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How To Self-Publish Your Book And Become An International Best Selling Author With Debbi Dachinger

By October 15, 2020Podcast
TGV 23 | How To Self-Publish

TGV 23 | How To Self-Publish


Who says you need a big publisher to become an international best-selling author? This episode’s guest, Debbi Dachinger, has proved that you can achieve that, even while self-publishing your book. Debbi is a keynote speaker, certified coach, international bestselling author, and media visibility authority. She imparts her expertise in this episode as she joins host, Corin Grillo, to talk about the key steps in getting self-published and make your bestselling book number one in the world. She further discusses the pros and cons of self-publishing and how to get it visible amidst the competition. What is more, Debbi also takes us to her journey of spiritual awakening, leading her into her mission and purpose of helping people achieve their dreams.

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How To Self-Publish Your Book And Become An International Best Selling Author With Debbi Dachinger

You’re going to meet Debbi Dachinger, who has become a fast friend of mine over the past few years. She’s super awesome, she’s serious heavy in her work and how she serves. She’s a media personality and a media visibility expert who’s been interviewed on over 1,500 media outlets. She’s a syndicated award-winning podcast host and nominated for two People’s Choice Podcast Awards. She interviews celebrities on the red carpet. She’s a keynote speaker, certified coach, and the author of three international bestselling books.

As a media visibility authority, Debbi coaches people like you on how to write a page-turner book and she runs a company that guarantees that your book becomes an international bestseller. She also teaches her Ultimate Visibility Formula, which is how to be interviewed on radio and podcast shows in 60 days or less. She is a host on her podcast, Dare to Dream, plus she works with clients on their visibility strategy. They use PR to become known as a go-to expert.

As a popular media guest speaker, she is a keynote at high-level national events and radio shows and TV personality. She’s been seen in the news, documentary films and on the cover of all kinds of magazines. She’s a featured contributor in Published Magazine. I brought her on mostly because I dig her. I love her and I know she’s doing amazing work. I know that folks like you are curious about how to hack their system and make your dreams a reality. Her podcast is called Dare to Dream. She is all about helping people like us turn their dreams into reality and to do it in the coolest way.

That’s why I originally brought her on, however, our discourse together was so much more fruitful than just that. We do talk about the key steps in getting self-published and how to make your bestselling book a number one experience in the world. Also, what’s fascinating about her is her story and how she got to where she is now. She does talk about her journey of a spiritual awakening, which does lead her into stepping into her mission and her purpose. She is all about helping people like you step into their purposes and missions. Additionally, we talk about our #MeToo moments, very personal moments, but it’s fun to connect with her on that. I had at least three bursts of laughter just by thinking about the experience that she shares.

Not that the experience itself was funny, but I have to tell you, the strategy that she used to get her ass out of there was so incredible. I’m keeping that in my back pocket. You have to hear her strategy for getting out of that. You’re going to enjoy Debbi. You have to listen to her podcast. She has all kinds of cool people on from experts in their fields to real people. She’s a real human and I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know her more deeply over the last few years. I’m going to say, she’s worth getting to know. I hope you enjoy this conversation. We do a lot of laughing and a lot of connecting woman to woman in this one, but she also gives you incredible strategies to make your dreams into reality.

Debbi, it’s an honor to have you here because I have many amazing questions and I have a feeling you’re going to help a lot of people. One question I have been wanting to ask you since I’ve known you, and I don’t know why I haven’t asked it yet, but I’m like, “This is the perfect time to finally ask the question of all questions.” Before I do, I know that I have a good feeling that you’re going to help a lot of people because I know with COVID and with all the things happening, people are looking for a deeper form of expression to create something and put the work in the world. I’m excited to get to that, but I do have to ask this one question.

This is what I’ve noticed. We’re Facebook friends. I see your pictures. I see you’re like, “I woke up. I’m drinking coffee. I just worked out,” or, “I went under a waterfall. I’m on a hike right now.” All of these kinds of photos should suspiciously mean that you’re not looking like 100% on point in theory. What I’ve noticed about you and your website and every freaking picture that I see is that you either look like you’ve had sex in a good way or you’re about to have sex. You’re so photogenic, but it’s so sensual. Every time I look at you, you remind me that I need to be having more sex somehow. Tell me, what are you doing there? How do you manage to have that delightful, feminine and sensual look all day, all night?

