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Release 2020 And Angel Guidance For 2021

By December 28, 2020Podcast
TGV 27 | Angel Guidance

TGV 27 | Angel Guidance


It is no secret that the year 2020 has been very tough for almost everyone. Now that the new year is upon us, people are hoping for something better. Today’s podcast features Corin Grillo’s live broadcast originally recorded for her VIP angel/spiritual community called the Inner Sanctum. Listen in if you need some deep wisdom and deeper angel guidance not just to survive but THRIVE in 2021. Let’s all support each other to elevate our lives and start the new year with hope, love, and joy.

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Release 2020 And Angel Guidance For 2021

I know a lot of you are not official members of The Inner Sanctum, so this is our December 2020 telesanctuary. In The Inner Sanctum, we meet every month for some intuitive training, angel healing or whatever the topic there is, but every quarter we work on the equinox and solstice. I’ll often have an event or one of the telesanctuaries around this because it’s important for us to work our magic especially now. Every week in The Inner Sanctum, I send a fresh angel healing to everyone. If you’re new, let us know that you’re new and say hi. We have The Inner Sanctum members here and brand-new people.

We have people from all over the world. We got New Jersey, Oahu and Colorado, Texas. I want to give you a warm welcome if you’re not from The Inner Sanctum. Our community only opens up about once or twice a year. This is a wonderful time. I’m excited about doing our Winter Solstice Event because we have done winter solstice events with you guys in The Inner Sanctum but not like this. We are in some interesting energy that we’re going to talk about.

I had an angel miracle happened to me and essentially started communicating with angels after that. My life has now turned out that we do angel healing year-round. The Inner Sanctum is our year-round angel healing and intuitive community where the people who come to The Inner Sanctum are ultra rock stars, meaning they’re heart-centered humans with big missions, have a real calling to deepen and to create an authentic connection with the divine. We promote each person owning who they are as a mystic to embrace the reality of spirit and angels in whatever way they see fit.

Let me tell you what we’re doing. We’re going to have a Winter Solstice Ritual. If you have candles, go ahead and light them. Winter Solstice is about the fire and the light coming back, but in 2020, it’s about way more than that. It’s already a celebration to bring in the light but at the capacity that is about to happen for us, especially after 2020, how welcome is the light? I know some of you are coming in and doing Angelmas. You might be doing Angelmas for 21 days. The Inner Sanctum was born from me doing this 21-day of rituals and then people at the end going, “What do I do?” I’m like, “I don’t know. Go party, have fun and play with the angels.”

TGV 27 | Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance: Getting a breakthrough requires mental discipline and a commitment to work towards love no matter what is being presented to you in the outside world.


The Inner Sanctum is something that came to me in inspiration as far as like, “What’s another way I can impact and support people in developing their unique relationship with the angels, create miracles and magic in their life year-round?” That’s what we do. You get a new one every week. We’re going to talk about the solstice. I’m going to tell you about some of the auspicious events in the sky and the cosmos that are happening to create this big energy and influx of energy that we’re going through. I had to write a lot down because there’s a lot of things that I didn’t want to miss. We’re going to talk about the auspicious moment we’re in energetically. We’re going to talk a little bit about 2020 and I’m also going to give you guys some messages from angels that people in The Inner Sanctum need. It’s going to help kick us off for 2021.

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These are energies that you want to start inviting in to help support your growth, connection, mission, wealth and whatever it is that you’re working on in 2021. Make sure you have pen and paper handy because what I’m about to talk about may jump out at you intuitively. If that happens, make sure to write down the things that connect and make sense for you. If there are some things that I say that seem a little off or not connecting with you, trash it. Don’t write it down. We’re so unique and not everything is for everyone. Did the spirit have something to say? After I talked to you about what the angels want us to know going into 2021, we’re going to do a ceremony. Meaning, I’m going to do an angel healing.

We have Archangel Azrael and Archangel Gabriel coming in for that to set the energy and open up the portal for us to make the most out of this influx of energy that’s coming. Make sure to hang around for that. Don’t leave until you’ve received that because these little boosts do help. When we gather in a community like this, it’s so powerful. I’m sure a lot of The Inner Sanctum members can attest to what things happen when we’re gathering intentionally to create some result. You’re also going to meet an Inner Sanctum member who volunteered. She wanted to share her story about what happened to her in 2020. We know that 2020 has been something. It’s been interesting. At the very least, we can say 2020 is a freaking powerful year and a lot of harsh and disruptive energy was there.

