know that external wickedness can’t affect a heart that is awake and alive. There is profound life, safety, understanding, and warmth that comes with the path of the heart.

And when more of us choose this path, we open the road wider for others to find their way into this beautiful land.

Please make the choice to stop fighting yourself, others, or your life. It’s way too tiring and I’m here to tell you, there is fo’ sho’ a different way and it’s here for all of us.

You are not alone.

Your allies surround you now to help you open to new aspects of your heart. Let them. Open your eyes and see the bounty of what is already there for you.

Sending you the strength and the blessings from our angels.

May the Spirit of Joy rain down upon you and set us all FREE.