That’s my mission. Behind everything on visibility media, the truth is my real mission is to remind the world to have more sex. It will free you up and make you happier and put you back in your body. That is hilarious. I’ve never heard that before. I guess the good news is when you have your photos taken, you can pick and choose. You can pick the better ones or the ones that best represent. It’s funny because even on a camping trip, I was waking up, I had one of my beanie caps. I adjust zipped open the tent and was crawling out. Rob brought me that beanie cap, so he took a picture. No makeup or anything, but bless you. I don’t always know that I look so fabulous and everything, but here’s something else. Part of it a little bit is sometimes when you see those pictures, I’m on some medicine and doing some journey. I may have a very peaceful and present look on my face.

That’s part of it because the plant medicine photos are usually my best as well, but I’ve been in some photos with you. I know we were not doing medicine. It’s like, “You’re so photogenic.” I wanted to make sure there weren’t any other secrets I should know about like think about sex. I’m like, “She’s got to at least be thinking about sex right now.”

This is fascinating. I’ve got to tell you that I grew up being very photogenic and very comfortable in front of the camera. At some point in my adulthood, that totally tweaked and I became so awkward and worst photos ever. The more awkward you get, the more you’re like, “It’s a camera,” and the photos completely show how weird you are. Your smiles off and your face is off. That even multiplies the next time the camera comes out and I had an energy gal work with me on that. I didn’t even sign up for it, but she was going to. She’s a professional photographer. She said, “I need to work with you,” and she did.

She said, “You do something with a camera. You push energy at a camera. You energetically push a camera away and it’s not good. You have to take energy and pull. Who’s powerful?” She said, “Start doing that when you speak on stage. Start doing that everywhere you go where you’re in the public eye. You’re in charge.” I started using that and I was like, “Look at what this produces. This is different.” My eye contact was different. My stance was different. My comfort was different. Now, it’s innate because I had to think about doing that pulling energy from the camera and it’s very comfortable for me.

A sorceress can call out another sorceress. I knew there was some sorcery going on there and I love it. Thank you for that amazing tip. I’m going to try it and I love that you do that with no makeup. Being in the visibility business, we need all the tips we can get. Thank you for sharing that. Camera alchemy, your next class, your next course. You help people create their bestselling books and a lot of these people have been never written anything and some of them have.

Some of them have and they want a different experience and they want a different result. It’s interesting working with people coming from different places. Yes, I help people write a page-turner book with great ease and then once their book is done, I help them turn that book into an international bestseller.

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I’ve seen you do it. I also saw this book that you’re doing that is so cute. I’m a huge fan of that at some point. It’s the dog book and that’s coming out. When is that?

We are launching it in November 2020. Will you write an endorsement for the book?

I would love to, sure. Can you give us the title of the book? It’s one of my favorite things. It’s one of my favorite topics.

This is about canines. It’s an anthology book. It came to me as a download from. It is called The “UltiMUTT” Book for Dog Lovers: If You’re Not Covered in Dog Hair, Your Life is Empty.

For readers that don’t know, I have another company that is a mobile dog grooming business. I love dogs so much. Debbi, that was a divine inspiration for sure. Tell me, when you got into the book world, first of all, what did you want to be when you grow up and how does what you’re doing now match up to anything that doing now?

I started out as an actress and a singer when I was a little girl. It’s all I ever did. It’s all I ever wanted. I went away to summer stock. I got private lessons in violin, dance, singing and acting. I was in plays my whole life. The moment I could go away and I was a little older, I started being shipped off to other states in the United States to perform all summer long. It was the greatest joy in my life. It was not at home, at home. I was at home on stage. That’s where I felt comfortable and happy.

This was an escape for you in a way.

It was an escape without a doubt and thank God I had a happy place. It was tweaked at home. It wasn’t great. I knew I was good but way more important than like, “I’m talented,” was there’s this huge place for me to emote, express, channel feelings and it’s okay here.