It was a big ass mirror to show us where we need room for growth and where our systems need room for growth where how we relate to each other room for growth where. Educational systems need room for growth. It’s like spirit putting this magnifying glass on the deepest, darkest bits of our shadow on our delusions and insanity. It’s all coming up. We can say it’s a powerful year. Some might characterize this year as insane. Others might call it different things but I would love to know what your word for 2020 is with your experience now that we’re at the end. First of all, let’s celebrate the end of 2020.

That’s why I want to bring someone on who’s volunteering to share her magical story. With these energies that are up for us, it can be about our mastery and the decisions that we make to shift our energy. Not just to shift our energy but to direct our energy in an awesome direction. That’s very much what we do in The Inner Sanctum. It’s what we all can do because we’re all being presented with an opportunity and a choice to be sovereign, no matter what’s happening on the planet to fight for our peace and our vision for ourselves, families, communities and the world. That very much encapsulates our Inner Sanctum stars and the people who join us as a lot of them have a vision for the world, family and community, but all of them are heart-centered and amazing.

Marth said she gained awareness on so many levels. Stephanie said it’s such a deeper connection with her spirituality and learning of my sovereignty.” Britney got a lot of clarity. Carol is saying breakdown and breakthrough. That’s very much what the goal can be but in order to get to a breakthrough, that requires a mental discipline and a commitment to work towards love, no matter what is being presented to you in the outside world. Congratulations on that. Angel is saying painful and powerful. It’s a birth process to a new life. I know you’ve been in our community for a while here and it’s great for me to hear that from you. We’re going to hear from Cassandra Smith.

The Solstice

Let’s do a little quick invocation and then we’ll get into some of the content of what we’re doing. I see we have over 300 people here which is amazing. Again, if you’re joining us, tell us who you are and where you’re from. Some of you have finished up Angelmas. Some of you don’t know what angelmas is. A lot of you are from The Inner Sanctum. There’s been a lot of talk in the spiritual community about the solstice. I don’t know if you guys are dialed in but some people are talking about, “We’re shifting into the fifth dimension and we’re ascending.” Some people are talking about the age of Aquarius is dawning or is here.

Some people are saying a bunch of other stuff but how many of you have a sense that this is a powerful time. One of the indicators that we’re headed into a powerful time is a complete disruption. I wrote down some of the signs here. The signs of big transition over the eons of human life generally come with massive fear, sometimes economic collapse and lots of rage because it’s a big purge. We can look at the last few years, at least in the United States and see there’s a lot of increase in fear-based reality.

A lot of spiritual people, especially spiritual bypassers are getting sunk back into their skin, starting to feel their authentic emotions and then having to cope with, “I’m afraid.” Not too long ago, I had full trust and surrender but when shit starts hitting the fan and you’re facing a potential economic collapse, pandemic and all of these things, we were all called to get deeper into our heart, soul and truth. People are becoming more polarized. There’s fragmentation. Even within the political parties, they’re separating themselves. The spiritual community is separating itself. On the outside, it looks like a shit show but in reality, it is required in order to dissipate, deconstruct and self-destruct, if you will, in certain ways in order to have a full rebirth.

2020 was auspicious. There’s a lot going on and we’re all dialed into it. It’s almost as if the entire world was finally tuning in to the same issue all at the same time. That’s the first time in my lifetime that the whole world is going, “Here’s this one issue we need to look at.” I’m talking about the pandemic, all the offshoot, political stuff going on and all that stuff. It’s in a way dialing us into the reality of the other and some of the deeper reality of the other. Some of it has been very challenging for us to come to grips with the fact that others don’t believe the same things as we do, they’re willing to fight for it.

It’s baffling like, “How could you believe about the pandemic, politics, or whatever?” Spirit wanted me to bring this in a way that doesn’t freak you out that brings a bigger context to the massive thing that’s happening that is quite cool. Let me say, if you’re alive, you’re a spiritual person and you want us to help people, this is what you came here for. On the one hand, since you came into incarnation for this moment, it’s going to be up to you to start removing the mask that you wear and starts digging into your heart, soul and deeper essence, and having a query of like, “Who am I? What do I believe in? Why did I come here?”

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That is the query at this stage. People are talking about the Age of Aquarius is dawning with this solstice. Every 2,000 years, we move into a different astrological sign which is the Age of Aquarius. Do you know that song, “This is the dawning of the age?” They were all dancing, happy and excited. That song is in the mid-to-late-1960s. They knew it was coming but their interpretation of it is it’s going to be dancing and enlightenment. Now that we’re in 2020, we’re like, “Let’s rewind the dial or get us through this shit. There is not a collective singing and dancing. Isn’t it wonderful the return of enlightenment?”

