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Reclaiming Your Magic With Archangel Raziel

By July 16, 2020Podcast
TGV 14 | Archangel Raziel

TGV 14 | Archangel Raziel


Archangel Raziel is the Angel of Magic. He helps you get clarity and find solutions to problems. He gives you a keener vision and allows you to embrace your magic fully. Join Corin Grillo on this Angel Ritual as she invokes Archangel Raziel and Mother Earth to help you access the magic field and make a powerful connection with the divine. Now more than ever, we need to reclaim the magic inside us. It is our birthright. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the Angel of Magic himself!

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Reclaiming Your Magic With Archangel Raziel

In this episode, you’re learning from little old me talk about the art of magic. This was originally a live stream that I did every once in a while. I do a live stream in my Facebook group called The 7 Day Miracle Challenge, and it comes with an angel ritual and an angel channeling. I wanted to share this one with you. A lot of people felt the benefit of this at the end. They could feel tingles all over. People had some interesting things happen during the transmission. I feel like it’s timely. I talk a lot about magic and some of the urges that I’m getting from Mother Earth, our big mama. She’s calling us to embrace our magic. I introduce you to Archangel Raziel, who’s the big wizard in the Archangel realm who can connect us with magic, other forms and deities as well. We need more magic now more than ever. Let’s face it. I hope you enjoy this episode that comes with a lot of information from both the spirit realm, our mother and me. It’s all designed. It is designed to help you open up to the field of magic. I hope you enjoy it.

I am looking forward to sharing the information that’s coming through for you all. It’s Archangel Raziel who wanted to come forward and he had some good and cool information. Hopefully, you are doing okay through all the shit show, the mind fuck of 2020 for the most part. That’s what it’s been for a lot of people. There’s a lot of people that are navigating the waters nicely and doing some deep learning and others that are getting knocked around the bottom of the ocean floor for whatever reason maybe it’s financial. A lot of relationships that are breaking up because they’ve had to spend too much time together shelter in place. A lot is going on for us individually and collectively, and spirit wanted to come and give you a few reminders, essentially.

In the end, we’re going to do a little connection with Archangel Raziel to help you get deeper into the magical field. I’ll talk a little bit about that. Hopefully, you are navigating things. You had a real shit mindset trying to shake it loose. The struggle is real. We need little reminders and you know what we need more than anything ever before is magic. That’s what I’m talking about but in a different way. Nancy is doing live streams with our Angel Alchemy Academy. I want to remind you, we’re doing the Summer of Love Fest. Our Angel Alchemy Academy is getting together. Nancy does intuitive channeling of art. She’s going to help you channel art from spirit. Beverly Carpenters is also going to be doing sound healing. I’ll make sure to look at hers. I want you to know, I am stoked on the 7 Day Miracle Challenge board because I do different channeling for different groups. There’s my inner circle of members. That’s called the Inner Sanctum.

They are generally people who identify with being spiritual badasses. They’re here to do some good work and they need support because a lot of times they’re the only ones in their community or family that even believed the way that they’re doing. The only magical humans that they know. We’re a collective of magical humans working our magic. The 7 Day Miracle Challenge where everyone collects. I was excited when I did the channeling because it was almost like channeling for the Inner Sanctum. It’s a continuation. If you’re in the Inner Sanctum, this is a booster to healing that we did because it’s Archangel Raziel yet again, coming in.

For those of you, who don’t know Archangel Raziel is an angel that helps you get clarity, find solutions to problems. He’s also mostly popularly known as The Angel of Magic. He keeps bringing in a deeper mystery about that for all of us. He also can help you develop original ideas, which we’ll get to why that’s important. Get clarity in different directions. How many of you I’m wondering are feeling a little discombobulated? You’re not even sure what you want to do, you’re not plugging into things the way that you were. How many of you is not quite feeling a new direction coming on, but not quite knowing what to do or feeling some new energy coming in?