I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about acting and singing. Now it’s obvious. It sounds like it was cathartic for you.

You can connect with people on stage in the audience, even if there is the fake fourth wall and all that, but there’s a whole synergy going on that I wasn’t getting in life. Also, it was the place where I felt me, I could be as quirky and as whatever and it was great because it made people laugh. It made people cry. There were all the components that I buried a lot in life. I did that. I pursued that. I went to USC. I was a Performing Arts major and on the Dean’s list. It’s the first time I’d applied myself. I went out in the world and I did it professionally for a long time. It was my greatest joy, but different as a professional adult because I have long periods of work and money and short periods of I’m losing my mind. Nothing’s coming in and the roller coaster. I longed for some consistency and stability. Deep into my adulthood, something switched and said, “I can’t do this anymore.” That was shocking because it had been my entire identity since I was a little girl.

I’m feeling into that here. I feel like right now there’s a lot of people that are going through a bit of an identity shift also. For you, you’ve gone through one of these. What was that like going through the rebirth process?

The truth is there’s a lot of not knowing. Anyone who is going through it, if you know what you want to do, if something else is calling to you and you’re passionate, it’s like, “I have to go back to school. I have to get some certification. I need to be an apprentice and an intern.” That’s awesome, but if you don’t know like I didn’t know, that is like being lost in the desert without a flashlight and going, “Where do I go? What do I do?” I literally had no clue but to surrender, which I did. When I surrendered, I followed the energy. I didn’t understand that it’s what I was doing but it’s the one thing I did right. Something would come in my space, singing with the jazz bands and big bands and I would say, “I’ll do it. I was making money that way.”

I took a jewelry class and I was good at it. People wanted to buy my jewelry and I went, “Okay.” I started making jewelry and selling it in five stores. I was rambling, bumbling along, taking this and that, finding what was light and right and taking it on. The truth is it was three years that it was building some skills in me that would eventually be able to manifest into the career I’m doing now. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was getting a business degree doing business. I was learning how to do wholesale and retail. I was learning how to work with people, business letters and everything. It was the greatest education.

TGV 23 | How To Self-Publish

How To Self-Publish: Make sure that people are listening to you, reading your book, and that you’re getting out there with visibility.


I like how you’re saying that you just followed the energy and keep saying yes because when people talk about their life purpose, they think it’s going to land and it’s going to be like, “Here’s the whole thing.” I find that it comes in little drips like this. It’s like, “Here’s a little skillset that you’re going to need.” In my case, when I was in my twenties, I took this weird, bad telephone sales job. It was horrible for me because I didn’t think of myself as a salesperson, but I can see how that skillset helps me as an entrepreneur and as a businessperson. You just don’t know.

Did that job help you make cold calls when you have to reach out and speak to possible clients?

I did cold calling after that. I did an advertising job and then I had to go into small business owners. Let me tell you, this was in the mid-‘90s. I have been reflecting on the insane stuff I had to go through as a single woman walking into male-owned businesses. I was young. I was in my twenties. With the #MeToo stuff, I had to fight off a few people. I love the conversations that are happening now for women and for all people who have been subjugated or been dealing with this stuff.

Not only was I doing cold calls, but there’s one guy in particular. Every time I go in, he’d offer to pay me for a BJ every freaking time. I needed this cash. It’s the shit we have to go through. He’s twenty years older than me at the time. I laugh it off like, “Ed, you’re so silly.” At the time, I was starving. I never gave him a BJ because first of all, he only offered $50 and I’m like, “I don’t think so, not for $50.” I was in my mid-twenties, but that was my outside sales job. Those are the memories that I have of that.

I had that happen. Not a BJ, not $50, but I was working at a law library when I went to USC and one day, I was putting some books back in the stack and I was standing up on a ladder and I had this weird, creepy feeling come over my body. There were several people. We knew each other. We worked together every day. The guy was at the end of the hall of where we were putting back the books and he was crouched down and I had not goosebumps but like, “Something’s wrong bumps.” I remember turning my head. I was so young and looking at him and he had his member outside of his pants. I freaked out. I had no skills. I didn’t know how to take care of myself. Do you scream? Do you yell? Do you go, “Fucking gross. Put that shit away?” I didn’t know what to do.