No. It’s because we have spiritually bypassed ourselves to a way where we’re not willing to go into the darkness. We don’t want disruption and see the truth. We want everything to be pretty. We are getting invited to come to reality. The reality is that we live in a place of polarity and until we include this whole thing in us like, “This is yuck.” Until we purge it all out, we cannot have the time of cooperation and collaboration all over the planet unless we all do MDMA together. That’s the only thing I can think of that can force this cooperation on us all at once. Until that can happen, we’re going to have to do some inner work to open our hearts, to find deep authenticity, connection and understanding of “the other,” whoever you perceive as the enemy.

In The Inner Sanctum, we have the opportunity to start owning that and acknowledge the polarity but to not be so seduced by light, love, peace and darkness that you become freaking delusional and paranoid. They’re all coming to get us and the deep state. Those are the two polarities that I’m seeing very loud and clear. I’m going, “I don’t think I want to play in any of those games. I am going to stay in my freaking body and I’m going to do my best to come up with a plan that we can get MDMA to the whole planet all at once including our political leaders. Until then, I’m standing in the middle.” I’m like, “I’m staying with spirit, heart and body. That’s my commitment.”

TGV 27 | Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance: Start removing your masks and start digging into your heart, your soul, and the deeper essence of who you are and what you believe in.


We all know. It’s like the Age of Aquarius and we’ve heard about astrologically is Jupiter and Saturn getting conjunct. I am not an astrologer by any means. Sometimes, I have people who are astrologers come in and talk to us in our telesanctuaries in The Inner Sanctum and they share their expertise. We know that big event and some people believe that that event was the Star of Bethlehem that they talk about in the Christian version of the Bible.

There’s that event but a lot of people don’t know about this thing that’s happening. The ancient Toltecs were major cosmological mad people. Again, I’m no expert in Toltec wisdom, but it’s very auspicious that there are all these things aligning. The Toltecs believed that our sun orbited around a central sun and that star that we orbit around is in the Pleiades. You guys know the star cluster is the Pleiades.

They said that it takes 26,500 years for our sun to orbit its central star. Every time it completes that cycle, a completely new sun is born. Every 26,000 years, shit hits the fan. There are little smaller errors of that along the way but we’re tapping into, thanks to this ancient wisdom. We’re even completing a way bigger cycle than most people are aware of. It’s not the last 2,000 years. We’re talking 26,500 where the sun gets its rebirth.

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When you look around the world, there are all of these allegories, mythologies and religious stories about the birth of the sun around this time. Let’s look at Jesus, for instance. They call him the son but is it the son or is it the sun or is it both? I don’t know. I’m tripping out in my brain. That’s up for you to decide but most cultures embrace the light. Even the ancient ones that didn’t have telescopes know that this season is where the light starts coming into the darkness. The difference about this light is that we will be receiving influxes of light from the new sun.

This is the sixth sun. We’ve lived through the fifth sun according to the Toltecs and now, we are in such a unique position. Again, 26,500 years and you happen to be born now. Seriously, what’s up with that? By many accounts, 2020 sucked by so many people. However, it is indicative that we’re heading into a time of great opportunity and complete bullshit. We’re going to head into some shit because there’s a new sun being born. Meaning the energies are changing. Our bodies, hearts and minds have to adapt. The way we’ve been living has to change to address the new influx of energy that’s not coming from our new sun. It’s coming from the central sun. A magical time to be alive. You guys are magical people if you’re here. Angels wouldn’t have brought you here if you’re not meant to be a magical human on this planet.

It’s so freaking cool. Here’s the thing. There is no dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We’re in it. As of the solar eclipse, the birth of the new sun began already. It comes into more of completion around May 2021. We are in a powerful time between now and May 2021 to work your magic because of this birth of light, doesn’t it sound amazing? I told you what light does. It illuminates the shadow which means you have to have your shit together and be able to cope with things that aren’t going your way. 2020 in a way started that process but we don’t have control. Quit pretending that we do and quit trying to grip onto controlling and create all these conspiracies around. None of us know what the fuck is happening is the thing.