There are a few messages. I’m going to see if I can synthesize them into a pretty package. I’m going to do my best. Brittany Hill saying, “That’s me right now, ever since.” We’re coming on the tail end of an eclipse season. A lot of times we get shaking around in the cosmic washing machine and then when it’s all done with us, we’re like, “What the fuck happened?” Magical people, here’s the thing with the 7 Day Miracle channeling is that they in many different directions were wanting me to talk to you about the preciousness of who you are and the medicine that you bring. When I say medicine, the gift that you bring, you may be aware of that gift. You’ve got the medicine in you and that medicine is what you bring to your family, to your friends, to your communities, depending on what work you do. A big message that I got was that they’re asking you to raise to a higher level of your art. Go ahead and feel into what that means for you. They’re pointing to your medicine being your art. This is what you came here to create.

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The reason why it’s important for you to understand your medicine and your rise in your art is because if you haven’t noticed the support that’s needed on the planet is exponential. All of a sudden, we always needed support on the planet, but there’s a lot of creation that’s happening. Before you came into this body, I hate to say it, you signed up for this shit. Many people who the angels bring to my work are here to make a change, difference, and an up level on the planet, whether they know it or not. A lot of times, the angels will bring people to me so that they can start dreaming up a new vision for their life and how they want to serve.

That could be you and feel into what I’m saying here because what I’m about to say, and what we’re about to do is going to be important to help get you to your next level of art. The reason why this is important, I came across a quote from Toni Morrison. First of all, I want to acknowledge that there are lots of angels here with you and that now’s the time to invite them into your life or into space with you so that you can hear with different ears and more loudly, the information that’s coming through for you. Even though I’m doing a group chat, there are specific things that spirit wants only just you to hear.

Our Inner Medicine

The medicine that you bring is your art into the world. Here is a quote that aligns with why it’s important for you to start exploring your art is from Toni Morrison. This is precisely the time when artists go to work. She’s talking about the global crisis, “There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.” She’s talking about artists, people like you and me who have medicine. Even though there’s plenty to be butthurt about because there’s a lot. Especially, if you’re an empath, you’re feeling everyone’s bullshit. It’s important for you to deepen into your artistry to consider.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, a creative or someone who’s officially here to do something good, now’s the time to call in that vision and if you’re already doing that vision, what is your uplevel for that? How are you going to take that to the next level? The planet needs our medicine, your medicine and it’s inside of you. You don’t always have to know exactly what it is. It seems out of you under the right conditions. What happens is spirit will start guiding you to the right conditions to that, which will create the right conditions. You come to the 7 Day Miracle Challenge board, you do the 7 Day Miracle Challenge or you read my book spirit is guiding you to create the right conditions for your inner truth and essence, to begin to seek out.

Some of you are feeling probably frustrated because you’re not at the place where you want to be in life for whatever reason. There are lots of good reasons for that. A lot of it is procrastination. I know there are a lot of procrastinators here but that’s why we need magic. I have been getting many WAFs from our mother, big mama, and Mother Earth. She has been blowing my freaking mind in sharing that our magic was suppressed by the church hundreds of years ago and we’re still recovering from that suppression. The magical humans are still recovering from that. Many humans are still recovering from that, depending on what religion you were following, magic is considered evil and talking to anything other than Jesus or God is evil.

I have to tell you that our mother is quite upset about that. It’s because it’s coming at a time where humans have never need magic more than you need magic. Do you not need magic right now? I am surviving to be honest since COVID 100% because I’m putting a lot of effort into magic and manifesting of the right mind, heart, and vision for our lives, not just mine, all of ours. It is fucking mean the suppression that has happened to gifted humans over the years or does people who are naturally dialed into the spiritual world. We are hard-wired for magic. That is how humans came into the world.

TGV 14 | Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel: The planet needs the medicine that is inside of you.


Excuse all the F-bombs, but I’m angry. My mom has been talking to me, our mom has been talking to me and she’s pissed too. Before the dogma, we were reading the signs, human survived because of magic. That’s how we found water and food. We found water and food through magic. We talked to the spirits, ancestors, angels, and spirits that God and our mother gave us not just to survive, but to thrive. It’s time to reclaim your magic and a higher vision for magic. Magic is real. I’m not talking about when you watch a documentary and seeing all these witches with things.