It was gross. The creepy energy. Now, I get all this stuff about energy. I didn’t know some of my skills back then that were other senses, other information. This was big for me. Can I tell you what I did? This is how unskilled I was. I am not kidding. This is a true story. I was so freaked out and I knew I could never be in a room, in an aisle or in anything with him again. I knew it was only going to get worse. Once I saw that thing hanging out and he knew I saw it and he enjoyed it. You can’t understand unless you’ve been through it. The vibe coming from that person, it’s not clean, let’s just say. I went in and I made up a lie and I said something like I had to have surgery on my head and I couldn’t work there anymore. I couldn’t even come up with a good lie and the person was like, “I hope you’ll be okay.” I never told them the truth, “By the way, you got an employee who was sticking his Johnson out in young women’s spaces and places.

You opted for brain surgery. I get it though. It happens when we have zero skills. If that shit happened now, things would be very different. I didn’t even tell my boss that it was happening. I was full-blown enabling, colluding with it, or so afraid to go against the man thing. It’s like, “We have to go through you.” You couldn’t even tell them. Isn’t that something?

I had a friend who was like more than a boyfriend, they’d been living together for over seven years. I know them as a couple, we’ve been out together with them as a couple. There’s so much I could say about him, but I need to be a little careful because he’s not unknown. Also the circles he’s known in, the healing circles and stuff, it’s unbelievable. He was like, “I think you’re the most amazing. Let’s hang out. Let’s have coffee.” There’s a way that he wrote to me about the love, I had that ewwey feeling. I wrote back to him and I said, “Coffee sounds great but I got to be clear, you know I have a boyfriend because we’ve hung out together. I want to be clear whatever is going on.” I got to tell you, there’s one lesson only here. Trust thyself. You know the truth, no matter what anyone says to you, you know the truth. I knew the truth. I got a weird vibe. He said, “No, never. Of course, I know. I’m with so and so.”

I was like, “Okay, motherfucker.” We went and had some coffee and it was exactly what I thought. He was telling me about chakras and he put his hand on my chest to feel my heart chakra. At one point, he went to put his arm around me and went to kiss me. I’m like, “Back off. What is this, brother? I did not sign up for this. I’m not into you. I’m not interested. I was clear.” The problem is when you leave a situation like that, even when you take care of yourself, it’s like the slime. I was pissed. I was pissed that it happened. I was pissed to feel prey and I was pissed because I knew. That’s the last time I’ll ever not trust ever. I’ll know.

You called him on it too. That’s what’s so alarming. You gave him the warning. That is another one. I’m getting the gross and creeper bumps. At least you had the skills at that time. You weren’t like, “I got to have brain surgery.”

No, I made sure we completely out in public. We were outside. My dogs were with me. I was fully protected in that way, although you may need brain surgery if things like that keep happening.

I am keeping that one in my back pocket because you never know when you’re going to need to invoke brain surgery. It was good thinking on your feet.

What do you do when somebody follows up and says like, “Are you going to be at Cedars-Sinai? Where can I visit you? I’m a little worried here.” “Just send flowers to my address. We’ll talk later.”

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I know it’s not a funny topic, but she’s funny. You crack me up. That was a good one. That is a great opening there. We were talking about how you shifted. You found out that all these skills that you were acquiring along the way helped you step deeper into your purpose. Let’s talk about the next cycle, what you got into and what you’re doing now.

It was very interesting. I started to do cartoons. I was doing voiceover work. I was making great money and I loved it. Sometimes they found out that I also sang and they’re like, “We were going to bring in a studio singer. Can we write the music for you too?” “Absolutely.” I was making double the money, but the point is cartoons, for me, it’s everything. To do voices and get completely lost in that character like the Big Mouth Bass and so forth. I was in heaven. I got an agent. She was sending me out a ton. I thought, “How can I help further this career? How can I get my voice out there?” I happened to see an ad for radio and I thought, “Let me apply for this. Maybe I’ll get a radio job and it’ll something will happen from there.” It’s very interesting. The brain surgery might’ve helped.