We all sense something big is happening. How do we survive? What do we do to stay anchored and in love with our commitment and stay embodied so we can feel the intensity without running from it, seeping back into our addictions or turning our rage and anger about other people when we’re in a big cosmic cycle and nobody knows what to do with this energy? Half of us are going insane. The other half of us want to kill ourselves because it’s so fucking intense but hang the fuck on because shit is getting good. You have to have a magical mind. You have to be dialed. You have no way to survive this without having a magical, miraculous mind. We need our spirit more than we’ve needed it now in practical ways. Are you feeling me? We need spirit. That’s why we’re all here for solstice because we need ceremony and acknowledge what the hell is going on.

Here are some messages from spirits. It’s some of the strategies that I want to begin to invite you to comprehend. Now more than ever, we need our community of like-minded people. If they don’t believe the same way that we do, at least the ones that have an open mind and an open heart because the time we’re entering will be more bullshit but it’s all about what you do with it that matters. Can we ever have needed our community more than we ever have? We do in The Inner Sanctum. Because I’m aware of this, we’re going to start having official prayer circles so that we can start praying for the planet, each other in our lives and smaller group things. I’m adding that to our 2021 roster in The Inner Sanctum because this is important. We need a like-minded community to refocus our energies.

Be Flexible

One of the things that are going to be important for each of you, whether you’re in The Inner Sanctum or not, is that this 2020 created a lot of grievances for people. In our healing, we’re going to release a lot of those grievances through the support of our archangels. I’m going to open up a ceremony and do a healing for everyone. The reason why you want to remove your grievances is we need to open up with this new influx of light, not in fear. Not in gripped about, “What’s going to come next,” but with an open heart and an embracing of life, not the life that you want it to be or wish it was. “I wish I could go to the restaurant again,” because I’m in California, we’re on lockdown.

It’s not that kind of embrace life but embrace life as it is. It was a huge message around becoming flexible in ways that you have never allowed yourself to be flexible. Allowing the flexibility, the fluidity of your heart and mind about right and wrong in all of these things, allowing that to soften a little bit so that we can move with this power. When you’re too rigid, you break. When you think about branches are too rigid but when you are softened and when you consciously invite in flexibility in your mind, heart, body and life that is what they wanted you to stress. That is energy. It’s not like, “I decide.” You have to invite in the energy of flexibility of fluidity of you being able to open your mind. Again, I believe it’s the people who have this capacity to be flexible and open up their minds that is where resilience will come from in 2021. We saw people breaking into insanity because their minds couldn’t bend and flex.

That’s something that may seem obvious but the spirit was about being flexible. Can you be flexible? Can you be inclusive and accept the other even if what they’re saying is whack like you don’t even get it? How can you believe that shit? The question is instead of, how can you believe? How can I understand more? That puts all of your power back inside of you. It takes some of the grievances away and it dissolves this us versus them mentality.

Again, they’re bringing in fluidity and your own capacity for understanding. How can I understand this more as opposed to how could you believe or think that and putting all of your projection all over people? “They’re not enlightened enough. They’re not awake yet.” Arrogant is fucked. Spiritual folk needs to stop being arrogant that we think we know everything and start going, “How can I understand this?” Flexibility, we can do it.

That way, we don’t have to figure anything out. We have to be smart. We can be dumb. We can be flexible. I’m rolling with it and this is how I feel about it. I’m going to execute my mission as best as I can. I’m going to commit to causing less harm, no harm involved. I’m going to bring more love, mission, understanding, connection, be a bridge and do whatever it is that you came here to do. Again, flexibility and understanding. How does that sound? Does that sound good? What if I need to be flexible instead of having everything figured out? I liked it too. I was like, “Thank you for that.” The most resilient people that you will find are the ones that are able to do this.

Spirit wants to open up this solstice to help you dream in more flexibility and dream in a world that is more cooperative and flexible for each other because this new sun doesn’t dictate what’s going to happen. We do, with the energy and we could, as you can see, create more war, animosity or we can create a grounded, practical, open, honest conversation without bypassing it and pretending, “Everything is going to be fine.” It’s not going to be fine unless we take action. Those actions start with our own willingness to be flexible, serve and creative on your particular part of this tapestry that is getting woven. How can you serve in ways you never even thought was possible? That’s very much what we do in The Inner Sanctum. If not, how do we acquire this consciousness in order to pursue that psyche?

We’re in extreme times for a reason. There’s a rebirth of energy and sun. Our job is to align ourselves with that energy so that it supports us as opposed to decays us, makes us crazy essentially or makes us turn against each other. We have a choice. Let’s start choosing wisely. That means your vision for 2021. Make sure that you also hold a vision of beauty for yourself, life, the world and the planet because we matter. Things are going through a major weird-ass reset. I don’t care who everyone is. People think that they know we’re going into the fifth dimension and that’s what’s happening. Nobody knows. What can we do? We’re going to keep our hearts open, stay flexible, be wise and have a vision of beauty. That’s the best we can do and party. That’s always my option. Choose the life of a party, live a life of faith, not fear and hold a vision of faith, not fear for our people and the world.