That’s powerful too, but I’m saying you as an intrinsic human being, having excessive access to magic, but you have to get attuned to it. You have to open up to it. It’s a real-world that you get birthed into. A lot of you have been working with me for long enough to know that the magical world is real. Once you open up through our angels or whatever capacity that you’re opening up magic too, it is real. The popular word for it is manifesting. It is scrubbed down. It’s bleached out. That’s not manifesting. We’re talking about magic. I want to take it back to our original roots. Manifesting is a whitewash diversion of what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about Earth magic, magic in heaven, magic in magic and conjuring of forces to come in and execute our will, your divine will. There are ways to open yourself up to that. The reason why it’s important is because in order to access your higher level of magic, you have to step into the field of that. I have my private clients that are stepping into the field of magic. We’ve been working together and they’re like, “I had no idea.” I got two people texting me because they have spirits talking to them and they’re talking to their dead dads. They go outside and the animals and wind speaking to them. They’re like, “I don’t know what happened.”

I’m like, “This is your birthright.” This is what we’ve all been missing out on. We need magic because it brings us hope and excessive amounts of support. My life is a culmination of an extensive amount of magical acts and your life, whatever you’re standing on, when you start raising your hand and saying, “Yes, I believe in magic and help me.” You take it seriously and you let go of your fear and you start asking for what you want, what you’re worthy of, and not what you think you’re worthy of, but what you feel like you’re not worthy of it. You’re going to ask anyway, get into that space. Don’t stop at your limitation.

Go beyond your limitation. Ask for more because our mother is here to support us. She is calling out all the magical humans who came here to tip the planet, balance, and to step into your art form. If you need help, she wants to help you. The spirit wants to help you. Who’s ready to get magical? The reason why Archangel Raziel is coming forward is because he is considered the great wizard in the sky but he’s not in the sky. He’s right here, as all spiritual beings that were given to us as medicine. It’s not evil to work with this stuff. They gave them to us as medicine.

Angels have been working with us since before religion. It’s okay. It’s fine. The water’s fine. They had me write down some words for you. They’re saying you are being called into a higher art form in your life. There is a stirring voice within you, slow down and listen. They want you to know that you start finding peace when you allow yourself to be part of the solution. This higher art form will require more magic. If you’re feeling extremely restless, then you feel helpless. You feel like you’re not somehow being part of the solution. Ask yourself like, “How can I be a deeper part of the solution?” Maybe it’s donating.

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I donated some money to this group in the Amazon that is helping the indigenous communities make a COVID mask because they don’t have access to resources. Little acts like that because the indigenous are special to me and they need to be preserved. Their ways need to be preserved and we need to support them. I’ve gained so much from working with these practices and medicines. There are different ways that you can strike your protest and become activated. Where are you not stepping up that you know you could probably do a better job that will bring you peace taking that act? Sometimes when we’re so knocked around, we feel helpless.

I’m going to tell you that feeling helpless is not any place for a magician. If you want magic, you’re going to have to step it up a little bit and realize like, “A lot of bad shit happened, but I do have access to the source. I have support all around me and my intuition.” The biggest block, once you have all those things is doing the guidance that you’re being guided to do. Don’t procrastinate and believe in something bigger. It’s a little cliché to say, “Be part of the solution.” It does help. It’s what helps me when I use my voice, I speak out and I throw a couple of F-bombs. It’s like medicine for me. Where are you holding back your voice? Maybe you need to speak up more in your family, or maybe you have something to say on Facebook.

Card Reading

There are lots of opportunities to speak up. There are lots of things to speak up for and stands to take for the oppressed. I was on this crazy magical rant. I can’t stress how much magic is real working with angels gets you there. By the way, people have been working with angels to boost their magic. The alchemists have been working with this stuff for years and years. This is nothing new. We are peeling back the layers of the bullshit we’ve been fed so we can get to the source, to the awesomeness, and to the goodness of what it takes to be masterful. Thrive and help the way we were designed to help. I pulled a couple of cards for us. Remember I said, Raziel helps with a clear keener vision?