Somehow, it worked for me. God had a greater plan. I got the job. I’m doing a small music show. I’m in Hollywood. I’m like, “This is all right.” Two months later, the owners say, “We like the job you’re doing. I’m going to give you your own show. It’s for an hour. Why don’t you think about it? What would you do?” I was so clear. I went home. I went, “Dare to Dream? It’s a talk show, Dare to Dream with Debbi Dachinger, done.” I knew I wanted to talk about creating dreams because it was one thing I could do. I went back, that was the premise. I started bringing people on the show. We started having conversations. They had achieved a lot of great things in their life. I was into doing it for a couple of months and I was sitting back going, “There is something is going on here in common.”

I’m starting to realize that there’s a whole bunch of people who are great speakers of coaches and I’m not so interested in them. There are all these people who have had this crazy life who have become healers and seers. They do an amazing spiritual work out in the world. That’s the conversation I want to have. I’m like, I think I’m spiritual.” I had no idea. I thought it was something I dabbled in. It was a huge awareness to go, “I’m spiritual. It’s my greatest value.” This is the conversation. That’s the show many years ago and I’m still doing it.

You are a podcast legend. You’re doing it.

I’m an old lady.

I guess that’s another word for it, but not really. You are fresh and full of sensuality. I’m telling you, I told you about the pictures. That shit is ageless, it’s timeless.

When I started doing radio, the one thing I realized was I had this great desire to reach more people. I’m hoping maybe this will help you. I got a little hit on that. I wanted to reach more people. I wanted my conversation to be bigger. I was getting a lot of positive feedback and email from other countries. People saying, “I’m creating dreams,” or “I want to do a mastermind based on your premise.” I’m like, “Let me write a book. Let me help you. Dare to dream. This life counts.”

I started writing books and then people were coming to me and saying, “You’re an expert creating dreams and in success. I want to interview you.” I’m like, “I am?” Literally, my career was born. I’m writing books. They’re being read. I realized I don’t want to birth a book. I want it to go out into all the hands that are ready for it and all the eyes that are ready for us. I did bestseller launches and they were super successful and then I’m being interviewed. I realized I had something. Especially back then when people didn’t have skills in these areas, they are like, “Help me. Show me.” I did classes and I did privates and I created programs to help people. It created a side, but very consistent, sustainable career.

I know you help a lot of people, serve rewarding to help launch people into their dream and into their mission.

Everybody’s got a message. There’s a sage inside of everybody. It’s very cool to help people because it’s not easy writing a book. I don’t care what they tell you. I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s not easy, whether you’re facing yourself or whatever it is. Once we do that and give birth to something like that, it’s wonderful to have the support and accountability. You have a big and grand experience.

That’s so true because I know a lot of people who have been like, “I’ve been writing a book or thinking about writing a book and it’s been like years.” It’s because we don’t value that particular dream and give it the support in a way that it needs in order to do it powerfully. I love that you give people containers or a roadmap. If you’re going to spend your time writing a dang book, make sure it pops off. Make sure it’s awesome and people are listening to it and reading it and that you’re getting out there with the visibility. It’s not enough to write a book.

There are more books being published now than ever before for so many reasons. Once a big contingency decided, “I could write a book for my business,” that opened up a whole new population. Especially entrepreneurs, businesspeople, you see everybody else writing a book and self-publishing has made it so accessible. People start saying, “I want to do that too.” They don’t necessarily do it. Eighty-five percent of people who say they want to write a book never will, which is a painful statistic. It’s true what you say. My class has an ongoing book writing membership called Visible Visionaries and people have come who have written books, never written books. They’re all over the map. The one thing is they all had something in their way. One person thought, “I can’t write,” because of something that happened to her when she is young and somebody said something to her about something she wrote and she never could get past it.

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Now, she’s a great writer. It’s pouring out of her. She loves the process. We have another guy who’s this amazing healer. He does workshops all over the world and he wanted to write something, but he was always saying, “My podcast is more important. Speaking is more important. I’m making a guidebook,” and this and that. He was always pushing it down, but it was starting to wear on him. We found ways to create a lot of ease for his information to flow. Now, he loves the process so much that it’s his number one priority. That’s what I’m finding mostly. People are loving writing. When I see that freedom takes place and the work they’re producing because we get to read in the class too, it makes me a proud mama.