Let me know if you guys commit to that. Say yes, “I commit to calling in more flexibility.” Our work is looking into our worst bits and going, “It’s there, that’s fine.” That includes our hatred towards ourselves or not understanding ourselves. If you were dividing yourself up, beating yourself up towards because you have an addiction or whatever, that also goes for your inner work for yourself like, “You big druggie. That’s what we’re doing. Let me understand you a little bit better.” As opposed to, “Why do you always do this to yourself?” It’s whole different energy.

Cassandra’s Story

Cassandra Smith is the one that wanted to share. We hear a lot of bad news in the world so I wanted to bring someone on to give us some good news about what happened in 2020 for them. Cassandra, I’m going to bring you on. After this, we’re going to start doing our healing work and open up the portal for the solstice together. First of all, I want to thank you for volunteering to share your awesome story. We have several people in our community that had some great years because they’ve been working their spiritual magic. Can you give us a little nutshell of how you feel The Inner Sanctum or the angel supported you this year?

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What I can tell you is I came across The Inner Sanctum at a time in my life where I failed to recognize who I was anymore based on a trauma that had happened years prior to that. I had made a decision to move to Mexico and happened to be sitting on a beach one night. In my desperation, I heard like, “You can’t go on like this.” I said, “Don’t you know I know that? If you show me and you tell me how to do this, I will do whatever it takes.” Within two days, I saw an ad for you for the soul cleanse. I hadn’t heard about you at this time. I thought, “What do I have to lose? This has been brought to me for a reason.” I didn’t do it on the first signing. I got an email the next day that said, “Do you want to know if the soul cleanses for you? Do this little test.” You taught us how to do the Sway Test. I was very grateful to find out I wasn’t a toaster because I had checked out of reality at that point.

When I asked if the soul cleanse was for me, I feel like somebody shoved me towards my door. I said, “I’m listening.” I signed up and I can honestly tell you that first 21 days, I fought it every step of the way out of fear of changing. During that process, I was feeling shifts and I was getting beautiful feedback from everybody that was in the group, it was very supportive and it was like, “Keep going. You’re going to get what you need.” In the end, I thought I’m not ready to not do this anymore. It’s become a part of who I am now. What can I do?

I got the notice, “Would you like to join The Inner Sanctum?” If I could share one quick breakthrough for me because I truly believe it was a miracle. I joined The Inner Sanctum because I wanted that sense of being a part of a community of like-minded individuals. I knew something inside me said, “You need this support. You have to have the support.” After a few weeks then, I saw a notification that we were going to be doing a deep dive into grief and I could feel the anxiety and the tension coming on. When we went to be in invocation stance, you were talking me through it and saying, “Give it all up to the angel. Let them take this from you.” I remember saying, “I can’t do it. I’m not ready to do this. I’m scared.” I remember asking the angels like, “If I knew that my son was safe, he was there with you and he was at peace, I might be able to let go a little bit and move forward.”

TGV 27 | Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance: When a new sun is being born, the energies are changing. Our bodies, hearts, and minds have to adapt to address the new influx of energy.


It’s because you had lost your son.

I went through a series of this emotional rabbit hole that I couldn’t get out of. At that moment, I heard the angel say to me, “We want to take away your pain.” I said, “If you could tell me that he’s okay, I can do this.” At that moment, I felt a very powerful presence and I had this vision. It was Jesus standing right in front and He has my son. I can see a beautiful smile. It was like I could reach out and touch him. I remembered at that moment falling to my knees and crying like I hadn’t cried in a long time.

I felt Jesus reached down and put His hand on my chest. I felt this overwhelming sense of peace. I laid there on the floor literally thinking had a psychotic break because I thought, “You’ve completely lost your mind.” A couple of days later in The Inner Sanctum, I decided I was going to do an angel healing. I thought that was what I needed. I was fortunate enough to meet Jill Boucher Ecker. If you’ve never met Jill or you want to find out about her, she’s this lovely, beautiful person. Our reading went well.

Near the end of it, I came in to talk about grief. I said, “I’d lost my son and I’m working through this.” She said, “Let me see if I can feel into this for you. I see your son. He’s doing good healing work on the other side. She starts to giggle. I said, “What?” She said, “I literally see him standing with Jesus. They’re high-fiving each other like, ‘Let’s do this.’” I said, “Shut up, Jill. I know you didn’t say that because I got to tell you what happened to me a few days ago.”