You have seen this deck before. It was a newish deck. I don’t know what that well, but I love birdies. I bought it and it’s a cute little deck. These cards that I pulled are sweet for us. The first one was the Falcon and it says, “Use your keen perception and skill in making decisions. Do not delay.” I feel like they’re pointing out some of you all been procrastinating, “No mass procrastination.” Do you know how you can stop procrastinating? It’s magic. You asked Archangel Raziel and whoever your allies are to help you release procrastination, to help dissolve these blocks so that you can execute your art. Wait until you know this card because I was already talking to our mother. I had already written down the Toni Morrison quote.

This one is white Turkey-lurkey and it says, “The power to heal the Earth is within you.” Hearkening back to our conversation about magic and also that there is a stirring in you that wants to participate in leadership at a different level because there’s something inside calling you. I’ll tell you, your soul’s calling you to take action and to stop procrastinating. You may not believe in yourself. It’s not required that you believe in yourself. I can’t say that enough just believe in spirit, believe in something bigger than you. That’s how I did it in the beginning because I did not trust myself as much as I trusted spirit. I am a recovering low self-esteem addict, it’s part of my gift.

It’s maintaining gently, it’s better than it used to be, but a little low self-esteem is part of my magic. Don’t feel like you got to have your shit together is what I’m saying. You start doing the steps that you’re being guided to take whether or not you think you’re worthy of them. That’s the only way to execute your higher version of art. It’s going to be sometimes things that you don’t know anything about. It’s like the fact that I run my entire business, mostly from technology is insanity. I don’t know anything about that. I did not. You find your way. When you catch yourself going, “I can never do that because of this or that. I don’t have the cash and time for it. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to write a book. What am I supposed to do?”

TGV 14 | Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel: We need magic because it brings us hope and excessive amounts of support.


The good news is there’s Google, so you can become an expert in hours if you take a moment and decide how to do whatever it is that you want to do on the planet. If you’re reading this, you are wealthy enough to access any information that you want, depending on whatever your dream or your higher art form is. Terry is saying, “I’m not required to believe in yourself.” She said that hits hard. Don’t be waiting until you’re cooked because I wouldn’t be doing a damn thing if I thought I was finally ready for it. Don’t wait, rock your low self-esteem and do some shit anyways.

It doesn’t matter, just do it because it’s fun. One of the best ways to build self-esteem is to do some weird stuff that makes other people feel good. People are happy to have anybody out there trying to do anything to help. Go help, be merry. One more card that I pulled. Some of you who’ve been following me know I don’t do a lot of cards, but I have been because I’m going to design my own deck soon, but here’s this other cool deck. Earth Warriors by Alana Fairchild and then the other one was Divine Feather by Alison DeNicola. The card that I pulled and it’s Anka Kin of the Red Hawk Tribe.

I wanted to read a little bit about the energy of this card before we connect you with Archangel Raziel, which we’ll be doing. “On the wings of the Red-tailed Hawk, a divine message comes, your spiritual maturity has evolved into genuine power and discernment. You have earned your stripes. Acknowledgment is granted. Trust yourself and your destiny, you are ready. Trust in your sense of timing, which is excellent and inspired. Allow the divine to support you as you hover until the moment comes for you to fearlessly plunge into your forthcoming adventure.” I pulled this at the end. I already knew what I was talking about. This is validation for you that things have changed.

We’ve all evolved a little bit. You cannot go through this planetary purge without gaining something a little bit. It’s a choice whether or not you’re going to gain it. I’m inviting you to gain it by accessing your magic and taking your spiritual side more seriously than you’ve ever done before. Engaging in angel and spiritual work and all that stuff a little bit more, it’s not so you can bypass the darkness. Some people use their spirituality as a weapon to blind themselves from the horrors. That’s not what we’re doing here. We’re alchemizing. We don’t want you to be blinded from the horrors. We want you to support, to heal, and to shift things. You can’t do that when you’re using your spirituality as a ticket to dissociation.