That sounds good, Debbi. I’m about to sign up right now. I’m working on my second book right now and it’s so much. I thought the first one was hard, but I’m meeting some serious resistance. I may be hitting you up for some help and support. What I love about book writing right now is that in the past, people were overly focused on traditional publishers, which I have gone that route, but not everybody’s going to go that route. There are definitely pros and cons. What are the pros of self-publishing? I love self-publishing, I love the notion of it. I love seeing all these beautiful books come out that maybe would never have gotten seen at these other places. Can you share with me what the bonuses of self-publishing and maybe some tips around that?

There are so many, especially if you’re beginning. It couldn’t be easier. It is very easy. It is very inexpensive. Nobody touches your work. I want to preface anything I say because this is true. I would say otherwise if I felt otherwise. I know the publishing house you’re with. When I’ve had people come to me, I can’t recommend many for lots of reasons. The expense, how long it takes for them to put out of work that they will stick around with the cover. They can change your words. They can take up to two years. They often don’t have a marketing department. None of which is true with who you are with. I want to be clear. New World Library is phenomenal. I’m very happy to say that out loud because I’ve known them for over a decade and I’ve worked with their people, and it’s always been like that. They’re incredibly professional.

It’s very frustrating. I’ve had many authors come to me who have been with publishers and said, “That was not a great experience. I wasted a ton of money and time. In the end, nobody read my book.” I would say self-publishing. Here’s what’s important. Make your book evergreen, meaning in five years, if I need to pick up your book, it still stands the test of time. Don’t make it very dated. Always get a professional editor and if you don’t, I don’t want to talk to you. There’s no reason to put anything out in the world. It’s not professional if you spent that much time on it. I don’t overlook that step. Hire a professional. Get a great book cover made.

Here’s the thing with self-publishing. You decide. You want matte pages. You want glossy pages. Do you want it 6×9, which is a standard book? Do you want it 7×5? Do you want a coffee table book? Your creativity, your being can come up through that book in any way. I will say the most important thing is it’s incredibly easy from start to finish. Once your book is out and you’ve proved it and they sent you a proof, then somebody wants to buy it, you still have nothing to do with that process except receive a royalty, which is beautiful. Print on demand. I order five of Corin’s books let’s say from Amazon. Corinne doesn’t rush out go to the printer. Corin does nothing. She’s back smoking her cigar and drinking in her port.

They’re literally printing, creating the book and shipping it out. There’s nothing we need to do. We can also make it international or domestic. There are so many ways you can promote yourself. They’ve gotten so clever and savvy now and they make it fun. You can run a bestseller launch. There’s way more than the New York Times and way more than the Wall Street Journal. There’s the Amazon Bestseller. If you don’t want to go pedestrian, meaning because a lot of people do domestic, go international. Do an international bestselling launch, which is not as easy. It’s a beautiful thing to achieve. There are many countries in three categories. I say self-publishing is beautiful. If you feel you want a publisher, that’s your end goal, then still self-publish 1 or 2 books. Get it under your belt. Get good, have some work you can show to a publisher and some statistics too that you’ve got a platform.

That was an important point because I had a platform already before I had met my publishers. That’s a good key if you do want to go traditional. Right now, they generally don’t entertain people without a following or without something going on. Starting with self-publishing is a great idea. I want to reiterate that you no longer have to ship your own books. You don’t have to buy a bunch of products. The client buys the person who purchases the book. What are some of the places that do that? I know BookBaby is one of them.

There are a lot of them out there like BookBaby and BookBub. I may be looking into one of those for my anthology instead of Amazon and I’ll tell you why. They keep changing their rules on Amazon. Amazon is typically where I’d send anybody anytime because of the great ease. We used to be able to pull pages from a book and switch them around. Some of my authors are doing work with animal rescues. We want to put out some special books for that. That will mean some switching it around. I can’t have two of the same books up on Amazon.