I said, “I thought I lost my mind. I thought I had a psychotic break and I was checking out.” She looked at me and she said, “You did not imagine that. You were given a beautiful gift and blessing. It’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do with it.” At that moment, I can only equate it to and since it’s Christmas time, this is what it felt like. Do you know how the Grinch stole Christmas? When he finally felt he had the love and support of his community, no matter how many bad things he did and awful he felt he was when he felt that sense of being supported and loved, his heart grew ten times. That’s what I felt like.

I felt I had a release and at that moment, I knew that it was okay for me to move on, continue my healing and what I was carrying was not mine to carry. The next few months have been nothing short of miraculous and the breakthroughs and the wonderful experiences that I’ve had. I’m not saying it’s been easy because healing is not an easy process. It can be dirty, hard, heartbreaking and all of those things. What I can say is it’s so worth it. Being a part of a community of The Inner Sanctum, I love you all and I consider you all are angels. I’m so grateful for all of the support and love because I simply could not have done it without you.

Corin, I’ve said it a million times, you’ve been a lifesaver. You truly have been for me. If anybody could have seen me years ago, I ruined relationships and I lost friends. My daughter and I became estranged and she’s my only other child. I thought at that point in my life I had absolutely nothing to lose. After a year of going through this process, I’m going to see her. I haven’t seen her in over a year and she thanked me for doing the work. She said, “You’re so different, mom. You’re a totally different human being.” We have deep and long conversations now. Sometimes, hours and hours on end. That has been such a beautiful blessing to me. When my friends and my husbands sometimes look at me and they’ll say, “It’s so nice to see you again.” I know what they mean. It’s amazing. As I said, it’s not easy but it’s so worth it.

Cassandra, you did the work and something that you said was you made a decision. You knew you had a decision, you stuck with it, you followed your heart and you jumped in. Your story is so powerful. We have gone through a lot of loss this year but it’s hard for me to conceive of a loss as great as losing your own child. This is beautiful.

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Being a part of the Divine Magic Mastery, I had an experience where He came through as a guide for me. I knew it was him right away. The experience of having peace and knowing that he is around me, I can feel his energies around me now. I can look forward to knowing that he’s guiding my path and so many good things are coming out of this. I have a renewed sense of purpose. I can truly say I’m in a happy place, that my heart is full of love and joy. Not that I don’t have struggles and still so much to work on because I struggle with other things but I look forward to it now. I look forward to the challenge of, what can I remove? What can I release? What can I do to make myself better every single day? I wake up with a grateful heart and say, “What do you need from me?”

These miracles happen for us along the way when we commit to doing our part. You committed to at least opening up your mind that this shit is real. Maybe there’s something to it and you’re experiencing that grace. Cassandra, you and all of the people of The Inner Sanctum are the reason why I keep doing this work. You and your testimonies keep me alive in so many more ways than one but it’s so mind-blowing. I’m so grateful that you’re part of our community.

I want to thank you for it every single day. My gratitude runs incredibly deep. I have to say, when you work on yourself, it spreads to the people around you because I’ve seen profound changes in my family. It’s been amazing.

I feel like I could talk about this for hours with you. I’m always blown away when I hear people’s fuller stories. You did the work and the medicine that we have at our fingertips from the spirit is there for all of us. You have alchemized it. You transformed this and you can feel him now. It’s beautiful. Jesus is sneaky. He sneaks right in.

He’s the man, I’m telling you. It was powerful and beautiful. It’s an experience I don’t think I will ever forget in my lifetime.

The reason why Jill and Cassandra got together is that Jill is a graduate of My Intuitive Angel Healing Training called The Angel Alchemy Academy. Every once in a while, depending on the program, we will give out free 30-minute healings. I don’t know if that’s how you found her or if you found her through Love Fest. The reason why I wanted to create an intuitive angel healing community of people who knew how to do this stuff is that that’s how I was healed.

My first miracle happened because someone gave me an angel healing. It’s so wonderful to see that all coming full circle hearing your story. Jill got the honor of facilitating that incredible gift, too. Thanks for mentioning that. We have this incredible community. Cassandra, your story lifts me up. It’s important to know that 2020 was not all a shit show. You had an opportunity and you took that opportunity to heal and to expand your heart a little bit more.

Absolutely because I didn’t feel like I have one.