You have to use it to anchor yourself onto this planet and to make a deep connection with the earth because our mother is calling and she needs you. I’ll keep on reading, “A divine message here for. Be open to the signs from the universe. You are more mature spiritually than you may realize. You have the ability to share wisdom and honesty with your tribe. If you’re still searching for your tribe, trust yourself.” You don’t have to completely trust yourself. “You will recognize them instinctively when you meet them, even if on the outside, they seem different to you. You are seeing things clearly. Trust your vision and have patients, speak your truth, but do so with compassion because your words have greater influence than you may realize. When the moment is right, take action. A way will be shown for you to manifest your spiritual light in this world, in practical ways.”

Depending on what part of the path you’re on, maybe you’ve been doing shining your light officially for a while. This is your call to like, “This time to next level it.” If you’re feeling a little detached from your work, it’s because you’re calling in a new dream. It’s not your dream. It’s the dream for the people that you’re meant to serve that’s why listening is important. Even if it feels like your dream, whatever it is that you are dreaming up, it’s not your dream. I’ve said this before. It’s the dream of the people that you are meant to serve, which is why you have to take it seriously. If you don’t trust yourself that this is the right dream, trust spirit instead, and say, “This is not my dream. If I was dreaming someone else’s dream, and then you would take the steps,” if you knew for sure it was coming from spirit.

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Assume it’s coming from spirit and try some shit anyways, just assume. Take the first step. I love what they said about the timing. Timing is everything. You have to wait silently until you feel an inner urge to do something. Most people pass that moment up because they’re too afraid to do the urge, but it’ll come back. You don’t have to have the whole plan down, but whatever you feel called to do at that moment, “I feel like I making a post about this. I feel like creating this workshop. Maybe I want to start a blog, maybe I want a podcast or I want to podcast with me and my friends.” Little things like that. You could start little and fun but you will find more peace when you are doing something creative and doing something artistic.

Create something that you feel like that is scary, but you can be proud of. Even though I’ve been terrorized by most of the work that I do, I look back and I go, “Why the hell did I do that?” All the programs that I’ve created, all my courses and the book, and I look back and go, “How did that happen?” It’s because spirits helping you go, “That’s never going to work out.” You look back and go, “I could have been asleep at the wheel and I ended up creating some cool shit and people are digging it. It’s an awesome feeling.” I want all of you to have that feeling if you don’t already. The reason why I want to connect you with Archangel Raziel is to remind you if you haven’t done any of the work that I’ve done with other people or whatever.

Archangel Raziel connects you to the spirit world. If you have been doing some work with spirit and with other angels, it’s important to make a good, powerful connection with Raziel first. He’s one of the easier Archangels to access. Sometimes angels come to us quite easily. Sometimes it’s harder to access them for a variety of reasons. I’m talking about the Archangels. Your personal angels are always there, but the Archangels, a lot of times that’s where a lot of the Alchemy can come from. You want to hail the big cheeses. You want to go for the big guns, which is why I spend a lot of time with the Archangels. There are other lesser angels that you can work with as well.

I like to make sure people are dialed into the Archangels first. Raziel can connect you with the spirit world, not just angels, but if you want to talk to a loved one that’s passed away, our mother, or whoever it is that you’re interested in being called to work with, Archangel Raziel is a good one and he can help boost your magic. He can help you with clarity and creative solutions to things, to boost your magic, which is what we’re going to do. He’s coming in. I’m making way for him. Since he’s coming in, it seems like now’s a good time to make a powerful, next-level connection with Archangel Raziel.

If you’re in a place where you can quiet down a little bit, I recommend to quiet down. If you need to find a different place and do it quietly, feel free to do it. Before we get into this invocation, I want to remind, you are already a highly magical creature. Magic is your birthright. Humans have used magic since the beginning of dawn, not to survive, but to thrive and that you hardwired for ritual. The more you gain mastery and accepting your role as a magician, the more life can open up to you. Your heart can open up to you. This isn’t just magic to have power because haven’t we seen enough of people who are looking for power? It’ perverted.

The Invocation

This is about radiating an excessive amount of love and such a love-fueled being that you become a magnet for awesomeness. Awesome things happen. They fall in your lap. You don’t have to do big acts of anything. You naturally start dialing into the field of magic and that’s the magic we’re going for naturally doing it. Get ready for a little invocation, Archangel Raziel, Big Mama, Mother Earth, and the creator of all that is. I ask that you support each person in initiating themselves into their higher art form and level of magic. Archangel Raziel, I ask that you help each person reading make a powerful connection with the divine that is palpable where they see your divine footprints, feel the call, where they have access to their magical voice inside that is guiding them to a life of more love, freedom, time, wealth, and health.