If I replicate that book, change the pages to honor that particular rescue place and have their information and pictures in it, now, I have two of the same books. At Amazon, you can’t do that anymore. You used to be able to. I will need to find a different source and there are several of them out there to find. Make sure you have great references. Make sure please that wherever you spend your time, money and energy that it’s going to be well rewarded. There’s an ROI. I’m going to be doing that for some of my authors in the rescue places because it’s the right thing to do and we’ll help some animal.

You help people from start to finish, from idea all the way down to launch and then you can even help them with getting their books more visible as well. It’s like a whole follow through the process from start to finish, which is very cool.

It’s a visibility hub is what it is. You were talking in the beginning about these interesting times wherein COVID and everything else, it’s an enormous change for people. What we’ve seen, those of us podcasters, is there are more pitches than ever before. All these people used to speak on stage and used to lead workshops in person who can’t anymore. Now they all want to be interviewed. You have to find ways. If you want to be visible, now is a beautiful way with the multitude of Zooms and opportunities to be seen doing Facebook Lives and Insta Lives, LinkedIn, etc. Do it, use it all, but be good at it if you’re going to do it. Write a great book if you’re going to write one. Know how to do an interview. Know how to be savvy.

You were mentioning COVID and I know that you had mentioned also during this break or during this time, during the big change that you’ve had some pretty awesome downloads. Would you like to share some of the wisdom that you’ve been receiving on your end through this process?

I knew right away. I’m a metaphysician. Everything is an illusion anyway. If I had locked myself inside for five weeks, no less 5 or 6 months and I was separated from everybody. By the way, to boot, three of my best friends moved out of the country and out of state. I felt unmoored and alone and beside myself and bereft. I thought, “Powerful woman, if you locked yourself inside a made yourself completely alone, what the heck might that be about?” Obviously, I did. It’s my reality. It’s what I’m living. I realized, what do I have to face? There’s no doubt collectively that we all have to look at what we’ve been doing to the planet and humanity and how we’re treating each other and Mother Earth Gaia. There were some big ass choices to be made there.

[bctt tweet=”There’s no reason to put anything out in the world that’s not professional.” username=””]

Hopefully, we’re making some that will change the course of where we’ve been headed. That is very important because if we come back out of this and nothing’s changed, then nothing’s going to change. We’re still heading in the right direction quickly, but we have an amazing opportunity here to be taken. The other thing is the same as self. What about an individual? What is it that you need to look at? I will say that initially for me, I had to look at neglect. I had to look at abandonment. I had to look at being alone. These were the core wounds I had as a child. Even though I had done a plethora of work on them and I felt, “I’m good. There’s a lot of healing I’ve done,” and I’ve done massive things. I am telling you when this thing hit, I was walking my dog with a mask and gloves with snot running down my face crying, making outreach calls and stuff.

I felt alone and sad. I had to let it rip through my body because the only way out is through feel, deal, heal and make it real, all of that. That’s my message. This is a time of self-reflection and to make those changes, to not be afraid of the discomfort and know that it too shall pass. I will tell you that I’ve come out on the other side, like unbelievable. That’s the way of life when we are that brave and courageous to do things in spite of fear, to face fully on something we’d rather avoid feeling or looking at in ourselves. When we are willing to go to that level and take something on, that is a journey. It’s like Persephone, you go into the earth, but you’re going to come back up.

When you come back up, you will be wholly different. Your reality will be as well. My career exploded bigger than ever all of a sudden and I did nothing. People were like, “I heard of you, I need you.” All were my classes and my privates were amazing and wonderful. It’s the same with my love relationship because I had been quite alone and broken up and we mended and came back and made all new choices. It was a journey. I had to take ownership of my stuff because there was one person and every relationship party I’ve been to that had in common. That was me. What was I bringing to that party?

It was a lot of self-reflection and that is what I urge people to not run away from and get all stuck in, “I wonder when this will pass. I can’t wait until we get back to normal. I miss shopping.” It’s like, “Don’t we all?” There’s something, there’s a deeper reason why we created this as a freaking planet. I know that there are conspiracy theories out there and I listened to all of them. I’m interviewing somebody who’s going to talk about ETs and what they’re creating on our planet. It’s interesting stuff. It’s all awesome. It’s all an interesting point of view, but it’s like, “Where is your attention?” Even you’ll create that. If you believe in the conspiracies, then that’s your reality. I feel so strongly to stay with the discomfort, breathe through it and ask for help. Most of us have people we can reach out to and cry and say, “I’m not doing so well,” or “There’s something ugly about me. I’ll share it with you,” and walk through it. You’ll live to see the next day.