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. Again, thanks for bringing your little joy with us.

I don’t do that much. My heart is beating a million miles an hour but thank you so much for allowing me to share that.

TGV 27 | Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance: The year 2020 created a lot of grievances for people. We need to release those grievances through the support of our archangels.


You did it beautifully. You did a beautiful service to let people know the story. Sometimes, I feel like the best way for me to talk about the programs that we do and we co-create with spirit and angels is to have you guys each other freaking crazy, awesome stories. Before we get to the healing, something I want to say is if you join The Inner Sanctum, we are going to give you a free 30-minute angel healing session with one of my students as well.

If you decide to join, you’ll be included in that list and our students will be offering another 30-minute New Year’s angel healing and reading. If you are new to The Inner Sanctum and I believe if you’re interested, you can go to my website at CorinGrillo.com or CorinGrillo.com/inner-sanctum. On there, it’ll have something about The Inner Sanctum. If you sign up, you get a free reading. Cassandra, it’s good to know good news every once in a while.

There are so many amazing people that share. We have a Facebook group and people share the cool stuff that’s going on. I invite you to join us if you need support and something to remember every day that spirit is alive, well and ready to come to your service and your aid. As I said earlier, we give free audio every week and I channel it right the day before so the energy is alive. It’s what’s happening that week. We have a library of over 200 audios is in there. If you want to do one every day, you can do one for months if you want. There are some other bonuses.

We do one of these once a month. This is one of our telesanctuaries and we do training. You also get discounts on my events. If I’m doing training, having a retreat or anything like that, you get discounts. You can sign up and you can cancel any time. It’s not a crazy obligation. I hope you do choose to join our community in 2021. This crazy time of an influx of new energy. It’s going to be interesting what our transmissions are going to be at the beginning of 2021. I’m looking forward to that.

Here we are on the solstice. It’s not just the birth of light or the birth of Jesus. It’s the birth of an entirely new sun. I want you to feel into that. Before we start this healing, I want you to feel into the lessons that you learned for 2020. Not the shenanigans you went through but what did you learn through that. Did you become more resourceful and resilient? Did you fall deeper in love with your family, children or partner? Did you realize, “This partner is not for me?” That’s a gift. We’re all getting reset, adapting and adjusting our lives so that we can use this influx of energy in the highest and best way for our lives, much like Cassandra did. She had a choice. She could have gone and stayed dark. How do you not go dark after you lose a child? She could have stayed there and she was resisting. You could hear that resistance like, “I want to hold onto this pain,” but it’s a choice. It’s a decision that you make.

When we make those decisions, spirit does come to our aid. As she said, it’s hard to do our personal work. I still struggle, big time, but without my spiritual connection, I probably would be dead because I had been suicidal for two decades of my adult life. I’ve may not have survived this time without spirit. What are the lessons? I want you to now feel into your body the grievances and fear because we’re going to open up our ceremony and start clearing those out.

If you guys can stay another 5 or 10 minutes, it doesn’t take long. If you haven’t seen me smoke sacred tobacco, this is tobacco. I don’t inhale. It comes from Amazon. The shamanic people or native people around the world use tobacco as a healer. It cleanses your energy body and it helps you let go of shit. I’m going to be blowing this to you to help you let go of those grievances. I want you to get a feel for the magnitude of what you experienced in 2020 and those old grievances that you’ve had and those grudges that you’re holding on to.

Angel Healing

Let’s do an invocation. Creator of all that is, Archangel Azrael and Archangel Uriel, I ask that you bless every person reading this blog. Help open their minds and hearts to deeper aspects of their truth. Archangel Azrael, please let them and clear the grievances that they’re carrying. Take them to the West. Take them to their perfect place of ending and death. I’m going to start sending the sacred spirit of tobacco through your energy system. I want you guys to take deep breaths and let 2020 go. We are literally entering into a whole different life and frequency and you can be reborn is what I’m hearing. They are calling each of you this cosmic child that is preparing to take us for the first breath so we want to coax that cosmic child out and let it know it’s safe.

As you let go of grievances, we call in Archangel Uriel to help usher in the new light. By the way, Archangel Uriel’s name is God is my Light. That’s what it means, the light of God. He wanted to come forward to help connect you with the light of God and the spirit of the North and the cardinal direction of the North if you can face the North. The spirit of the North opens the solstice. If you face the cardinal direction of the North, we allow and celebrate this beautiful time of the return of the light in the solstice. I want you to see this new sun get a sense of you’re sending this love and gratitude for life itself towards the sun and the great big sun. This grand central sun behind it.