TGV 14 | Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel: Your soul is calling you to take action and to stop procrastinating.


Archangel Raziel, we ask that you connect them with any helpful Archangels, angels, and spirits that are benevolent that come from source so that their magic can be freaking obvious. Help their magic be obvious, help them claim and reclaim the magic that is inside of them. Pachamama, Mother Earth, I ask that you help anchor these beautiful beings of light in their body, help them make a deep connection with your field with a magical field of love and powerful support. Everybody, take a deep breath as Mother Earth anchors you to the planet. By anchoring you to the planet, what she’s showing me is everybody becoming a bell with their own resonance and sound. By anchoring your magic and accepting your magic on the planet, it creates a tone on the planet. It’s like a field of magic. They’re saying the more people that do this the more people enter into the field of magic.

Take a deep breath and let Mother Earth and Archangel Raziel connect you with the field of magic. I would like to expressly, ask her permission to connect you with the world and the field of real magic, true magic, say, “Yes,” aloud. That is possible for you to fully embrace your magic. Raziel wants you to help you understand your medicine and art form, and would like to connect all levels of your mind and body with what that is. Say yes to that. Your magic, they’re saying begins with your vision, holding a field of beauty, which we’ve talked about but then taking those practical steps to execute your will, which when you’re dialed into the spirit, it’s not just your will, it’s the divine will. We all have our being called to an obligation to listen to the divine will and become supported. The more that you listen, the more support that you receive.

I want you to envision a beautiful rainbow right in front of you. That is like a bridge to the spirit world. The seven colors of the rainbow are going to connect with the Seven Archangels. You’ll see seven stars calmed down from the rainbow stripes. They’re putting them in your feet. They’re saying you stand on. It’s like standing on top of heaven, having heaven at your feet to help you walk in the world. That is Archangel Raziel connecting you with divine energy to walk the magical path and to take action they’re saying. Archangel Raziel and Big Mama, we’re going to thank you for starting this process with us. They want you to know this is the beginning of our process and to work with your magic daily.

I would work with Raziel daily to help connect you with God, essentially, Goddess, source, your own higher self so that you can begin to listen to the sound and whispers of love and invitation that are coming from the divine. Notice how you feel in your body when you’re working with angels or any divine energy, it’s important to begin to sense and feel, learn what it feels like when you’re connected with a potency that’s part of the invocation. If you can feel it that means it’s activated inside of you, some of you may see, sense, or know it but you can work with this activation and notice how it feels before you do it and after. How many of you feel a little shift afterwards? Those are the things to pay attention to. When you’re working magic, you have to become a witness to the healing and what has happened. Do you feel more magical?

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If not do it again and again, but open your eyes when you go out into the world. Begin listening with different ears and keep asking for support in stepping into and creating your art and think about what you’re going to create to help be part of the solution. It could be a little sweet and painful thing. It could be anything. How can you feel the tingling? The Summer of Love Fest six-week live stream extravaganza. Make sure to come and join us in the 7 Day Miracle Challenge Group. That’s where it’s happening. 8:00 AM, 10:00 PM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM and sometimes 4:00 PM even Pacific. We have different readers coming on, giving different wisdom, reading oracle cards, doing healing work. Mahita is saying her whole body is buzzing.

Make sure to come to those, we’re doing that. That’s volunteers for the Angel Alchemy Academy. They’re coming to bring love. We know that it’s important. Carol can feel the full body energy. Usually during Love Fest, I will come every Wednesday. I’m not doing this every Wednesday. I’m doing it every other Wednesday. Meet me at 8:00, make sure to check the schedule. It is pinned up in the 7 Day Miracle Challenge board, set your alarm, create an event for when I come on, and any of the other readers. There’s a lot of amazing stuff that they’re going to be doing, that we’re going to be doing. Check the schedule and make sure to set your alarm so you can show up and not miss anything. Thank you. We’ll see you.

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