I don’t know anybody who has gotten away with not doing self-reflection unless they can’t. They don’t have the skills or it’s too challenging. They project out on the world instead, but there are beautiful advice and wisdom. I’m happy to see that you’re on the other side too.

I’ve done some journeying a bit during this time. I’ve used this time. I have not done ayahuasca. I am going to be doing San Pedro for the first time. I’ve done ayahuasca in the past, let’s be clear, but I haven’t had access because of social distancing. I am doing a very social distancing journey in San Pedro. I’m very excited to sign up for great things. I’ve done quite a bit of mushroom. That’s all I’ll say, but I’m open to using those tools to access new dimensions of me and reality. It’s been amazing.

What I appreciate about them too, especially with micro-dosing and things like that, is that people who are in a collective trauma and that they can support any depression or things like that in micro-dosing as well. It works if done well.

Will you talk a bit about that? I haven’t experimented much with micro-dosing and I’d like to know more.

It’s using tiny bits of these plants where you don’t have a psychotropic experience. You’re not hallucinating, you’re not necessarily talking to your ancestors or anything, but these medicines, even in micros rebuild the brain even in tiny amounts. As with mushrooms, it’s a support to serotonin, so you can have a tiny bit and have an elevated state and have more energy. There are all these emerging science and clinical research about the power of micro-dosing.

How much is a microdose?

It depends. I forget what the actual number right now. It’s tiny.

Just a dip then or a couple of sips?

A couple of sips of what?

TGV 23 | How To Self-Publish

How To Self-Publish: Stay with the discomfort, breathe through it, ask for help.


Let’s say mushrooms.

It’s tiny. What people do is that you can grind up mushrooms in a coffee grinder and then you put them in capsules and then depending on the weights. I’m not going to talk specifically about dosage or anything. That’s something that people should do with a provider or “do their own research” about. One of my plans is to have someone who is doing this and working with institutes like MAPS and other organizations so that they can be more research-based and talk about it appropriately.

I’d love to tune into that. That sounds so good. I would be willing to even try to get with San Pedro, as disgusting as it is.

Put it in a capsule, people, because it’s like death. It’s like drinking death, but such a beautiful medicine. Debbi, what would you like to leave our people with? Please share how can they find you and what would you like to leave them with? What little bit of wisdom?

Thank you so much. I want to say it’s cool to have the opportunity to create ourselves into being who we always dreamed we could be. It’s like the dream is real. With everything going on right now, we can take steps. I have seen people create amazing opportunities right now, genius opportunities where there is a need. Go there. If it is your desire or you require to be visible right now, full steam ahead because you a buffet waiting for you. The last I checked, which was in March 2020, there were 800,000 podcasts. I know because they kept multiplying every week. It’s got to be now well-over 100,000.

There are many because I know a lot of people are launching podcasts because like, “We’re all homebound. What else are we going to do?”

That’s a good resource, so get good at it. All I’m saying is if you’re going to do it, don’t do it because anybody can be on anything. How are you going to stand out? What makes you unique and shine? Figure out how to do that. I’ve got the Ultimate Visibility Formula. You’re welcome to write to me. We’ve got products up to about it. I’ve got the ongoing group writing membership. Also, I do the privates for people who have written a book and want to become a guaranteed international bestseller. DebbiDachinger.com is your best resource. If you want to listen to the show or watch the show, I’m on Apple podcasts at Dare to Dream with Debbi Dachinger, as well as YouTube.com/debbidachinger.

I love your show and I love you, Debbi. I love the work that you do. Beyond that, I love you as a human. You’re so legit.

I love you too. You’re one of my faves, one of the unique ones out there. You walk the walk.

I’m doing my best, Debbi. You too. Thanks for coming on. It’s such an honor to have you.

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Make sure to check out all of her good stuff at DebbiDachinger.com.

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