Spirit of the North, we ask that you bless each of these people and the spirit of the solstice. These people have big missions and we ask that they’ve received protection and that their intentions become closer in alignment with who they are and what is in alignment for the spirit. We ask that all of the archangels and God, goddess, great spirit or whatever you want to call it, help each person enter this new cycle with more flexibility and resilience. I want you to imagine that your body is opening up to the light.

This beautiful return of the light where we can move past the darkness into a different age. They were wanting you to open up your arms to life. Many of us have been contracted this 2020 because we’ve been traumatized for a variety of different reasons. They’re saying, “Bring your child into this new era, this new light without trauma. Bring it in with an open heart, curiosity and understanding but be curious as opposed to angry. They’re saying this child-like curiosity as we enter into this new system will help you with the resilience but let the child play and give yourself permission to have a full reaper. Let go of the stuff.

[bctt tweet=”The year 2020 was essentially a big mirror to show us where we need room for growth.” username=””]

You have an opportunity to let go of those structures in your mind, heart and life that I’ve been keeping you feeling like a prisoner and you can elevate your mind. You can alchemize the darkness to be part of your strength. Much like Cassandra showed that she didn’t have to get rid of the thought that her baby passed away. Instead, she held to the thought that her baby passed away and magically with the help of spirit, converted it into her power and strength. I do Cassandra feel that you will be definitely shining that light and supporting others in whatever capacity because once you get that lesson, you keep it. You don’t run from the dark anymore.

You go, “Here it is.” We asked the spirit to bless each of you with no longer running from your darkness. Don’t run away from those old stories, simply transmute them. You can rewrite your story. Taking a deep breath, everybody, let the shit go. Make room for this influx of awesome and light. I’d like to connect each of you with knowing what it feels like to be more adaptable, resilient, flexible and openhearted. It’s possible for you to do all of these things at once, say yes aloud and I love for you and your bodies to feel a sense of how blessed you are and your life is.

What a blessing it is to be alive right now. It’s a serious blessing. To bring that blessing into 2021, we’re putting support and protection around each of you. I’m seeing Archangel Michael. He works with a lot of you. I’m seeing to help anchor you through this time. He wants to remind you to keep calling Archangel Michael to help you with those root chakra issues, money fears and the fear for your life and all of those things. You’re saying, those can go away in an instant. What if you decided it wasn’t a big deal? Think of your financial situation. What if you’re like, “We’ll figure it out.” What if you decided? Thank you, Archangel Michael, for that.

TGV 27 | Angel Guidance

Angel Guidance: There’s a rebirth of energy and a rebirth of the sun. Our job is to align ourselves with that energy so that it supports us as opposed to decaying us.


Let’s put any good jug that we have. Let’s send it to the whole world because we all need it. Keep your vision of beauty. If you need help with that, please do join us in The Inner Sanctum. You may already have an amazing community but if you’re one of those people that you need that reminder and support and you want to deepen your connection with spirit, you want to hear about miracles, and you want to stay involved, please do join us. It’s only $27 a month. You can cancel at any time. At $27, you get 200 angel audios and this cool community that we’re going to be deepening our connection with. If you’re going to sign up, sign up quickly so that you can get one of those free 30-minute angel healings in 2021.

If anybody feels any shift for you as we did that, let me know. Sylvia is saying feeling so warm and feeling Archangel Michael. He’s definitely there. He got a big hug. Laura Ramos is saying, “She’s ugly crying.” Good for you. Stick with it. Don’t stop. If you start ugly crying, that’s releasing. We need a lot to release. Louise is saying a big shift. Monette is saying inner peace and calm. Kathy is saying she joined. Kathy will get 30-minute healing with one of my students too or one of my graduates. They’re bad-asses. I don’t want to call them students. I consider them peers.

I’ll be doing more events in the future. In January 2021, I’m doing an angel healing thingy and spirit keeps nudging me to do more powerful containers for things wealth and success. That might be coming down the line but right now, Inner Sanctum, if you need a container for support, join us. I love you guys so much. It’s such an honor to be here in this body and incarnation with you. Can you believe how insane we are for signing up for this? Who does that? Who signs up for this time? Only the most bad-ass like, “Let’s do it. We’re here. We’re going to do our best.” You are badasses. I forgot to mention that in January 2021, we’re going to be having Coffee with Corin. I want to meet you guys virtually face-to-face. We’re going to be doing that. We’re going to kick the New Year off right. Much love to you. I look forward to seeing you.

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